New US Parking Sensors impressions?

New US Parking Sensors impressions?

Looks like quite a few of you have your new cars with the integrated Tesla parking sensors now. Anybody care to comment? Nicely integrated? Do they display the distances from objects? Coverage for curbs or not?

Similar to the European parking sensor video?

I'll have mine in three weeks but was hoping to have some input prior because I'm curious.

unclegeek | August 17, 2013

I would be surprised if anyone has taken delivery of a car with sensors yet. They just retooled production and allowed the config to be ordered a couple weeks ago. Ist deliveries are probably still a week or so out. Anyone already have theirs?

unclegeek | August 17, 2013

With the possible exception of Norway.

get_amped | August 17, 2013

I was at the Costa Mesa SC early last week to look at colors and there were three P85+'s that had parking sensors. Could have been loaners or customer cars.

TommyBoy | August 17, 2013

Couple guys at TMC site have already taken delivery of cars here in the US with them. No posts yet with impressions.

CC | August 17, 2013

I was at the Norristown PA service center on Aug 15th, there were 2 Model S with parking sensors ready for delivery.

CalabasasKid | August 17, 2013

I get mine a week from Wednesday.

rickp | August 17, 2013

I get mine on Thursday. Hopefully.

pkurland | August 17, 2013

Is this something that can be retrofit?

TommyBoy | August 17, 2013

I'm a month out still. I ordered on 8/3 with a late September delivery date. I have no idea how you guys got your cars so quickly! | August 17, 2013

I had a loaner last week and tried out the sensors. They work quite well, and I would have easily bought the parking sensors if they were available when I got my car. As is was, I added aftermarket sensors to my car (front only).

The Tesla system is a split design that shows you separate left/right obstructions rather than the typical single indication. The warning display automatically pops up in the left side of the instrument display when needed and disappears when no longer needed.

The car had 1.33.61 software, and I noticed the screens, while nice, were not the same as shown on the Order section of the Tesla website. When I inquired about this, they indicated the next release (perhaps 5.0?) would show the newer style, which is quite a bit nicer. The new style is supposed to include actual distance from the object too, that wasn't shown in the version I used.

CalabasasKid | August 17, 2013

I finalized my order on 8/3 as well. Picking up on 8/28. Jerome Guillen intervened and had Miki Sofer move up my production by a week so I could get it after a 3 1/2 week wait. Then again, I'm in L.A. so the car doesn't have to go far once it's done.

s far as retrofit goes, don't bank on it. If TM announces one, it'll likely cost at least $3k and will require sending the car back to Freemont. Service centers won't have the machines to lunch the holes in the number covers.

J.T. | August 17, 2013

I hate when number covers lunch on holes. Such a waste of space.

Bubba2000 | August 17, 2013

I missed getting the sensors by a few weeks. Tesla will keep on improving the sensors. I would not be surprised to see them used phased array sensors that show distinct objects with distances. Lane chance sensors. Multiple cameras.

Smart cruise control is another feature I would like because it could be used to extend the range in highway driving - optimize tracking the vehicle in front for optimum speed, regen, acceleration, coasting, etc. Option to fold the rear view external mirrors to increase range. All could add 10-15% to the highway rage.

I would like to see some weight loss to may be closer to 4,000 lbs from the current 4,670 lbs, using improved structural design, stronger alloys. Would certainly improve handling, acceleration and even range.

4SUPER9 | August 17, 2013

I picked up mine 3 days ago (8/14). Parking sensors and cold weather package. According to the Delivery Center, I was the first in the L.A. region to get them. I was also the first in the area to get 5.0, and had to wait for them to upload it before I could explore the vehicle, as these new features were inoperable without it. In the meantime, we did the orientation using another vehicle without these features. 5.0 took about a full hour for them to upload using a laptop.

The sensors work beautifully. The front ones come on the left dash screen whenever I get close to an object, including occasionally a brief beep if I am turning into traffic and get too close to a vehicle in the next lane (at very slow speeds of course).

The rear sensors come immediately upon going into reverse, on the bottom half of the screen, with the camera on the bottom half. If there is nothing behind me, it's just a picture of a radar-type screen. Only when I get close enough does it start to flash.

