New Software Update Disappeared From App

New Software Update Disappeared From App

I am currently on 2019.8.5

Yesterday I received notification on my cell phone that a Software Update was available. I then opened up the app and saw Software Update on the App screen.

Since I was busy running errands I decided to wait and start the Update once I returned home. Upon returning home I opened the App and to my astonishment the Software Update was gone.

Since my 2016 MX 75D is garaged in Colorado and I am in Texas till July, I cannot see if the Software Update is actually on my vehicle.

Has this happened to anyone else?

How can I get Update back on my App to remotely download?

jimglas | April 27, 2019

your update version is listed on you phone app, scroll to the bottom.

Saxman | April 27, 2019

Thanks Jim
I checked that before I posted this. I'm still running 2019.8.5.

I never got to download new update. Software Update no longer showed on my cell App screen when I opened App again, after returning home.

Vawlkus | April 30, 2019

12.1 stopped rolling out. You should get a notice for 12.1.1 in the next day or three.

sonnynoto | April 30, 2019

I am running version 2018.50.6 4ec03ed I'm not great at this and don't know if I'm in the right place to ask but is this the latest version for a 2016 Model X ?

mathwhiz | April 30, 2019

No. The best you can do is keep your car connected to good wifi. And if you do seem stuck, you can schedule your car for service, through the app, (perhaps, for a mobile service update).

You can see what versions are out there, here:

Dalebackwards | May 1, 2019

Similar thing happened to me last night.

Got the software update available notification, but when I opened the app I was given no option to upgrade. The car also did not have the usual software update available icon/box

Passion2Fly | May 1, 2019

Yeah! Same for me... software update available last night at 8pm... woke up this morning to install and the update was gone! Not the first time this happens to me...
Called Tesla and they recommend to install the update as soon as available... couldn’t explain why... something about expiration date... I still don’t get it... it happened TWICE now...

David Trushin | May 2, 2019

I updated to the new release last night. I immediately started getting error messages "not able to charge" and "charge level reduced". Of course, there was not problem with charging. I suspect that they introduced a bug when they added the (strange) new feature to condition the battery when you navigate to a supercharger. It most likely is telling me that the battery is not at optimal temp but is using the wrong messages. I know this is just speculation at this point, but I will have an opportunity to check this out later today. It's been kind of cold here and I'm sure I have reduced regent at the moment.

Saxman | May 3, 2019

I called Tesla Service in Texas on Monday the 29th. They informed me that when I closed my App WITHOUT scheduling a time to run Update, I was actually declining that Update. I never knew this. They said Tesla would Push that Update to me in a few days.

Sure enough, on Wednesday I got the notification again on my cell phone since my X is in my Colorado garage. I opened up my Tesla App and immediately ran the update successfully.

This time the version is 2019.12.1.1 4b1dd29.

I won't be back in Colorado until July 1st so I can't try out the new features but I still feel good that I'm continuing to receive Updates remotely. How great is that .

USCRXDR | May 3, 2019

I applied the update but when I wanted to see what the update contains it wouldn't let me see anything about the update no matter how I tried.

David Trushin | May 3, 2019

i've noticed that sometimes the update display is blank. One time i scrolled up and down and it showed up. Strange. Doesn't it seem sometimes that the updates introduce more bugs than they fix?

jjgunn | May 4, 2019

Always always always....reboot your car at LEAST once & preferably twice after the firmware update completes.

After update completes successfully....

1) Reboot the car
2) Go for a 15 minute or longer drive. Test everything.
3) Arrive home. Reboot the car
4) Go into the house & ignore the car.

I do this after every update & have very few issues.

mbp11 | May 5, 2019

I agree with jjgunn. Still after software upgrades, I feel like I also should:

1. run file system check (fsck -fy)
2. clear the caches
3. repair permissions on the hard drive
4. run the daily, weekly and monthly Unix scripts

jjgunn | May 5, 2019

HHhahaha Wish we could "root" our cars without repercussions.