New options availability on European cars

New options availability on European cars

Based in Belgium and very close to ordering a model S.
I was underwhelmed by the range of wheels available (don't like the classic 19" design and not ready to order the 21" set), so I was thrilled to see the new Cyclone 19" wheels appearing on the US design studio.
Would anyone have an idea of when these wheels would be available on European cars?

Also have a question re Alcantara headlining. The only car you can see in my local showroom is a P85 model while I'm considering buying a regular 85. The car on display had an Alcantara headlining and the sales rep told me this came standard with the leather interior. Now the appearance of the option as a standalone in the US makes me wonder- is what I was told true? Any info appreciated.

tobi_ger | August 3, 2013

The number of options are still the same on my German order page, at least for the S85.
Is the P85 in the showroom already a EU edition or the US demo version?
Unless the EU order pages are changed, I assume the leather will still come as standard with P85 in the EU builds.