New orders - delivery times

New orders - delivery times

How long is the wait time for buying a Model S? Is the wait time any different for the 60W & 85W.

I took delivery of my MS in May of this year after a 3 month wait and am just curious if wait times since then have gone up or down.


Dramsey | August 7, 2013

This is easy to find out simply by going to the "Design" page here. Teslas says 1 month for a P85, two months for an S85, and three months for a 60.

GoReedo | August 7, 2013

Recent U.S. delivery periods have been closer to:
85kw: 4-5 weeks
60kw: 6-8 weeks

Not sure if European deliveries have slowed this down in recent weeks...

jbunn | August 7, 2013

Times are down. Used to be measured in years.

I was at the factory monday. Dozens and dozens of finished cars waiting to ship. Rows of racks full of body panels. A huge section of factory floor full of finished drive modules.

It was great to see the factory in production cranking out cars.

Colasec | August 7, 2013

I haven't seen as much of a difference between P85/85/60 as advertised.

I finalized my 60kWh order on June 16th. The car arrived at the local service center (SoCal) on July 18th. And that's with the week of no/less production after EOQ to retool the line for the Euro cars.

timmsteiner | August 7, 2013

my P85 order finalized 7/1 and delivered to my home in Midwest on 8/1.

emoflash | August 7, 2013

Finalized my 60 on 6/26 delivered on 7/26

theray | August 8, 2013

Confirmed order for P85 on 8/5 and my pickup date at the factory is 9/10. This config included the parking sensors, pano roof, etc.

wildoc2 | November 13, 2014

I order my S85 end of August was originally told October than November. Than D rolled out, I upgraded now late February

sharkeyj | November 14, 2014

I ordered and confirmed at the end of August. I had originally had a late October delivery date then November then December then late November, and now confirmed for 4th of December. My car just went into production this morning :D :D :D. So just over 3 months from order to delivery it seems. | November 14, 2014

A friend called me yesterday to announce that he had ordered an S60. Don't know when but in the last few days.
Sarasota, FL delivery date: Dec. 27. About 6 weeks.

tes-s | November 14, 2014

On the website it looks like 5 to 6 weeks order-to-delivery now for 60, 85, and P85D. 85D is longer.

Captain_Zap | November 14, 2014

Wait times could go down if the new manufacturing line has more room to ramp up. We'll see!

SamO | November 14, 2014

Order times shorten IN THE US toward the end of the quarter.

How long are deliveries taking to Europe and China?

Capertillar | November 14, 2014

can any folks report how accurate recent (last 4 weeks) deliveries have been? They have a LOT of cars scheduled for delivery in December, per VIN numbers, it looks like over 5k through end of Dec. Wondering if their estimates are reliable. Tesla order page is still showing December for S85 deliveries, I put in my order about 2 weeks ago and mine is expected to be delivered during the last week of December. Curious how they're still able to meet end of December delivery dates for vehicles ordered now.

Out4aDuck | November 14, 2014

I just saw one for Switzerland that was ordered mid-Oct and promised delivery in late Dec. I believe that Swiss cars are shipped direct and do not go through Tilburg.

Pungoteague_Dave | November 14, 2014

There is a ton of inventory. Apparently a buyer can walk into virtually any Tesla showroom, at least in the U.S., and have a choice of discounted cars to drive home today, some with demo or loaner miles, some new, most without the new features.

Captain_Zap | November 14, 2014


Not here. They were going to "try" to get me a loaner for my second annual service. No guarantees.

Brian H | November 15, 2014

In that post, better then than than.

I wonder if the Model X will have been opened for orders by then.

Pungoteague_Dave | November 15, 2014

The overloaded stores can send inventory to any other store. I am hearing that every pre-October color and model is currently available for sale at any showroom, with near immediate delivery. This is probably not the case for service loaners, as some of the cars were never loaners, instead were undelivered customer orders from people who chose to upgrade instead. Apparently some are available using the standard Tesla discounting formula of $1,000 per month and $1 per mile. Now that's modified to add another 10% discount. So if you select a $100k MS with 6,000 miles and five months in service, the old price would have been $89k. Now it's $80k. May explain the complaints about trade offers - Tesla itself may be suppressing value on pre-auto-pilot cars to clear the deck.

Grinnin'.VA | November 15, 2014

I live in Virginia, USA. I finalized my order for an S85D on 10/15/14.
My projected delivery date is "Late February, 2015". That's more than a 4-month delay. As far as I can tell, Tesla isn't even assigning VIN numbers to any S85D orders yet -- more than a month after they were finalized.

Orders for P85Ds have been expedited while S85D orders have been pushed back for some mysterious reason. Has anyone received an explanation from Tesla why they are treating S85D buyers this way?

Pungoteague_Dave | November 15, 2014

@griinin, when trying to decide between the P85D and the S85D, I was told the delay relates to the rear drive parts availability. Although similar to the new front drive motor, the new smaller rear drive motor on that car is unique and is apparently supply-constrained. It is also the magic that makes the car more efficient than any other MS. The bright side is that your car will have the most range of any MS.

bonaire | November 15, 2014

P_D - pretty good discounts there. Did they let you know how many were available in your area? I know my local spot has a few on their sales lot and couple on the floor. Also a nice MS60 about 7 months old which is worth considering.

The discounts won't be applicable to customer orders but does this set a precedent on future sales in terms of discount availability and deeper discounts as the year ends? They just raised prices in Europe while US customers are getting some really great deals.

Grinnin'.VA | November 15, 2014

@ Pungoteague_Dave | November 15, 2014 new

I was told the delay relates to the rear drive parts availability. ... It is also the magic that makes the car more efficient than any other MS. The bright side is that your car will have the most range of any MS.

Yes! The increased range was an important part of why I ordered the S85D.