Both the front and rear sensors distinguish right from left. They start out green, then yellow with corresponding distances in inches, then holy cr*p red when you're really close.

My impressions: flawless delivery. I'm very happy with them. I would post pictures here, or on TMC, but I have kids with me and lots of other stuff going on.

mclary | August 18, 2013

+1 4Super9

I picked mine up on Friday and had the parking sensors, fog lights and lighting package added. They all work great and the delivery experience was flawless. The car is great and no issues!!!

My car even came with the upgraded 19" tires.

The other highlight was the factory tour. To see the factory in action is a real plus. The whole process was a wonderful experience.

Thanks to the Tesla team.

mikeah007 | August 18, 2013

I saw a tesla tech upgrade a P85 plus in he field so I know it can be done. He told me now permission or time frame was given to him to do upgrades. The upgrade was done on a display model in the show room only.

J.T. | August 18, 2013

@mikeah007 Are you saying that you saw a P85+ get parking sensors installed in the field? We were under the impression that the bumpers had to be punched in Fremont.

nhurst | August 18, 2013

I wonder if the front sensors (probably modified) could be installed in the front "grille" only? It seems that this would greatly simplify installation, perhaps at the expense of some area coverage.

SDR06 | August 18, 2013

I keep asking my service rep usually on weekly basis about retrofitting my P85+ with parking sensors. I got my Model S in May so its not that old.

The answer so far is "Not yet". But he gives me hope that someday it can be done and will be more expensive (which i don't care).

Tesla, please get it done. | August 18, 2013

It's fairly easy to drill the holes. Even the aftermarket kits include the drill bit. The plastic bumper parts are already molded on the back-side where the sensors go, so there isn't even any issue about where to drill.
The bumper removal and wiring are another thing entirely.

roadking40 | August 18, 2013

Took delivery of my S85 on Friday. The parking sensors work great. Also 5.0 software installed.

S4WRXTTCS | August 18, 2013

Are the sensors directionally aware? One thing I didn't like about parking sensors in past vehicles is they would always beep at me about an obstruction that was opposite my direction of travel.

I don't care about some bushes in front of me when I'm backing out.

Not that it really matters. If/when I ever get a Tesla MS it's a must have feature for me.

TommyBoy | August 18, 2013

The showroom model example above could be an exception. I have read that others have been in showroom cars and demo rides where the vehicle clearly had parking sensors but they were not operational.

The example above could have been one of those cars that already had the sensors installed in the factory-punched bumper and the tech may have just had to connect wiring harnesses and load new software, thereby completing the "in-field upgrade".

Just guessing.

Brian H | August 18, 2013

Why would you want to increase your "highway rage"?

S4WRXTTCS | August 18, 2013

The things Bubba mentioned doing would certainly increase "highway rage" by 10-15%

Don't get me wrong I would love smartcruise, but I could see how truckers and other vehicles on the road would be annoyed by it. I also don't think cops would take too kindly to mirrors being folded in.

In the next few years I'm sure the auto industry will have some kind of car to car communications protocol, and hopefully that will enable things like smart cruise. Where cars could operate almost like a really smart train.

J.T. | August 18, 2013

I've always wanted a way to tell the idiot behind me to either urn on his headlights, turn off his brights or get off my 6. Also, wouldn't the loss of CD due to thicker posts on mirrors needed to accommodate motors negate the gain by folding them in?

mikeah007 | August 25, 2013

To answer the question above the show room car sensors were installed in the field by the tech but was not operational at that time because he did not have the 5.0 update yet. Tesla had sent him the kit. Showroom demo only. By the way, I called Tesla recently and they said Tesla is working on a roll out and pricing for the update.

TommyBoy | August 25, 2013

I've seen pictures of the new US system in action. It is not like the European version on YouTube.

The European version is slick. Distances are provided along with a larger proximity picture.

I would hope the US version looks like that after a software update. It's functional now, just not as slick in my opinion.

Talk about First World Problems!

