New "PowerTools For Tesla" App now available...

New "PowerTools For Tesla" App now available...

PowerTools For Tesla is now available in the Apple App Store
See app description below.
If you use the app, your feedback is welcome!

App Description
PowerTools For Tesla is a collection of powerful, easy-to-use tools to measure, record and display a wealth of real-time information directly from your Tesla Model S. Information is sourced in real-time directly from your Model S and is therefore highly accurate, coming directly from the "horse's mouth". Now you can measure and display in real-time your zero-to-sixty times, maximum horsepower, speed and vehicle 3-D trajectories, complete with latitude, longitude and elevation.

Video demo:

View, display and plot a wide range of real-time measurements, including:
- Speed
- Power
- Position
- Elevation
- State of Charge (SOC)
- Odometer
- Range
- Heading

With PowerTools For Tesla you can answer with ease several questions about your Model S, such as:
- what exactly is my zero-to-sixty speed?
- exactly how much horsepower does my Model S now have?
- how many of those horses am I really using on day-to-day basis?
- how does elevation change affect my max power usage?
- where exactly did that valet go, and how fast (max speed/power)?

PowerTools For Tesla is very easy to use: Simply start and view your measurements with one touch of a button. PowerTools For Tesla does require that your iPhone or iPad have a cellular or wifi internet connection. For reliable long-duration measurements taken while in a moving Tesla Model S vehicle, it is recommended that you switch off wifi and rely solely on your cellular connection, since wifi range is much more limited and you will easily loose wifi connectivity when Model S drives out of wifi range.

PowerTools For Tesla communicates wirelessly with your vehicle. To use PowerTools For Tesla you need to own a Tesla Model S and have login access to My Tesla. Login credentials are securely encrypted within the app and used solely to communicate with your Tesla Model S via Tesla Motors, Inc. official vehicle telemetry servers. All communications are encrypted.

Ndili Technologies, Inc. has no affiliation to, and is not associated or sponsored by Tesla Motors, Inc.

garygid | May 6, 2015

It appears that this iPhone app communicates with TeslaMotors servers,
and not directly with the car, right?

NTech | May 6, 2015

Garygid: correct. The app communicates in real time with the car via Tesla's official telemetry servers. So you don't really need to be in the car to track it or make your measurements. You can make measurements and track your car remotely.

sorka95032 | May 6, 2015

Can you change power to display actual KW instead? The power display is going to be some sort of approximation unless you're just multiplying KW * 1.34102209 to hp into the motor. | May 6, 2015

Very cool

NTech | May 6, 2015

Yes indeed, you can change HP to KW by toggling the option under the Settings module of the app. The raw measurements are actually made in KW, then converted to HP using the formula: HP = KW * 1.34102209

NTech | May 6, 2015

@http - thanks!
Forgot to mention: You can easily download the entire data set of raw measurements being made by the app.
Simply tap on the 'email' button to have the raw data emailed to you in CSV format.

TaoJones | May 7, 2015

Nice app; I look forward to using it.

Note typo in main screen: s/Guage/Gauge

david.baird | May 7, 2015

Now that looks like a nice little app!

Tell me, is it just imperial, or is metric supported?

prp | May 7, 2015

Interesting app. Wonder how long until the law enforcers work out they can watch our speed from a pc, and send a ticket if its exceeded!
Equally, you'd be a very stupid crim to steal a tesla!

martin.janssen | May 7, 2015

I couldnt resist, so I've just purchased the app.
It will not log on to Tesla servers, saying I do not have access with these login credentials. I checked the credentials again and again, but to no avail.
This does not work for me. Disappointed and my wallet is 6 euros lighter.

genedr @ny-us | May 7, 2015

Looks very interesting:

1. Has TM granted access to the servers (via a My Tesla log in) for the data downloads, and do you presume that access will continue w/o restriction?

2. The display will or will not be visible on the car's screen??


pnajar | May 7, 2015

Are there any concerns of having the app logged in as with the potential throttling concerns with Visible Tesla?

Just bought it and will try out later this morning.

NTech | May 7, 2015

@Taojones: thanks for the feedback! Will make the "gauge" typo correction in updated version due shortly.

@Lycanthrope: it's currently imperial, but would love to make it both, based on feedback from metric users. My 85D is imperial and I don't yet know what raw measurements metric users will get so if you run the app and are metric please send me feedback on what your raw data looks like. Would greatly appreciate the feedback.

