New reality show: car purchase diaries

New reality show: car purchase diaries

Good evening and welcome to this edition of 'Car Purchase Diaries'

Hal (Mercedes):

Woke up this morning with a headache. Had a dream I bought a... let me look out the window. Shoot! I guess I did buy a car. Oh well, I needed a new one. The other one was starting to fall apart.

Vince (Model S):

Had a rough day yesterday. After putting down a large deposit 2 years ago and logging onto their web site every day since then, I thought I was finally going to get a VIN for my Model S. I am number 3215 on the waiting list and I had calculated based on my reservation number and options that if they were fair, I should have gotten my VIN yesterday. I sat for three hours by the phone, waiting for them to call... Nothing! Now I'm thinking that I shouldn't have ordered the spoiler because I heard on that they were running low on the spoilers. If that was what is delaying my delivery, I am going to be pissed! I just read that another reservation holder is about to take delivery of his Model S. His reservation number is 23 higher than mine!

[ Narrator: Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is real! If the Model S were a woman, she'd have taken out a restraining order on this stalker! Next week we'll hear from Ben the Benz salesman and learn how Hal ended up forgetting that he bought another Mercedes, and we'll hear from a lunatic (sorry congress, we can still use that word) who thinks that Tesla has a demand problem... ]

olanmills | December 21, 2012

Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head. Don't act like a stalker.

It is not reasonable to expect that cars will either be built or delivered exactly in reservation order, but rather, that they will try to balance a desire to deliver roughly in order with other concerns.

EcLectric | December 21, 2012

I wanted to point out the difference in demand. Other car companies offer 0% financing and incentives and high pressure sales tactics to get people to buy their cars. Tesla just quietly offers the car for sale sometime in the future, and everyone is breaking down their door to get one. This is not hype - it's the opposite! The car itself is compelling.

DrTaras-BreastCar | January 4, 2013

A real reality TV show that features a Tesla you say?

Brian H | January 4, 2013

0% financing, btw, is a crock of BS. There is a real market cost of funds -- the opportunity cost of not investing in the safest available bonds, etc. Charging below that rate when lending is giving $$ away. Unreal. The actual borrowing cost is therefore buried in the cash price. You can discover what it is by seeing how low you can get the price by offering cash. The difference is the real interest cost.

BYT | January 4, 2013

@Brian H, Don't put BS in a Crock Pot, the results will not be good! ;)