New EV Parking at MSP Airport

New EV Parking at MSP Airport

Good news: There are now 12 EV charging parking spots at MSP airport on level 8 (6 red, 6 blue). All J1772, not sure if level 1 or 2.

Bad news: Gas-powered vehicles are hogging the parking spots

Pictures here:

cohast | August 6, 2013

Should be able to have them towed, it's like parking in handicap spots that are dedicated for a specific use.

earlyretirement | August 6, 2013

Does anyone know if places that install these have procedures or guidelines in place for cars to get towed in such a circumstance? What we need is these places to set protocols in place to get cars towed that aren't EV's.

DTsea | August 6, 2013

spots dont seem marked 'EV Only'

GReese | August 6, 2013

No, they are not marked EV-only. But they are meant to be EV-only.

I called the number on the signs. They were upset about the state of affairs as well and recognize the need for the signs to be more clear. There's no point in having EV parking at an airport if they are going to allow gas cars to park there.

AmpedRealtor | August 6, 2013

Maybe if the people who administered those EV parking places actually owned EVs themselves, they would take their job duties more seriously. Were they willing to have any of the ICE vehicles towed? If not, these kinds of places are completely useless.

GReese | August 6, 2013

They weren't quite sure what they were supposed to do about the situation. They asked me to wait a bit to see if they could resolve things. I didn't know what they could do besides towing people, and I was not about to ask for someone to be towed given how weak the signage was.

So I told them I was traveling for only a day and thus it was not a huge issue this time. But I also let them know that if I had been headed out of town for a week or two and were counting on this, it would have been a huge issue.

They seemed genuinely appreciative of the problem and wanting to make EV parking work.

I think the best thing is if others could let MSP Airport know that this matters.

Here's some contact info if anyone wants to add their $0.02:

Twitter: @MSPAirport
EV Parking Phone: 612-794-4147

Brian H | August 6, 2013

Well handled. The airport is trying to supply a service, and the blockers are preventing it.

Earl and Nagin ... | August 7, 2013

Suggestion that worked in CA before the laws made it illegal to block EV spaces:
Put a sign up saying "NO PARKING, Tow Away - Electric Vehicles Excepted".
This allows them to tow and ticket ICE cars.

GReese | August 8, 2013

I got back last night and there was no change. Some free spots open. None of the occupied spots were electric though.

There was a Prius though. Goddamn gas guzzler.

AmpedRealtor | August 8, 2013

So... what if we print up a bunch of inexpensive, bright red "NO PARKING except Electric Vehicles - all others will be towed" signs and attach them to such spaces? A little double-back tape will allow a sign like this to be attached almost anywhere. Then the next time someone parks in the spot, if the sign is there, ask them to be towed! :)

GReese | August 8, 2013

Heh, I thought about doing something like that while I was gone.

GReese | August 8, 2013

Spoke to someone from the Metropolitan Airports Commission. They were trying to see if minimal signage would work, but they knew they'd likely need stronger signage.

At any rate, they are going to put up both signs and paint on the ground to make things clearer.

The EV parking hasn't even had a hard launch yet. That's next week.