Nice quotes from Germany

Nice quotes from Germany

In April, two writers for the German "manager-magazin" took a Model S all the way from the deep south of Germany to the very north. They wrote a detailed blog, which is fun to read, but too much for me to translate here. The conclusion was that they absolutely loved the car (how could they not), but they were super-critical of the German EV infrastructure, which failed them at every turn. Superchargers will change that.

Quote 1: "For the auto nation Germany the Model S is a vigorous slap in the face. Firstly, for our car industry: They still regard EVs merely as city cars. VW-chief Martin Winterkorn claimed as late as last fall, that only 150km (about 93 miles) are feasible in an EV. He was either misinforming the public, or he doesn't know of what he speaks - the Model S in the USA was already proving him wrong at that time." (snip) "But the feeble efforts of some German communities to advance electric mobility proved to be outright embarrassing."

And here my favorite, quote 2:
"Tesla's Model S is like a spaceship from the future that landed in Germany and found an inhospitable planet. The car is currently just too good for Germany. It should be a wake-up call for our industry and our politicians to start catching up."

I post this not to gloat, but on the contrary: If the disruptive nature of the Model S's appearance on the scene is recognized in a technically advanced country like Germany, it further underscores what we, who drive this car, already know. And it will start ringing alarm bells not only in Germany, but everywhere, where bosses are too invested in the old ways.

For those of you, who read German, here's the test:

Cindy I II III | September 5, 2013

Thank you for sharing. The spaceship from the future thing is so true - feeling it everyday, one of the nicest things to wake up to in the morning.

lolachampcar | September 6, 2013

I've been waiting patiently for the Germans to get their hands on MS. MS is not for everyone in the US. Being a car guy through and through I got MS within the first 200 feet of the test drive (I was already aware of the 0-60 times and took the claims for truth). The remainder of the test drive only worked to solidify my initial impressions.

Judging by their car industry and requirements for licensing, Germans get cars and for the very mechanical nature of the car. This makes MS a direct hit. I expect to see a lot more of the type of comments you posted and really look forward to exporting the Tesla Grin.

negarholger | September 6, 2013

Here is post about a road trip in Germany. My favorite quote is the ADAC ( German triple A ) thinks EVs should be only driven during office hours. I thought the public charger infrastructure was bad and poorly maintained in the Bay Area, but seems like they are in worse shape. Will be interesting if TM opens SC in Germany. I think you need 14 to get the same density as in CA.

carlk | September 6, 2013

Japanese auto companies spent decades trying to catch the German and they are still chasing. Tesla beat them soundly in the very first try, OK one and half tries. Amazing.