NEW TO THE FORUM? FAQ Everything you wanted to know about the Model S even before you asked!

NEW TO THE FORUM? FAQ Everything you wanted to know about the Model S even before you asked!

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MUST HAVES FOR EVERY OWNER OR FUTURE OWNER "Owning Model S by Nick J. Howe" "The BEST Car Ever!"

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SC=Service Center
SC=South Carolina
Context helps

Ordering and Delivery

The Tesla Model S IS NOT a luxury car. It's expensive; there's a difference. Many creature comforts and assists are not available at this time: adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, speed warning, grab handles, lighted vanity mirrors, adjustable seat belts and some others.

After ordering go to the top of this page and click on BUY and then WHAT TO EXPECT. The timeline from ordering until delivery is clearly laid out.

Once you finalize your order there is no way to know when your VIN will be assigned or when your Delivery Specialist will contact you. Be assured you will get all the information you require in due time to attain insurance and financing.

Here's the link to the Owner's Manual:

Taking delivery soon? Print out and take along the Delivery Checklist. It is a very valuable resource: (Created by nickjhowe)

60? 85? P? +? Consensus is to buy what you can afford. Regrets are mostly from those who didn't stretch.

Air or Coil? Sound or Standard? It's like Vanilla or Chocolate. For softest ride: 19" + Air.
For an in-depth discussion of Air vs. Coil go here:

Charging and Range

Road trip charging resources:

Experiment with travel conditions and range at

For a discussion about charger options at the workplace go here:

To get a Supercharger where you want one go here:

Supercharger location reviews by owners can be found here:

Recommended level of charge is between 50%-62%. Only max charge when absolutely necessary. Do not go below 10 Miles To Go unless necessary. Always keep car plugged in when not in use when possible. Many discussion threads on this topic.

Great resource on plugs and adapters by shop found here:

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars sometimes block EV (Electric Vehicle) charging spots.
BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) cars sometimes use charging spots as parking spots.

For EV etiquette go here:

For Local Electric Vehicle Incentives look here:

For an explanation about kWh and Wh/mile go here

If you find yourself forgetting to close the charge port door try this: Pull out the adapter with your left hand and close the port with your right. It's a more natural motion.

Operations and Troubleshooting

Have a problem after delivery? Call Ownership (877-798-3752) and also post it.

Restarting solves many problems. If gremlins appear, press and hold both scroll wheels for 10 seconds to reset MCU (Can be done in motion). Hold both buttons above scroll wheel to reset dash (You can do this while driving just be aware you will lose the speedometer for about 10 seconds.). If car won't wake up press on brake, hard, and do the scroll wheel thing.

The brake lights illuminate during regenerative braking. The amount of regen needed to trigger the brake lights is not exact, but if your car is slowing "as if" you pressed the brake the lights will illuminate. You can check this at night through the rear view camera or hit the battery icon. The lights on the representation reflect the lights that are on in the car.

Test Brakes After Rain or Wash: Many have found wet brakes and wet conditions lead to poor brake response when starting out. Consensus is to brake hard twice to condition rotors.

Blind Spot Elimination can be achieved by adjusting your rear view mirrors like this:

Forget about hands at 10 and 2. Put your hands at 9 and 3 and you'll have the directional lever at your fingertips.

Avoid the dreaded frunk crease. Close the frunk as shown at the 2 minute mark here:

Door handles will NOT auto present after 24 hours of inactivity. Also, cell phones can interfere with fob to car communication. Don't keep them in the same pocket.

Preheating the car in frigid temps is essential for windows and doors. Allow 15-20 minutes before departure.

Orange dotted lines on your speedometer are due to limited charging capability (regen) or limited power output (go). This can be because of a cold or full battery for the former, and cold or a low battery for the latter.

For cool web screens such as a 007 Control Panel, go to For a really nice Tesla themed clock go to

For an explanation as to why there are no Rear Guidelines read ir's explanation halfway down in this thread:

Try this Browser at

Complain vertically. First initial+last name will get you everyone but Elon. ( And be persistent. Upper management wants you to be completely satisfied.

There is no spare tire. SEARCH for solutions.

Got an Idea?

Post it here:

Software Suggestions from owners are voted on here: (Created by Rod and Barbara)

Also read this:

Lots of great stuff here:

For a look at the progress Tesla Motors (TM) has made on improvements take a look at the punch list started in July 2012 by ddruz:

Tesla built a car not a perpetual motion machine. Solar panels, wind turbines and super magnets are not going to change that.

Updates, New Products, Announcements, Fulfillments

All of these are "coming soon." (For those of you not immersed in the Tesla universe "soon" can best be defined as that time in the future a nanosecond before pigs fly or hell freezes over. One noted poster explained it thusly: a month to Elon is like two months here on Earth.)

If You Need Any More Convincing

I will take suggestions and edit as necessary.

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SpaceX launch in 3 minutes

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SpaceX's launch stage landed softly on the Atlantic. Then a while later flopped over sideways and stopped transmitting. There are plans to solve this problem by coming to a stop just above land on a later flight.

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