New T Sportline Arachnid wheels look damn good!

New T Sportline Arachnid wheels look damn good!

I purposely did not upgrade to the stock 19s waiting for something to catch my fancy. Now I just need to wear out my aero tires as soon as possible to justify the upgrade! You're killing me T Sportline! LoL

MRNot01 | February 14, 2019

I swear when I see cars on the road, I often see wheels I think look fairly good. When looking at websites showing a matrix of wheel options, NOTHING EVER LOOKS APPEALING.. These look fine, but don't jump out at me. I did upgrade to 19"s when I purchased. They're dipped black now.

surfpearl | February 14, 2019

Looks good, but why not 20" if available? Presumably you are OK with giving up some range.

Just_Ted | February 14, 2019

Not $3k good...imho

ODWms | February 15, 2019

@MRNot01, I couldn’t agree with you more. Tesla did an amazing job of coming up with the sport wheels. I have not seen another set of wheels, aftermarket or factory, that I think would look as good as the 19s/20s that came on this car. That’s a rarity for me. I step in the garage to start my day, and I’m taken aback by the beauty of the car with these wheels and tires affixed.

Rjgolf18 | February 15, 2019

I have a midnight silver metallic Model 3 and I am looking for set of wheels for the spring through fall and I will use my 18" aero for the winter. My question is I am torn between a silver wheel or a gray/titanium that matches the car? T sportsline has some good looking wheels. I would be interested to hear of any opinions or thoughts on which color looks best. Pictures on my laptop don't really confirm one over the other. thanks in advance!