Newness wearing off and I love, love, love my Model 3

Newness wearing off and I love, love, love my Model 3

I’ve read the manual and that goes a long way.

Pierogi | November 7, 2018

Yeah, I love my M3 and I don't even drive it very much...only on the weekends for fun. Whenever I park the car and walk away, I find my self staring at it as I leave and can never get enough of how cool it looks.

RedPillSucks | November 7, 2018

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Atoms | November 7, 2018

I keep slamming on the accelerator and my kids and wife say to cut it out. I just can’t get enough. When can I launch in the BFR?

Tesla_User | November 7, 2018

Never thought I would find a car this fascinating.

Carl Thompson | November 7, 2018

Yup. Still think the Model 3 is the best car I've owned despite the hiccups.


dmastro | November 7, 2018

I really like my car too, and for the record I've read the manual, though I'm not certain why that is a consideration to my fondness for the car. I mean... I guess I like the writing style and some of the diagrams are interesting...

All that said, there are some shortcomings that I'm hopeful will be addressed via software updates and future design considerations.

gballant4570 | November 7, 2018

One month in, and still grinning away.....

CharleyBC | November 7, 2018

I've never had a car before where I'm constantly looking forward to the next time I get to drive it.

jb1120 | November 7, 2018

Me too. Supercharging for the hell of it right now. Grin.

jb1120 | November 7, 2018


tesla | November 11, 2018

when was the last time you were SERIOUSLY obsessed with your car? My M3 is my 5th car of my life, and all the others were just "cars". This is life changing.

norton.bittencourt | November 11, 2018

never had any passion for cars or driving.

it all changed with my model 3 - love to drive it.

diegoPasadena | November 11, 2018

Don't expect it to fade anytime soon. I'm almost 6 years in with my Model S and, while it doesn't feel like "new car" anymore, it still is that exciting new presence it was on day one. I got used to the Model 3 more quickly (of course), but there's no less excitement. It's the constant reminder of how things can be done better, even if they have been done one way for over 100 years.

mattoaus | November 11, 2018

I'm 5,000 miles in, and still look for excuses to drive, grinning like a fool as I do.
Definitely a quantum leap into the future!

ReD eXiLe ms us | November 11, 2018

You're in love
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You're in love... | November 11, 2018

I know what you mean. I have 2700 miles in roughly 2 months and i'm still in love with it.

billtphotoman | November 12, 2018

I am also in the love the car camp after 7 weeks of ownership. Out on a business trip in San Jose right now and have a 4 banger ICE-powered penalty box for a rental. *That* is making me love my model 3 all the more. San Jose is crawling with them so I often see my exact car and it makes me tear up.

Kathy Applebaum | November 12, 2018

6 months, 15k miles. Just yesterday I said to my husband "Have I mentioned that I LOVE this car?" He laughed because I say that at least once a week. Never said that about any car before.

ILoveMyModel3 | November 12, 2018

I took delivery of my Silver, LR RWD TM3 with the premium sport wheels on 9/29/18, and it's by far the best car I've ever owned.

jb1120 | November 12, 2018

I take mine out to drive nowhere at least every other day.

Patrick | November 12, 2018

Only 1.5 weeks in and can’t get enough of the fun factor - a truly amazing ride! Will be spinning and grinning for a LONG time. Hard to imagine the newness ever fading away, especially given more treats on the way next year.

HairyPiano | November 13, 2018


naturalangler | November 13, 2018

It is truly a ‘smart car’ because it gets better with new updates. Now if Elon can come up with some force field around the car so I don’t little car dings and curb rashes. It hurts everytime when it happens like your beloved pet in distress.

hokiegir1 | November 13, 2018

Almost 7 months and 17k miles. Yes, there are a few quirks here and there, but most of them are software and could be fixed at any time with updates. The car already does SO MUCH more than it did when we bought it. Ad just like Kathy, hubb and I will say to each other at least once a week "Have I mentioned how much I love this car?"

Baltfan | November 13, 2018

It's going to be interesting once the competition gets better in electric cars. Ask yourself how much of your enjoyment is the dynamics of an electric car and the savings on fuel vs. anything else. Those dynamics are relatively easy to imitate as are the savings on fuel.

I love Tesla, but I don't doubt that major car companies can duplicate a lot of what is attractive about the Tesla. That's why Tesla is so smart to focus on automated driving and the supercharger network. They need something to continue to differentiate themselves

hokiegir1 | November 13, 2018

@Baltfan -- one of the things I love best is that I don't need a 2nd car or to rent one to go on a long trip, in large part thanks to the Supercharger network. That was a big consideration for us even considering an EV in the first place, and so far, Tesla is the only one anywhere near reasonable in that respect.

Kathy Applebaum | November 13, 2018

@Baltfan I drove a 2014 NIssan Leaf for a year before getting my Tesla, so I pretty much know how much of my enjoyment is "the dynamics of an electric car".

Not gonna knock the Leaf -- that car convinced me that I never wanted a gas car again because it was more fun to drive than my Lexus. And if it had a decent range, we'd have kept it as a second car instead of dropping another 60k on a second Model 3.

