New Self Driving Video

New Self Driving Video

This is cool.

Tesla releases new self-driving demonstration video with real-time 'Tesla Vision' feed - Electrek

jman | November 20, 2016

It has begun !!!! The other manufacturers are on notice. The self driving tesla has obviously blows away anything the other manufacturers can produce and people who were debating between an Audi, MB, BMW, ect, now have their choice made for them. Even if they have to wait a bit longer they will probably take this amazing creation of a vehicle. Are you kidding me.......blinks by itself, adjust speed according to signs, parks itself !!!!!!!!!!
There are MANY behind the scenes people that I would love to see interviewed who helped create this autonomy !
Love to chat with them for just half an hour to hear about their experiences, barriers to the project, those moments of zen when it really worked on a road test !!! Amazing times we are living in folks !
PLEASE AUTOPILOT DRIVERS DRIVE SAFELY !!!! We don't need anymore news stories on how an "autopilot" killed somebody or had a crash !! Most people on this forum probably do and I am speaking to the choir but enjoy all this tech responsibly please.

jdanielp_uk | November 20, 2016

Why did they speed up the footage again? It makes it annoyingly difficult to compare the views without pausing...

It is interesting to note that this one was on a misty day. I will be even more interested to see one taken after dark.

Calibrotha2000 | November 20, 2016

What's funny is I was watching a video of the Google car processing the surroundings and it's amazing how similar it looked just to put into perspective just how complex the computer processing was and the fact these cameras and sensors and computer is all built in without a giant some in the top of the car....I really think people aren't downplaying literally just how next level incredible this is to see in 2016!!!! Again the original autonomous time frame was 2020 IF THAT!!!!

Imagine where the software will be in the next year beside the model 3 is released. SIGN ME UP!!!!!

Bighorn | November 20, 2016

Benny Hill was an odd soundtrack choice. Impressive performance!

Badbot | November 20, 2016

Benny Hill is perfect the video runs at the speed that Benny's stuff did.
The reason it is fast forward is because the "REVIEW" done of the last video stated that there were 16 CUTS so there must have been 16 failures, BS but FUD spreads.
Head to head testing AP1 had everyone beat by tesla! This "AP1" is hardware that Elon is dropping in favor of AP2. I would expect it to be better.

EaglesPDX | November 20, 2016

Wasn't bit on Autonomous but after watching the video especially how it dealt with the biker in the bike lane, pedestrians and the 4-way stop, very impressive.

If I have the money I'll get it with the car, but nice I'll have and can activate it later.

Bighorn | November 20, 2016

The tempo works, but not the impending sense of chaos and disaster.

Red Sage ca us | November 21, 2016

Bighorn: I believe the tune that gained fame during its run over ending credits for 'The Benny Hill Show' was called 'Yackety Sax'. Makes me smile everytime I hear it. Much as does 'Tequila' from 'Pee-Wee's Big Adventure'.

andy.connor.e | November 21, 2016

Thats amazing. Cant wait.