New "Product Unveiling" Second Reveal of Model 3?

New "Product Unveiling" Second Reveal of Model 3?

Elon Musk announced that there would be a new "Product unveiling" on October 17th in a tweet on Saturday. He also said that it would be unexpected by most.
What do you think about this? I think it will probably be about either the Model 3's second reveal or some kind of Powerball upgrade, or less likely, the Model Y. I also wonder if it could be a new, more efficient battery that allows more capacity for its weight and size. Would Tesla do the second reveal of the 3 to keep the hype up and steal thunder from the soon-released Bolt? Or do you think that they want to put the finishing interior touches on it first?

EaglesPDX | October 11, 2016

Not according to most, it is in fact a "new product" of some kind which is disappointing. Musk and Tesla look to be in danger of over extending themselves. First Tesla I ordered, or tried to order, was the Powerwall to add to my just installed 8.5 kW solar system. Instead Tesla stopped production and went "back to the drawing board". So Tesla has had a hard time delivering on new products so it seems pointless to announce another new "product" no one can buy.

jordanrichard | October 11, 2016

otishutcheson, I think you can we can safely say it is not the Model Y. I also think it is safe to say it won't be the second reveal of the M≡. In the past when Tesla announces a product, it is something that will be available relatively soon.

dd.micsol | October 11, 2016

autopilot 2 or powerwall 2-not the car.

d.r.coursol | October 11, 2016

Elon drops so many tidbits...

At one point Elon Mentioned that what they were working blew him away and that it wasn't like anything anybody talked about doing... even in future projects.

At the Code Conference he was asked if there would be an announcement that the model 3 would come with full autonomy.... Knowing that the Model S & X are the leaders perhaps they will become fully autonomous. Elon mentioned over 3 Billion miles have been accumulated... Data needed for full autonomy.

Second Gen Power wall with new battery architecture?

Wireless charging?

Who knows.... I can't wait.... and can't wait to see the Solar Roof.

Goodman.Larry | October 11, 2016

My guess would be either autopilot 2 or something called tesla glass. See for the ongoing polling.

bj | October 11, 2016

No, this won't be the second reveal of M3, because to announce M3 as a "new product" would look totally ridiculous when it was announced 6 months ago.

Also if it was the second reveal of M3, people would be getting invites by now to attend it, and that news would be breaking the internet. And it's not.

Red Sage ca us | October 11, 2016

My complete lack of insider contacts or secret information tells me it won't be:
A Tesla branded telephone
Tesla Jeans
Tesla Soda
Tesla mouthwash
Tesla deodorant
Tesla barbecue sauce
Tesla beer, wine, or spirits

andy.connor.e | October 12, 2016


I dont know for sure, but my instinct says that the powerwall "went back to the drawing board", had something to do with the anticipation of a merger with solarcity.

bj | October 12, 2016

@Red - you forgot to mention Tesla power tools and Tesla medical imaging.

tigardspaz | October 12, 2016

Probably Autopilot 2. We will see soon enough.

jamilworm | October 12, 2016

Is Autopilot a "product", though? I consider it more of a feature, since it's not a standalone thing you can buy. I wonder if it will be the Semi and/or MiniBus from the Master Plan that they said would be revealed next year.

robgorman | October 12, 2016

Elon will announce that all refresh MS delivered since September 2016 have full HUD, and an added surprise, all of us who took delivery of a MS60 are getting our batteries unlocked to the 75 so we can seamlessly power our HUDs.

Ehninger1212 | October 13, 2016

@ BJ He did not say it was a NEW tesla product per his twitter page announcement. He said " Tesla product unveiling (unexpected by most)"

I'm still not sure what that means but it does not rule out an unveiling of the finalized model 3. I am doubtful either way, but isn't that what would make it unexpected?

bj | October 13, 2016

@Ehninger1212 - well, we'll all find out in 3 days time. I'm always prepared to be wrong.

Bluesday Afternoon | October 13, 2016

An all electric teardrop trailer with solar panels and doors that swing out/up when camping off the grid. An energy storage system will be part of the trailer's flooring.


A Tesla watch set to Martian time.

tigardspaz | October 13, 2016

A teardrop trailer would be awesome, especially if I could plug in the trailer at the campsite, and it both power the trailer and charge the car.

jsl6v8 | October 13, 2016

nobody else find the unveiling set for a monday odd? Also, where are we suppose to see the unveiling at?

david.jones24 | October 13, 2016

As we haven't heard any invites being sent out for an event, I highly doubt it's a new model of vehicle. Probably new Autopilot hardware that will grow towards full autonomy.

tedirelan | October 13, 2016

I like that Elon hasn't said that it will be put on Tesla's website or that is will air live or anything really. We really have no idea.

KP in NPT | October 14, 2016

@jslv8, the last time this happened Elon tweeted the day of that there would be Q and A from journalists and then it would be released to public a short time later. So expect details closer to release. Last time it was for the P100D.

paul | October 14, 2016

Take a look at teslarati dot com and the article "Tesla is going to light solar on fire". It seems to me that the new product may be something along those lines.

tigardspaz | October 14, 2016

That title makes it sound like solar panels are flammable.

dsvick | October 14, 2016

@paul - there is a second reveal/announcement on the 28th that will be for Solar City/Powerwall.

Badbot | October 14, 2016

Unexpected new product
I think it could be a electric complete drive unit for other car makers.
It could also be inverters for solar battery to AC.
tesla glass that has LED/OLED layer to display as a HUD.

Badbot | October 14, 2016

bulk sales of the 2170 cells?

FREE ENERGY | October 14, 2016

Something like this ... ???

paul | October 14, 2016

@dsvick - My thinking about the 28th reveal was that would be regarding the solar roof. The article I referenced made me think that perhaps the new product announcement on the 17th was a product that would be a new way to connect a Tesla directly to DC coming from the solar panels/powerwall which would allow for much faster charging than is currently available.

tonymajor | October 14, 2016

I am betting it will be the Heads up display for the Model 3 called Tesla Glass...

Octagondd | October 14, 2016

Model S50?

tigardspaz | October 14, 2016

I always wanted an amphibious car. We will find out what it is in about 72 hours.