TomServo | May 7, 2015

What about "real time" tire pressures?

david.baird | May 7, 2015

The main thing, from what I see on the demo you posted, is having the option KPH as opposed to MPH. Maybe there's some other stuff if I were to dig around, but mainly the speed.

NTech | May 7, 2015

Prp: yes it would indeed be stupid to steal a Tesla! Per a recent report I saw, Tesla is perhaps the least stolen vehicle - makes no sense at all.
Note though that no one else has access to your data, not even law enforcement. Just you alone (and perhaps Tesla Motors Inc.). So unless the laws change and Tesla Motors change, it's not possible for law enforcement to access and issue tickets based on Tesla telemetry.

@martin.janssen: I would be very interested in getting to the bottom of this. First to eliminate the obvious: please be sure you are typing in case-sensitive correct login. Easy to get wrong on a mobile device. The app uses same api as the Tesla app so are you able to log in via Tesla mobile app? If all else fails please do get a refund but also please let me know your location (country), and what year and model vehicle you have. I have only tested it extensively with my 85D, USA based, so would appreciate knowing if there are modifications required to make it global.

genedr & pnajar:
The display will not be visible on the Tesla touchscreen. The Model S continues to operate and display as normal. The app uses the same APIs as the official Tesla app, similar to Visible Tesla. There is a lot more the app can such as flash lights, honk horns, vent pano, display charge info etc, but it intentionally does not duplicate any of the functionality already available from the excellent official Tesla app.
As far as I know Tesla has not yet officially published this API - but a lot of work has been done by some excellent predecessors in studying and documenting it. See numerous posts under the TMC club forum.
I have used it extensively and have not had any throttling issues at all. The app currently turns off for tracking runs longer that roughly 30 minutes, so if you forget to turn it off it should stop logging by itself.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback, as all I have now is my personal tests (have been using it for several weeks now).

NTech | May 7, 2015

TomServo: I'm not aware of any API calls to obtain the TPMS tire pressures. Will research it. If available it can easily be added.
Thanks for the feedback !!!

garygid | May 7, 2015

This app is only for iDevices, with no Android version, right?

Does the app communicate directly with the Tesla Motors
servers, or does it communicate with your server, which in
turn has permission to talk to the TM servers?

Does this app have TM's blessing to use the TM servers?

Is there a free version to see if it works?
Thanks, Gary

NTech | May 7, 2015

Lycanthrope: at present I have no idea what units the raw telemetry data will be in for metric/non USA vehicles. (I have so far tested extensively on my USA 85D only). So I intentionally haven't yet implemented the metric option pending feedback from non-USA users.
If anyone here has a metric / non USA vehicle please look at your raw data stream and do send feedback. You can easily email yourself a copy of your raw data log using the email button on the app.

NTech | May 7, 2015

The app is for iDevices only - there isn't an Android version.
Developing reliably for Andriod is significantly more complicated due the significant fragmentation issue with Android. Will require a significant cross section of test devices to reliably release on Android.

All Tesla API calls are made directly to Tesla's servers only. NONE of it ever goes anywhere else and certainly not to our servers. Your login is treated with utmost privacy and security. It's encrypted within the app and only goes to Tesla's servers, only when YOU initiate a run. Tesla API has several security measures which the app implements. The app does support Apple Push Notifications so the regular APNS registration interchange does occur with our server, in same manner as all other iOS apps. You can enable or disable APNS (Apple Push Notifications service).

martin.janssen | May 7, 2015

@NTech: To make sure I use the right credentials, I typed them in Notes, then copied and pasted them in the Tesla app where it is working fine.
I then did the same on your app but I keep on getting the login error.
I am based in Belgium and my S is a 2014 standard 85 with autopilot.

garygid | May 7, 2015

Perhaps the European logins should go to a different TM server URL?

NTech | May 7, 2015

@martin.janssen. Thanks much for the feedback. I have noticed that forum 'aliases' will not work. Only the original email address that you used for 'My Tesla' when you ordered the vehicle. For example while I can log in to this forum (and Tesla app) using 'NTech', I have to use my full email to log in to the API. If you haven't please try using your full original 'My Tesla' email.
Please do let me know one way or the other how it goes.

