New Software Update 2018.50.7

New Software Update 2018.50.7

Just updated the Model X software last night from the 2018.49 something. The previous update gave me the Romance Mode, the flatulance mode, some games and other updates. Checking the update file today has no new changes except at the bottom it lists bug fixes. Has anyone noticed anything different? Am I missing something.

Mike P

David Trushin | February 3, 2019

Aren't you satisfied with fart jokes? Why the "software team" spends their time on whooped cushions rather than fixing bugs and putting in some user friendly feature I'll never know. What are they, 12 year olds? My apologies to 12 year olds.

jimglas | February 4, 2019

They can multitask David

Uncle Paul | February 4, 2019

Read the posts about people being upset with the humorous Easter Eggs that Tesla recently included.

Then I saw the video of the two kids in the back seat of their Dad's Tesla having the time of their life. Their laughter, smiles and giggles put things into perspective.

Way to go Tesla. You Rocked those kids world. | February 5, 2019

@David Trushin - So are you saying you don't want Tesla to issue bug fixes as they did with 50.6 being rolled out now? Seem odd. I guess a lack of humor makes for strange desires.

David Trushin | February 7, 2019

TT I never said to stop working on bug fixes. But there are bugs that have been around for a while that they could work on rather than giving us fart jokes to entertain the young and young at heart. Like the above mentioned first-time-you-call-someone bug. Or maybe the radio switching channels on its own bug. Or some of the other things that people complain about on the forum. Don't get me wrong, I love my car. It's my second one and I loved the first as well. But other car manufacturers are catching up and seem to be focusing on the important things.

bmrosenbaum | February 8, 2019

i agree with Uncle Paul - emissions testing mode has brought repeated belly laughter to my 6, 8, and 10 yr old

wallyho | February 10, 2019

Most care companies wouldn't bother fixing any bugs. Tesls software team would be bored fixing buts. The level of morale would lower and they would look to other parts of the company or leave. Easter eggs and features are all what people are looking for as software engineers. I'd expect both eater eggs, features and bug fixes. I'd accept this is how a software company works, Personally, it shows me a corporation isn't in charge but a dynamic quick decision making small company is making my S better.

larryhlevine | February 10, 2019

My car stop charging. I have to keep removing the cord from the charging port and reinserting it or press the button on the cord and it starts up again. Also my rear doors do not alwys close fron the screen.Anybody have these problems.

dewittbo | February 12, 2019

I am still on version 9 update 2018.48.12.1. Is there something I should do to get 2018.50?

jjgunn | February 12, 2019

Connect your car to WiFi....Like Marco in the movie Taken says...."Good luck."

dewittbo | February 13, 2019

That's the trouble: it IS connected to my home WiFi and it has worked fine previously; just not for the current release.

jjgunn | February 13, 2019

Ummmm ok....

Like Elon says...."soon!"

Honestly, there isn't any way to force the firmware update short of heading into a service center & asking them to update your firmware.

dewittbo | February 14, 2019

OK. Thanks. That’s what I was wondering about.

dewittbo | February 14, 2019

Yay....the update arrived this morning. Only ten days later than Mike P....

tkk | February 14, 2019

Version 2018.50.7 187f881 came to my S75D(2,5) in Norway. Probably bug fixing, or at least someting I cannot see.
Thank you Tesla, for tweaking on my car. Hopefully the car is now super-ready for a huge update;-)