New prospective owners real range affirmation

New prospective owners real range affirmation

For those that are still worried about real world range, I yet again have easily achieved a 200 mile standard charge no compromises day. This is using a regular charge, (85kWh), headlights, wipers, and climate control on all day. Drove 197 miles today in raining conditions in mixed city and highway (mostly city). I had started with 241 rated miles, drove 197, and ended with 9 miles. Had many stops, and did not baby my driving habits, have a performance with 21 inch tires. The car rocks.

holstein13 | April 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing. That's really good to hear.

negarholger | April 30, 2013

I have no problems to do 200 miles. We've done several times South Bay to Marin = 180 miles RT over hilly and fast 280 and through SF. That trip uses 60-62 kWh ( 0.34 kW per mile )and I end up with 40-60 miles left on a standard charge. That includes one night overnight losses. 19 inch tires.

campsalvage | April 30, 2013

I have to say i have yet to drive less than rated miles. My energy uage is 286 Whr per mile since i got the car. I live in relativeky flt nj.

Cirrus | April 30, 2013

I average generally 340 wH/mile. But I do love the performance power!

nickatcammar | April 30, 2013

Since new 2500km i have 307 w/mile or 192w/km at average speed of 72m/h. normal trip 75% highway 25% city. My car is 60kw and i have no probleme to do rated range. Average temp 12 celcius.

billbaggy | April 30, 2013

Just did a 200 mile round trip this past Sunday from Valencia, Ca to Dana Point, Ca for a brunch. No compromised driving, AC on, 75ish mi/hr, roof open at times, typical weekend SoCal traffic in spots along the way. Started with 250 rated range, ended with 20 remaining when returned home.

My wife didn't even have range anxiety, it was great. Just felt like a normal drive.

Over 8200 miles now and averaging 345Wh/mi. Edging my way down as I have settled in and my daily driving is just naturally becoming more conservative. Over the last month I averaged 337Wh/mi.

ndt | April 30, 2013

I am averaging in the 340's, but have seen as high as 380 Wh/mi on a 90mile trip. Have driven several 180 mile days without charging and have not yet driven the car below 60 miles rated (essentially where my Leaf starts). But there is some compromise on >150 mile days when not charging.

I try to charge in the middle of my 200+ mile days. As I expected when I got the car, I think I would be apprehensive about driving full I-5 speed (70mph+), in the cold, in the rain, with a headwind both ways. There have been times when I have gotten to work with very close to half battery after a full standard charge and a 90 mile drive.

With weather improving here in OR and I have seen 280-290 Wh/mi on 70 degree days. Will take a full year to get a feel for the full range of efficiencies.

P85 w/21's. Will go to 19 + snows next winter. 3200 miles.

Maybe Tesla will announce superchargers and Chademo adapters and my remaining range concerns will evaporate. I think I would have no concerns about selling my remaining ICE if that happens.

DouglasR | April 30, 2013

Longest drive was 242 actual miles, with 18 rated miles remaining when I finished.

Cattledog | May 1, 2013

I've done the San Antonio to Houston roundtrip twice - 200 miles each way. Do max charge to 260+, end up in Houston with 40 miles, charge, end up in San Antonio with 20+ (uphill back to SA). Typically cruise control at 72, AC on low, stereo on high!

jemartin | May 1, 2013

The best thing about Model S is how predictable it is in terms of range. I can tell right away what I need to do get to my destination with whatever charge I have. Two weeks ago I needed to do 240 miles. I charged to 255 and had 25 miles left when I got back. I just adjusted my route and speed to fit the needs. Check if you haven't done so already. It's a gold mine of information on using Model S for long trips. It meshes exactly with what I found out after 4 months of driving. The most important factors are speed and how cold the car is when you start (and to a lesser extent how cold it is during the drive). And of course the difference in elevation between start and destination...