New supercharger problem (for me) Car, weather or Supercharger?

New supercharger problem (for me) Car, weather or Supercharger?

My daughter took my 3 to go skiing in Bend OR and was at this supercharger last night and tried 4 different stalls and couldn't get a stable charge. It would ramp up as high as 100kW and then the power level would bounce all over the place and then drop back to zero then ramp back up, bounce around, go to zero and repeat tried for 15 minutes and never stabilized and seemed to get worse as time went on staying at 0kW for longer periods of time before rebounding. Called Tesla roadside said they had a call the previous night about this location doing the same thing for someone else but they were able to get it to work by turning the car off for five minutes. Didn't work for us, she finally had to get a slow charge at a local hotel.

It seems to me the problem is the Supercharger but I dont know of any failure mode that would affect all stalls. Temperature was 17F but the car had been driven for 3 hours and the battery was at 30% SOC, Ive charged my S at this location fine under the exact same circumstances at this supercharger in the past. So, problem with the car?, the supercharger? or just the weather?

Bighorn | February 10, 2019

Been to any other superchargers to see if it repeats? My first inclination would be the car and then the supercharger, but if there were a reported case of similar recent SC behavior, I'd want to experiment at another SC location. Not the weather.

Mike83 | February 10, 2019

It is probably the Supercharger is what I believe. They can check your car remotely and also the charger. 17F is cold but we have used superchargers at 12F with no problem except the cord gets a bit stiff but we move the charge port as close to the charging cord to attach it carefully. Check for snow in your port but I never had that issue.

hammer @OR-US | February 10, 2019

@BH She's on the slopes today and will be heading back tonight and will need to charge at the Springfield OR SC (where she charged before going to Bend) so we'll see if it's the car.

p.c.mcavoy | February 10, 2019

@hammer - I had a similar type of experience a couple of times. Was a stall at Indianapolis a few months back that would do this but the several of the other stalls would be OK.

Ran into it a Mt Gilead, OH fall of 2017 where tried multiple stalls and would see it ramp up, be ok for a little bit, then start the ramp down/ramp up cycling. That seems to impact all but about one of the stalls where you could at least get about 60-70 kW stable for a little while. About the time I had enough charge to get on to Macedonia, OH another car came in, talked with him for a few minutes, and he indicated that this site was acting up. That was the first leg of a 4 day quick 2,100 mile trip to NH and back so I could have dinner with my eldest daughter. I did not have any issues at any of my four other stops that day or the 15 total locations I visited in during the 4 day trip.

Both experiences tell me that more likely it's an issue with the site, not your car.

Yodrak. | February 10, 2019

"more likely it's an issue with the site, not your car."

I agree, it's the site not the car.