New milford charging station

New milford charging station

I will be taking a trip from NJ to Massachusetts in 2 weeks. Does anyone know if there is an optimal time to arrive at the supercharger to ensure access? Don't know if this is or is not a problem as yet.

jason_freedman | March 7, 2013

I don't think it is a problem. I was just there yesterday and no lines of any sort. Think you should be fine.


dqb | March 7, 2013

Note that it's in "Milford," not "New Milford". That's a different town altogether!
I plan to use that one this summer :-)

Brian H | March 7, 2013

If there are 6 outlets, and each user needs the recommended half hour, over 5 hours 60 cars could be accommodated. I doubt a single SC has had that many that fast. Or will for some time.

Robert22 | March 7, 2013

The only problem in Milford is the occasional ICE block. No fine yet for parking a non-Tesla in a Tesla space.

kalel65 | March 8, 2013

Thanks Jason

BrainH - there are 6 outlets? Didn't know that, thanks. Why is that?

dqb - bad choice of words. I meant new as in "new car". I am sure I will have an easier time finding it than Broder.

vinspin | March 8, 2013

@kalel65...technically there are 5. BUT it's 2 on the northbound rest area and I THINK 3 on the southbound. They are literally "across the street" from each other...but that street is I-95. In other words, the rest stops are not connected. There are exits in both directions shortly after the rest areas to turn around and go on the other side.

kalel65 | March 8, 2013

vinspin - got it, thanks

Brian H | March 8, 2013

I don't remember the # of units, but there may be 4, and each takes 2 cars.

kalel65 | March 8, 2013

Thanks. So 4 cars can charge at each place? Great !

aaron.s | March 8, 2013


There are only 2 chargers on each side of I95..... Been there many times including the @TeslaRoadTrip where we could charge a maximum of 4 cars at a time - 2 on each side of the highway.

Never had to wait to charge....


Dennis | March 8, 2013

Brianh is wrong, Aaron is right. 2 chargers on each side. Each charger can only handle one car at a time. The only waiting you're probably going to have to do is for the ICE blocking.

Brian H | March 8, 2013

?? Perhaps it's new chargers, but I've seen a photo of a unit with a cable on each side. Does anyone remember where that might be? Someone was commenting that sharing a unit cut the available charge somewhat, as I recall.

jkirkebo | March 8, 2013

You can't have a cable on both sides of a charger, since the cables are short & stiff and the Model S have the port on the rear driver's side. Well, you could if you really wanted to but one car wold have to back in and par much further out than the other. It would look quite ridiculous.

Brian H | March 9, 2013

One one each side. Different parking layout.

CQN | March 9, 2013

Does the app communicate with the SCs to determine if they are in use, so that you may plan ahead of time?

Dennis | March 9, 2013

unfortunately, no.

kalel65 | March 31, 2013

Completed my nj to Massachusetts trip yesterday. There are indeed 2 chargers on each side. Warning_ cables are very short so pull in close. Tesla - having a big sign would make finding them easier. I did find it on the second pass though.

Overall it all went very smoothly and was easy to do.


I used the chargers at the Natick Mall and the Tesla folks were very helpful and friendly!