New windings for all Tesla motors...

New windings for all Tesla motors...

Beginning today, all Tesla coming down the assembley lines will have the new V3 motors installed with the enhanced rubber windings in the armatures. This will replace the traditional and long used copper windings.
Benefits include much smoother and quieter operation, as the rubber will almost totally dampen out the various vibrations and sonic harmonics from the motors.

Weight will be significantly reduced and the motors will spin up much faster with almost zero noise. Already quiet cabin sound levels will be even more hushed, even on full power. Front motor noises will be significantly reduced, to beyond audible levels.

Significant reductons in costs will be achieved, and acording to Mr. Musk will produce increased profits for everyone at Tesla. All that copper was costing a fortune and they will be happy to be done with that expense.

Developed in conguction with Goodyear rubber and Baylor University, this patented process will be shared freely with others wishing to take advantage in other electric motor applications.

The reduction in spin up time will effectively give additional performance figures, and assist in the Tesla comittment to "No slow cars"

Additional possibilities for this technology will be in quieter drive gears and one piece tire/wheel combinations, as well as for non breakable rubber windshields and headlight lenses.

More details to be revealed later in the day...

mbirnie51 | April 1, 2019 just how does rubber windings allow induction effect to happen to create torque. All my education says rubber is non-conductive. I think your using the wrong bait to "catch" any gullibles.....

jjgunn | April 1, 2019

I hope this isn't a joke.

I just don't trust anything I read on this day.

Passion2Fly | April 1, 2019

April 1st!!! Rubber windings, yeah right!...

Uncle Paul | April 1, 2019

Busted...Rats :)

Vawlkus | April 2, 2019

Should’ve said rubber bands, not rubber windings. :P

jjgunn | April 3, 2019


rlwrw | April 6, 2019

And now S & X are getting PM (Permanent Magnet) motors. So there really is an upgrade, but rubber windings?
Even if it wasn't an April Fools joke, it sounds like a very flexible motor. (Rim shot)

Uncle Paul | April 6, 2019

Think that Elon gets some of his best ideas from me...yeah right!