New Tesla Model S Related Website

New Tesla Model S Related Website

I just took delivery of my Model S a week ago. I've just created a website so that I can share my experience with the world and hopefully spread the gospel of Tesla. Please check it out at:

You can also go to and click on Ditching Gas, My Tesla story.

I've written a chronological story that includes my decision process, facts, and some of the misinformation that's floating about. In addition, I'm adding tips for Model S owners, links to other sites, and will add humorous stories that occur during my Tesla ownership.

If I've stated anything incorrectly, please let me know and I will be glad to fix it (assuming you are not a troll causing trouble).

Jeff Salvage

PS Thanks to all those who took the time to answer my questions during my indecision.

campsalvage | March 27, 2013

I've added a few stories since getting my Model S as well. Enjoy!

torst1 | March 27, 2013

+1 Well written and yo address concerns that many of us are dealing with.

Brian H | March 27, 2013

Your usage is certainly not around 300 kWh/mile. You'd only make it a few hundred yards on a full 85 kWh battery. It's 300 Wh/mile. ;)

campsalvage | March 27, 2013

whoops, thanks I corrected that later, but missed it earlier. I will go back and edit. Appreciate the advice.

bsimoes | March 27, 2013

"This site is under major construction. Please check back daily for updates. Jeff Salvage, 3/26/2014"

I just have gotten this far, but I think you're a little ahead of yourself if this is to be a date!

campsalvage | March 27, 2013

Thanks. I've often been accused of getting ahead of myself. I fixed it.