New Cream Interior much Confusion! Help needed!!

New Cream Interior much Confusion! Help needed!!

Hi there!

So I’ve ordered a new model X with cream and oak interior.

The design configurator shows black roof and black carpet. I know it used to be cream carpet and roof which I definitely don’t want.

I clarified with sales person if the roof is black now and they said yes it is. I forgot to ask about the carpet. Today at Tesla I asked to see pictures of it in real life and the ones they showed me had cream roofs AND cream carpets!! They also could not give me a confirmation that the carpets will be black and were actually telling me they are sure it is cream. As a result I am super confused and the delivery team has never ever replied to an email so they are useless

So... is there anyone here who has had a recent delivery of a cream interior X or knows the answer?

Thanks so much!

Mike | September 7, 2019

my X has cream with oak, black carpet. Delivered end of july June build.

CatTrax | September 7, 2019

My X delivered on Aughts 13th has cream with oak and black carpet interior/roof liner.

Uncle Paul | September 7, 2019

Earlier this year X tan seating used to come with choice of cream or black roof. Now it is black roof only.

Carpets come in black only.

Pictures might be old.

Cream roof brightened up the interior, while black quiets it down. Personal perferences here.

Mike | September 7, 2019

mine has the cream interior headliner, black carpet, cream with oak June 19 build.

Uncle Paul | September 11, 2019

You are one of the lucky ones with the beautiful cream/oak interiors. The headliner is the upgraded Alcantara (suede) material. Looks classy and tends to reduce interior sound.

Believe all the headliners are now black only. Still looks beautiful...but different.

Tropopause | September 12, 2019

I believe the only cream carpet options were on the Model S with cream interior. X always had black carpet with cream interior since they introduced cream interior.