Dwatson102 | May 7, 2015

I can't login either. App does not have a login button on the login page. Pressing done on the keyboard does nothing. Can't login

NTech | May 7, 2015

>Perhaps the European logins should go to a different TM server URL?

That may indeed be possible, and if so I would need to learn what it is.
This app builds on top of the extensive research already done and publicly published (also discussed in several posts in the TMC forums). As far as I currently know there is one global Tesla Motors server URL, I'm however open / eager to learn...

martin.janssen | May 7, 2015

@NTech: I used my email address. I just tried with the alias but it is not any better unfortunately. Note that I had issues with VisibleTesla as well, until a new version was released and it is now running fine.

NTech | May 7, 2015

@martin: what version of Visible Tesla were you able to successfully login with? Or do you know what the mod was for Visible Tesla? This app uses similar API as Visible Tesla so could greatly benefit from same update. Thanks for your continued feedback!

NTech | May 7, 2015

Dwatson: you actually don't "login" with the app. You just enter your login credentials under the Settings module of the app and hit Done. Then go back to the RUN module and try one of the runs (either the 0-60mph Timer of a Tracking run). Only when you start a RUN will the app attempt to establish a connection with Tesla, and only then will your login be verified - by Tesla. If your login was successful the app begins to display to vehicle telemetry, otherwise it will show you the login error from Tesla.

Please try a run and let us know ... If you have any login issues please do mention your country and year/model. Thanks !

Chris425 | May 7, 2015

@NTech: downloaded the app, logged in without any issue and used it during my commute into work just now. Worked flawlessly and very cool to acquire this telemetry data. I didn't get a chance to try to the 0-60 Tracker mode yet (commute traffic) but "Vehicle Tracker" mode works extremely well and I noticed no latency in my dash speedo readout vs. the app.

One suggestion: it appears that the only way to export the log files or plots is via email. I don't use the native iOS mail client (I prefer the Outlook client). any chance you can broaden the export options (save as, pick another mail client, etc)?

Nice work for v1!

NTech | May 7, 2015

Gary: I forgot to add: there isn't a free version. However if you try it out and it doesn't work feel free to get a refund. This is the early stage of the app and we are working to ensure its global. The app isn't from Tesla Motors nor does Tesla officially endorse it.

martin.janssen | May 7, 2015

@NTech: I use VisibleTesla 0.50.06 (I've just tried it successfully). See the last post of this thread:

NTech | May 7, 2015

Thanks for the feedback! Great idea to add a "Save as/Open In..." Option for the logs/plots. I have added it to the todo list and hope to implement it in a next version.

BTW: it's very easy to do a 0-60 run. You don't need to be at zero when you engage that mode. Simply put the app in 0-60 run, then when convenient, come to a full stop (as with a metered freeway on-ramp), and then launch to 60mph +. If you are not able to get to 60mph, no need to restart the run. Just slow to zero again and try again. The app will automatically time you from your latest 0mph to your earliest 60mph.

Chris425 | May 7, 2015

@NTech: Thanks for taking in the feedback. I'd like to play with the data in Excel, etc.

I will definitely try the 0-60 mode this evening :)

NTech | May 7, 2015

@martin.janssen: excellent feedback and refencence !!! It does appear there is a new Tesla server and that some users (mostly Europe) are on it. I will research this further and make the necessary updates. Your feedback has been most helpful / Thank you !

martin.janssen | May 7, 2015

@NTech: Cool. If you need any help or want me to beta test, please let me know.

pnajar | May 7, 2015


After spending 18 minutes on a road trip home from Boulder, CO the app worked great with one exception. The altitude shows on your app on my iPhone and iPad mini is incorrect. The altitude of Boulder is around 5,300'. The app shows 1,615". The error is close to identical on both machines.

NTech | May 7, 2015

@pnajar: Thanks for the feedback! Per you feedback I can see that the proper units for altitude is meters.
ie: 1,615 meters is exactly 5,299 feet!

I will make the change in the next update coming shortly. For now you can use your log files : they are accurate when you take into account meters vs feet for altitude.

NTech | May 7, 2015

@martin: yes I would greatly appreciate the testing once the update with the new Europe server is in place - thanks!

pnajar | May 7, 2015


The number I gave you 1615 actually came from the log file.

