New Model S Reservation holder

New Model S Reservation holder

Finally did it! I've placed my reservation for a Model S. Test driving the Roadster was the final straw...these cars are amazing. Oh, and I got a jacket to go with my reservation...

michiganmodels | March 30, 2011

msiano17 - 218 of the reservations are Roadster reservations. I'm going to remove the Roadster reservations on the next update bacause 1) this is Model S thread 2) Roadsters are in production. However, your point and question are both vaild. I speculate Tesla will meet its target of 7,000 Model S in 2012, which is 6-9 months of sales for 2012. If the Model S comes close to what everyone is anticipating, 2013 will be a monster year for Tesla (i.e., Model S sales and Model X reservations).

Volker.Berlin | March 30, 2011

218 of the reservations are Roadster reservations. I'm going to remove the Roadster reservations on the next update

Wait a second. It was my understanding that all of these are reservations for the Model S, just three(!) different queues (per geographic region). There is the regular production queue P, the signature queue S, and the Roadster queue R. The latter are still reservations for the Model S, not for the Roadster, but since they already own Roadster (or are friends/family of a Roadster owner), they get a special treat and receive their reserved Model S before anybody else.

michiganmodels | March 30, 2011

Volker EU#P1 - It's not exactly clear. I believe the Roadster/Friends/Family list you referenced applies to Signature series only. Take a look at the February 27th posts on this thread.

I can leave the Roadster numbers on this list, however, according to this thread, Roadster owners were given Signature numbers (so, leaving them on would be duplicative). A point of clarity would be if there are two Hong Kong P#1. Markwj is a Roadster owner and was assigned Hong Kong P#1. If another member is assigned Hong Kong P#1, it would be safe to believe there is a separate Roadster/Friends/Family list and Markwj has priority (being a Roadster owner) over the 2nd theoretical #1 Hong Kong reservation holder. Again, this is speculation, but since we know current Roadster owners have received Model S reservation numbers (regardless if they move up in line or have priority), I believe there is only two lists a Signature list and general production list.

Again, I could be misinterpreting this. So, please share your thoughts.

Douglas3 | March 30, 2011

You should not delete the R list; they are Model S reservation holders.

I think you were confused by the recent mass switchover of Canadians to the S list. They made a special one-time offer when they launched the Signature in Canada, for existing reservation holders to switch over without having to immediately up-front the extra $35k.

michiganmodels | March 30, 2011

Douglas3 - Thanks for clarification.

markwj | March 30, 2011


Message I got was "Your reservation sequence position is ... of the Roadster Friends/Family (R) reservation list. This is a special list for those who are owners of Roadsters, and your car will be delivered a bit earlier than the general production Model S.".

I reserved a standard (ie; non-signature) model S.

Sounds like 3 lists to me.


michiganmodels | March 30, 2011

Yes, in deed. Thanks for the clarification.

michiganmodels | March 31, 2011

If anyone is interested in reading the complete 50 page Morgan Stanley report that sent Tesla shares up today, you can find it here:

msiano17 | March 31, 2011

So here's a thought to consider. IF the Signatures are first at the 300 mile range then they will work on the 230/160's. Where does that put you if you are a Roadster owner? Especially if you are looking to get a smaller range?

I would imagine that most Roadster owners are heading for the 300 mile range anyway but just the numbering system used and how they plan on doing deliveries is rather complicated and will be interested to see the end result.

taichicali | April 7, 2011

How come no activity here in the last week or so? Anyone know if Tesla has gotten up to 4K reservations yet?

michiganmodels | April 8, 2011

@taichicali - I was thinking the same.

Has anyone reserved a Model S with a higher reservation number than listed below:

Here is an updated collection of the numbers posted by people, so take it with a grain of salt.

S 249 (March 23, 2011)
P 3,446 (March 25, 2011)
R 218 (January 2011)

S 69 (March 24, 2011)
P 143 (March 9, 2011)

S 55 (January 18, 2011)*
P 448 (March 28, 2011)

P 1 (March 23, 2011)

P 17 (January 21, 2011)

S = Signature Series (Model S)
P = General Production (Model S)
R = Roadster

* = On March 1, 2011, a Tesla member posted, "Got the following info from Tesla some days ago: In Europe they have reduced the Signature down to 500 and approximately 70 have been reserved." While 55 is a confirmed/posted reservation number from this forum, the 70 has yet to be verified by the actual European reservation holder.

msiano17 | April 8, 2011


Grand Total Reservations for ya.

3913 US Reservations alone

212 Canada

503 Europe/Asia

1 China

17 Australia

4646 Grand Total ... So we are nearing 5000 reservations which if the pace for reservations continues, then they will surpass the total amount of cars they plan on producing in the first year (5000 units in 2012).

There is another thread where we have a guesstimated tally of how many reservations will be made before Signature 1 rolls off line.

VolkerP | April 8, 2011


probably not all users are aware of the feature to click the "## new" link displayed in the thread list. working your way to the last page of this thread can get lengthy...
I suggest to continue your fabulous listing in the
New Reservation Holder thread, it's just 20 posts...

masterjrm | April 9, 2011

One of my favorite things is logging on to this site just to read this thread to see how many new reservation holders there are. It might be a good idea to just start a new thread titled "Reservation numbers."

michiganmodels | April 9, 2011

That's a good idea, but I prefer to start a new thread.

Good idea. I'm starting a new thread titled "Model S Reservation Tally."

blurry_eyed | April 12, 2011

FYI received email confirm on Monday April 11th US order #3579 for non Sig model S

vincentmulleman | May 12, 2011

I got my reservation number MODEL S #346, I live in Belgium and just wonder if we can have a split of the reservations per country? cheers Vincent

DartLady S77 | May 14, 2011

There is a thread "Model S reservation tally" that splits them by region.

Did mine at the Seattle store (gave them the production down payment, then wired the Signature balance to Florida)

Seattle cheque on Saturday, wire on Monday, reservation # came by phone Wednesday.

Canada Signature #77 - ME!