New to Tesla world

New to Tesla world

Hi everyone,
I live in Australia and I just come to know about Tesla couple of days ago, and it has completely intrigued me!

For Model S , how many miles/KMs a full charge would take you? how long a full charge of the battery would last if the car is not used ? And How long it takes to have a full charge of the battery? If Tesla owners can please share experiences too..

My question must have been discussed dozen of times i am sure , but I really appreciate all contributions for a curious potential customer :)

Thank you,

shop | May 25, 2013

Rated full charge is 265 mile. In real world situations, in highway driving, in the heat of the summer or cold of the winter, bank on 220 miles. If you drive carefully, then you can get 265 miles.

You should be looking to plug in the car overnight even if only to a regular household plug.

Time for a full charge usually isn't a factor since most people plug in their cars in their garages overnight into some sort of high amperage plug.

Steinwand | May 25, 2013

Length of time for charging is not a real issue. I suggest to people to think of it like charging your cell phone. Just plug it in at night even if you only use it a bit and you are good to go the next day. You don't drive it to near empty like an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine.)
Fill when you want to not when you have to!

J.T. | May 25, 2013

Go to to search for threads relating to all of your questions. Welcome, mate.

trydesky | May 25, 2013

In fact, Tesla recommends keeping it plugged in whenever you are not using it.

Right now, there is a battery drain of about 1 rated mile an hour, but I hear they are working on a "sleep" mode that improves that.

Islam | May 26, 2013

good thoughts. thanks everyone.

I saw somewhere that it says it is recommended to charge it only to 85% not a full charge.

Now, the time it takes to charge could be an issue I guess if I am travelling interstate or long trips ? In Australia, i don't know of any Charge Stations or similar that I can use on the road, so my options would be limited. So want to know how long it actually takes to charge a Telsa Model S on the go ?
haven't you ever wanted to do that ? I expect no issue if i am around the city , but going in long trips could be of a problem. The last thing I wanna see is a flat battery and a piece of metal!

Telsa owners - how was your experiences on that?

George with SacEV | May 26, 2013

Australia will not likely be a major "Tesla market" except for the indulgent within your cities. I lived there briefly as a Visiting Professor, and it is way, way too small a market and too distant between your major cities for Tesla to do THERE what it is doing in the US, and probably Europe(?).

In the US, Tesla is installing "Superchargers" every 150 miles between major cities and along major interstate roads and all charging from these will be forever FREE for Tesla owners. On these "Superchargers" you can get about 150-170 miles range added in around 30 minutes.

So the "Tesla engineering model" is not a really good fit for getting around Australia. Maybe in another 5 years or so, IF technology gives us battery power density for 500 mile range....

But NOT in the near term.

YOU are better off with the Chevy Volt or Opel Ampera, whichever is available there. I also have a Volt, and it is a great 35-45 mile EV and then continues without any noticeable feedback on gas for another 300 miles if needed. We are averaging 104 miles per gallon for 24,000 miles on our 2011 Volt. And it can be charged, at YOUR household 240v power in about 3 hours or so.

George with SacEV | May 26, 2013

Check out this article on our house and cars in your Australian science magazine, Cosmos,


dborn | May 26, 2013

We are supposed to be getting the cars early next year. Also, Tesla is considering a supercharger network on the East coast corridor - Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. I have actually had some discussion with the factory person representing our area about this.

George with SacEV | May 26, 2013

The east coast corridor could be developed, but getting from there to Adelaide, much less Perth or Darwin?

Brian H | May 26, 2013