But what I haven't seen in *any* legacy car company, and I doubt they will ever imitate, is the complete integration Tesla has. The tech doesn't feel slapped on. The app doesn't scream "outsourced with a crappy spec". The charging network works seamlessly with the car. (Even my EV owning friends are amazed when we stop at a SC at how easy it is.) Making a service appointment when I think about it (at 10 p.m.) is as simple as it should be. Even having the SC pull my logs remotely is something every car mfg should be doing right now and they aren't. I don't see anyone even trying hard to catch up. | November 14, 2018

Two months and 2600 miles of ownership for my M3.... Second new car of my life. Was initially disappointed in the road/tire noise at first; but this seems now not so bad as the tires have become conditioned to northern New Mexico road surface. Enjoy learning and testing myself and the car about its capabilities. Two weeks ago,in the dark, leaving early during a snowstorm for a VA appt in ABQ, the car performed flawlessly. Announcing when sensors iced-over and other diminishing services. Never felt safer or more "surefooted" and stable. I still use "Chill" mode as it seems to me to be the same acceleration I remember during takeoff in a Lear25. Charged it to 100% just to see what happened: 307 miles. Lost 1% each day for the next three days while parked in an unheated "Barn." Heated seats are a blessing for this old back of mine. When backing into my spot, alongside our old motorhome, I smile as the excellent warning chime and show orange and red and Stop warnings: great design and engineering. Only concern so far is how the car reacts to jerks who pull out in front or cross over to do a left turn which forces my car to brake, more severely than I would.... Is this going to be a problem on snowpacked roads this winter?

billtphotoman | November 15, 2018

@Baltfan - I don't doubt that the major car companies *could* duplicate most of what Tesla has done. But, I think most lack the motivation to do so. For Tesla, the motivation comes from needing to make BEVs people will buy over comparably priced ICE vehicles or die. That is a powerful motivator and one the legacy ICE vehicle makers lack right now and probably will continue to lack until the model Y rolls out and starts grabbing share in the white hot entry level luxury CUV market. Once that happens I think BMW, Lexus et al will become very motivated. But, by then Tesla may be too far ahead to catch. Tesla will then be able to close gaps in interior noise and any other deficiencies relative to their ICE competitors more quickly than their competition can close their gaps with Tesla.
GM, Ram and Ford could do well for a while just selling pickup trucks and I think we are a long ways before battery prices make BEV pickup trucks practical. They might also be able to sell some muscle cars to hard core petrol heads.

Baltfan | November 15, 2018

@billtphotoman If you look at upcoming electric cars from major manufacturers, they actually seem to be focusing on that Y segment. They know this isn't some niche market anymore.

ReD eXiLe ms us | November 15, 2018

It's all about 'willingness limits'. Traditional automobile manufacturers are unwilling to design, build, or sell electric vehicles that are capable of killing their ICE products. Instead of the drivetrain, they seem to be more interested in concentrating on boring sundry items, various 'me-too' checklist features, and high end window dressing. They are nit interested in designing a vehicle from the ground up as an electric car, with everyone working toward a common goal, but rather are used to druvetrain, safety components, and interior design being handled by different departments or farmed out to third parties.

Baltfan | November 16, 2018

I will say Tesla is smart in doing things different. The lack of advertising, referral program, and use of unique features in all of its cars (ludicrous speed -S, falcon wing doors -X, and minimalist dash - 3) show a company looking to differentiate itself.

vmulla | November 16, 2018

Here's my opinion on the topic from months ago:

Rogue Leader | February 12, 2019

I’m 46.
This is my 1st new car.
Yes, I’ve had a story full life.
This is my FIRST new car.
I cannot wait to get home, home is when I drive my Model 3.
2 U Elon.
Cheers to you.

dbrum98 | February 12, 2019

I am not sure how to describe it. But this car is something special. I can't wait to drive it again and again. I would like to find the engineers and buy them several rounds to say thank you!

efuseakay | February 12, 2019

5 months of ownership and I am not longer scared to drive it. Feels like I've owned it for years. In a good way.

cnistal1 | February 13, 2019

Next month (March) will be my 1 year anniversary with my M3. It's seems like I just picked it up yesterday. I've owned more expensive cars, but never a more innovative and exciting car to drive.
Thank you Elon, Franz and the team for creating an amazing vehicle for us!
Thanks for the music reference. I thought I was the only person obsessed with music.

Kathy Applebaum | February 13, 2019

Seems like just a year ago I was wearing out the 'refresh' key on my laptop, seeing if I could configure yet. :)

Garyeop | February 13, 2019

As a hobby, I buy storage lockers and sell the contents. I have never meet a customer that doesn't ask about my model 3. Bragging about how much I love the car still hasn't gotten old after 8 months. Best decision I have made in a long time.

Firaz.ashraf | February 14, 2019

Still grinning 10k miles and 10 months in.
Also bridged over from a Leaf. Was fun, but nothing compared to the 3.
Regarding the competition, I suspect the difference grows. Key reasons are:
1. Tesla is more about energy and change than what most pundits dont realize. Corrupt and incompetent policy makers? You underestimate the strongest vote we have - our post tax dollars. We are not invested in Tesla purely because it designed the most amazing vehicle, it also represents a movement.
2. Tesla is a new design and the experience with Tesla is unmatched. Imagine going back to a car dealership and dealing with salesmen...never again
3. Other car makers are inherently conflicted. They have to cannibalize their current products first and they fear that. Maybe new entrants can come up with some choice - i hope tesla recognizes and integrates them in, rather than create unnecessary competition.
4. The car chages with every update, and you know that problems are being solved at a fast pace. you dont have to go out buy a new model which is what other makers rely on.
5. Last but not least, other car makers dont have Elon, and dont benefits from cross-pollination from other amazing companies like SpaceX
6. Now that i started, feels like i am no where near completing my list but I have to get back to work...