Start elevation 1615 ft
min elevation 1546 ft
max elevation 1616 ft
elevation change 70 ft

NTech | May 7, 2015

So you can either swap the "ft" to meters in your log, or multiply by 3.281 to get your readings in feet:

Start elevation 1615 m = 5299 ft
min elevation 1546 m = 5072 ft
max elevation 1616 m = 5302 ft
elevation change 70 m = 230 ft

I'll correct the display and also add a ft vs m toggle option to the next update coming shortly.

NTech | May 7, 2015

A new update is going out tonight for Apple review.
Issues covered in the new update include:

- More log file exports options including "Open In..." [thanks/credit to Chris425]
- added Distance Travelled to 2-D map views
- corrected units for elevation display (meters vs feet) [thanks/credit to pnajar]
- added metric vs imperial units display option for elevation
- GUI updates for correct spelling [thanks/credit to Taojones]

Issues still being worked on:
- New Tesla server for some Europe-based vehicle

Thanks to everyone for your excellent feedback!

BarryQ | May 7, 2015

NTech - I have 2 Tesla Model S's. On the Tesla App there is a tab to switch between the 2 cars. How do I do it on your App? It connects fine with my first car.

NTech | May 8, 2015

I have added a todo item to present a vehicle selection interface for accounts with multiple Tesla vehicles. I hope to have it done with version 1.2 which I'm currently working on (v1.1 is already in the Apple review queue). Thanks for your feedback!

Brian H | May 8, 2015

When going thru a tunnel, does the 3D display show you going over or through the mountain? Bjørn commented distance errors arose because Nav couldn't do tunnels, or SLT.

prp | May 8, 2015

Cant log in from australia. s85.

NTech | May 8, 2015

Brian H

I haven't tried the app yet through a tunnel. I would guess The car's inertial navigation sensors would hold the course for a while, and depending on the length of the tunnel, not deviate too much from true GPS. Anyone out there tried the app in a long tunnel ? Please do send feedback.

If you weren't able to log in using your original 'My Tesla' email (not your forum alias), my guess is that you (and perhaps some others in Australia) may be on the new Tesla server/API that applies to some parts of Europe. I'm currently working on resolving this issue. Thanks for your feedback !

sorka95032 | May 8, 2015

I bit and purchased. I had no issues logging in. App was responsive and real time.

Disappointed by my low KW numbers for my P85D. Max of 383 KW at SOC 71%. For reference, the KW needle on the cluster is on the right side of the 0 in the 480 tick marker. At 78% or more, the needle falls on the left side of the 0, so I'm guessing it will correspond roughly to the 414KW that a few others have seen at higher SOCs. I'll try again tomorrow at 90%. Even then that is not a normal daily SOC for me.

Tesla should be ashamed for advertising 691 hp and then speed limiting the test drives to 80 MPH so we wouldn't know until after we took delivery.

383 KW = 513 hp assuming no inverter or motor losses, so it's probably well under even that.

sorka95032 | May 8, 2015

Here's 0-73 MPH run. It peaks at 383 KW and tapers down to 374 KW by the time 73 MPH hits. This is SOC 71% on a P85D. 60 MPH came in exactly 3.5 seconds which is acceptable for the SOC I suppose.

NTech | May 8, 2015

@sorka: interesting results ! I have been able to see up to 486 hp on my 85D (which theoretically is limited to 422 hp). If you are achieving a 0-to-60mph of 3.5s with just 513 hp, then it would appear either (a) Tesla has a lot more room to boost the P85D or (b) your traction control is power-limiting your launch to retain traction.

Note that the standard and minimum app sampling time is 250 milliseconds per limits of the Tesla API, so your 3.5s time could be conservative (ie it could be Between 3.25 and 3.5 - view the raw log file data from your run to see what I mean)

sorka95032 | May 8, 2015

3.5 with 513 seems reasonable if 555 gets 3.1.

Keep in mind it's not just peak but how fast the peak arrives. The difference between 486 on an 85D and 555 on a P85D is not enough to explain a 1+ 0-60 time. It's also the how quickly that peak arrives which does faster on the P85D. The time to reach 60 is about how much power is put down under the curve, not what the peak is. This is why Tesla does so much better to 60 than similarly heavy cars that have way more peak power.

But by the same token, it's also why the P85D doesn't do as well as those same cars when passing from 70 to 90.