New options vs. old standards

New options vs. old standards

I am getting my car tomorrow and am extremely excited yet I am also disappointed to see so many options on a new order that were not available when I ordered my MS in June. For instance, the parking sensors, foglights, illuminated lighting. Do others have the same misgivings?

Carefree | August 9, 2013

Nope. I have had my MS since February and I could not care less about parking sensors or any other fluff they will add in future cars. It is all non-essential for me. They joy of having driven this incredible car since February is worth much more than some beeping thing that will annoy the hell out of me:-)

DTsea | August 9, 2013

Fog lights and ambient light were part of tech package when i got mine. I would have been happy to pay less for tech without those.

erickitain | August 9, 2013

DTsea: When did you get your ambient lighting an included std with tech pkg on my car

Colasec | August 9, 2013

I took delivery two weeks ago, If I ordered my car today, I'd pay $1250 more for the same config + parking sensors. I'd love to have the sensors (they wouldn't show on my black car and the UI is awesome), but not for a second do I think it'd be worth $1250 + 6-10 weeks of getting to enjoy my Model S.

AmpedRealtor | August 9, 2013

@ jkitain, if you ordered the Tech Package you will get most, if not all, of what's being offered in the new lighting package. Parking sensors? Meh. IMHO the only part of the car that's difficult to judge is the rear end, and for that we have a beautiful HD camera. Parking sensors will do nothing to help you judge curb distance, and that is where I have most of my difficulty. But there again, we already have a feature that tilts your side view mirrors down when you are in reverse for just that reason.

Fog lights are the only new option that I would add as a retrofit, and it should be an easy retrofit since I believe all vehicles come with the harnesses already in place. In my opinion, fog lights can be a safety issue and can assist with visibility, so that is money well spent.

Don't fret, you're getting the same vehicle as everyone else but at a much lower price! :)

Schlermie | August 9, 2013

I don't know much about capabilities of these sensors. Once the parking sensors are installed, are those same sensors likely to be used later once the adaptive cruise, blind spot detection, and lane departure features get enables? Or do those features require an entirely different type of sensor?

bradslee | August 9, 2013

I have had my MS since last December and as a "2012 model" (one of the first 2400 MS that TM produced), the car does not have a single problem. It is absolutely amazing. Would I like my MS having the front parking sensor? Yes, I would. Would I feel regret buying the car too early? Absolutely not. I know that TM is constantly improve MS and keeps its competitive advantage by making the best car in the world. My MS grin was big when there were only handful MS on the road back then and my MS grin grows even bigger when there are now MS everywhere on the road. | August 9, 2013

@Schlermie - "Once the parking sensors are installed, are those same sensors likely to be used later..."

Nope - the parking sensors will not used for any other functions in the future, as they only sense objects within a fairly narrow range. Adapative cruise requires a radar transmitter/receiver; blind spot usually works with extra cameras pointed at the left and right blind spot areas; and lane departure has a camera (or two) pointed forward. How Tesla will implement these future possible features is yet to be seen. | August 9, 2013

I forgot to point out that the parking sensors are ultrasonic devices, four at the front and four for the rear.

Typically these can detect an object out 3-4 feet and work by sending a brief ultrasonic sound from the transducer, and then listening for a return. By measuring the time the sound wave takes to return (if returned), it can then estimate how far an object is from the sensor and then the computer can display how close an object is.

thranx | August 9, 2013

While I would like to have had the parking sensors, the only serious damage I did to my existing vehicle was while backing out of our parking area at the house. A friend visiting had the tailgate of her pickup truck down and I didn't allow extra space to back past it. Gouged the side of the car. Parking sensors would never have seen it (mounted too low to detect).

So while they're a nice feature, they don't substitute for looking carefully and taking your time back up. And...a rear-mounted camera might very well have seen the lowered truck gate.

carlk | August 9, 2013 Those will likely be retrofittable if parking sensor is but probably will cost a lot too. I really like lane departure system, actually the more advanced version that the car will steer for you. That will help those late night drives when you're really tired.