AmpedRealtor | August 25, 2013

You know I was wondering... if it's true that the latest cars may have the wiring harnesses in place and the bumpers have templates for the sensor holes in the back, would it not be possible to do an after market install of the same sensors used by Tesla, plug them into the wiring harnesses, and enable the sensors using the secret "hidden access" menu? Would they work? I'm betting yes...

unclegeek | August 25, 2013

@AmpedRealtor Welcome back! Did you decide to let the car re-charge? :) or are you just having your morning coffee before you head back out in that beautiful red cruiser for the day?

CoreyM | August 25, 2013

TommyBoy--Are you referring to the pics over on TMC in this thread?

It's on a P85+ running 4.5, so I'm wondering if it's not already different on cars arriving with 5.0. I'm a little surprised I haven't seen more pictures or videos of the actual interface by now, but maybe I've missed them.

I do like that it splits the zones into left/right, but the distance labels would be nice.

If there still aren't pictures posted by Sept 13 when I take delivery of my S85, I'll post some.

TommyBoy | August 25, 2013

Heh heh Corey...six days after you I should be able to see them first-hand!

Dripps | August 25, 2013

I'm picking up my car on Tuesday with parking sensors and the Winter pkg. Will post pics. But I was at the Queens service center yesterday and he had a new P85 with parking sensors in his lot. He let me check it out but we were both surprised this car did not have 5.0 installed. I should have snapped a photo but the sensors just showed what area had the close object, no distance indication. It doesn't show until you put the car in D or R, which is nice.

create | August 25, 2013

I know a local service guy (bay area) that claims to have installed aftermarket sensors with some help from tesla for the end that plugs into the car and it worked great. I have no reason to not believe him. He said it involved a bit of labor to remove the bumpers as well as a bit of the interior trim to run the wires. He also said he used a laser level to make sure the holes were perfectly level on the bumber. I told him there would be a lot of interested folks if he offered it up. He said he may consider it during his slow season (winter).
What do folks think would be a fair price for this?

GeekEV | August 25, 2013

@create - Are you saying he's installed aftermarket sensors that integrate and function as if they were the factory ones? That would be interesting! As for price, the factory ones are $500, so I'd say $1,000 tops to allow for the install labor.

rchiang | August 25, 2013
CalabasasKid | August 25, 2013

I love the execution of the sensors. The delivery/pickup experience was flawless as well. They even put a big bow on the car for the wife. I too am skeptical about the routinness of the sensors upgrade.

CalabasasKid | August 25, 2013

By the way, my car's display does split the bumper display into right & left sides as well as showing distance of objects in inches until something is less than a foot away, then it merely says "stop"

Dripps | August 25, 2013

@CalabasasKid do you have software 5.0?

NKYTA | August 25, 2013

For those looking to get the parking sensors post-production, I heard encouraging words from the new Burlingame service center last week that it wouldn't be outrageously expensive as the wiring harness and connectors are already there.

That said, not sure if my < 2000 VIN has them, so I may have a financial decision to make.

jcadman22 | August 25, 2013

I was at the Short Hills store in NJ yesterday and they have a loaded gray P85+ with parking sensors and 5.0 firmware. I was surprised to see them on the car and asked one of the reps if they had tried them out. He said they couldn't drive the cars in the store. Then I mentioned the Norway YouTube video saying that was done in a store. He immediately Google'd it on his iPad and huddled with another rep. I wonder if they tried it out after I left ;-)

CalabasasKid | August 25, 2013

Yes. I have 5.0. As far as I can remember when compared to the video of the feature on European cars, it's the same thing only it shows the distance in inches. It's really quite exceptional

create | August 25, 2013

@geekev. Yes that is exactly what he did. I guess the sensors are fairly standard but the part that connected into the car was not. Hence the help from tesla.

@nkyta it is not clear what is meant by wiring harness and connectors. This guy still had to run cables from the computer out to the bumpers. It was a middle of the year car build. I think by harness and connectors they are referring to the stuff at the computer end and not necessarily the wires that go all the way to the bumpers. Then again the post EU build cars may have something different.

NKYTA | August 25, 2013

@ create
Hmm...I didn't get that impression, but I'll take your word for it, thanks!