Next software update?

Next software update?

So it feels as though there hasn't been a new software update for a while. Has anyone been tracking the frequency of updates and have any guesses when we might expect 4.3 to start rolling out?

Carefree | March 9, 2013

I think Tesla will make sure that he next software update is as close to perfect as you can get. They have (hopefully) learned their lesson from the 4.1 update which caused all kinds of problems with the car. I don't mind waiting longer - the car right now does everything (and more) that I need:-)

bp | March 10, 2013

Tesla should have a more formal process for supporting their software - with a place on their website and in the car to report problems or request new features - and an official "beta" test program for daring customers to "opt in" to be guinea pigs on new software releases.

It should also be possible to rollback to the previous release, should the latest release have a problem.

These are relatively simple things to do - and should help considerably...

I wouldn't mind trying out new releases, even if there was a risk of a problem, as long as I could back out the software and go to the previous stable version.

ziggy | March 10, 2013

I used to joke that "what if Microsoft made the OS for your car", every time I saw some arcane error number pop up on a windows machine.

I too am happy to wait while they get it right.

They are already light years ahead with just having a decent update mechanism. Something computers have had for a while now and has made life much easier.

dortor | March 10, 2013

Microsoft did make software for a car - it's called FordSync and it's awful - it is singlehandedly responsible for a drop in Ford Customer Satisfaction results - I used (attempt to use) a Ford Sync system for 6 months and it was the worst in car computer system I had ever encountered.

suegie | March 10, 2013

I'd be willing to be a beta tester! I'm a software tester by trade anyway...I always say that my Tesla is really a computer that comes with a car! it is very cool to see what new bells and whistles come with an opening up a new gift box!

c.bussert67 | March 10, 2013

My S did a software update to ....49. Haven't figured out what the update did since update notes page still refers to 4.2?
No difference in options and settings page.

edcalis | March 10, 2013

I wish the next upgrade includes a shortcut icon on the screen to be able to switch between regenerative braking two settings. It would make the drive more interesting and more fun.