Nightmare with Tyres / Tires

Nightmare with Tyres / Tires

So have a happens.

What didn't realise is that none of commercial workshops will repair punctures or touch the car (as don't have jack points).

Had a nightmare trying to arrange new tyre but no-one stocks them. Poor aftersales planning if you ask me.

Does anyone know of which tyres would be appropriate to fit a Model X75D 20 inch alloys...without having to fork out nearly £400 for a puncture?


dmhale | March 4, 2019

I had I think the same problem the larger tire shops always want to take the tire off the rim and Patchett from the inside and they said that they couldn't do that because it was too close to some reinforcing sidewall however they were very helpful in suggesting that I take it to a different shop they knew of that would use the plug and not take the tire off the rim so far I have over 1000 miles on the tire and it never lost a pound the air just a thought I suppose it a lot depends on how bad the tire was punctured if the whole is too big this will probably not work but it's worth a shot.

jimglas | March 4, 2019

find a different tire repair shop

Andralus | March 4, 2019

thanks - Kwik fit wouldn't touch the noise cancelling foam and said could order new Tyre in 6 weeks! Euromaster refused to repair puncture even though was repairable and needed to order tyre which would take days.
Does anyone know of suitable alternative 20" wheels for Model X that available at commercial repair places? | March 4, 2019

Don't know about "tyres" but in the USA the recommended solution for punctures is to remove the nail/screw from the tire and plug the hole only if the puncture is toward the center of the tire surface from the outermost grooves. Otherwise, the tire must be replaced. Tires used in Teslas have a complication in that the inside of the tire is covered with a rubber foam, ostensibly to reduce road noise. I'm not sure how a tire repair for a puncture is affected by this feature.

Roamer@AZ USA | March 4, 2019

Where there is a will there is a way....

Andralus | March 6, 2019

Thanks Roamer@AZ - Visited local Costco today (which is round the corner from Tesla) here in Leeds, UK.
The Tesla X was on their system and tyres / tires significantly cheaper than Tesla.
So at least there is a cheaper option available after getting a puncture!

jennamarietx | March 7, 2019

Good info on Cosco, thanks! I have a rather off-the-wall question: I'd like to replace the 20" rims on my MX with 18" rims, and of course appropriate size tires to match, the object being two-fold. One, I want the front and rear wheels and tires to be the same size so as to allow normal front-to-rear rotation; Two, by going to a smaller rim (and therefore a slightly larger amount of rubber on the tire) I would expect a softer ride than what I have now. As is, the vehicle rides like a pickup truck, not exactly the way a $120K luxury car should ride. Would appreciate any advice/comments on this idea, and of course if you think it's totally stupid or unworkable, I won't be offended.

bonhari03 | March 12, 2019

I think people confuse the price we pay for these cars for what is paid for luxury vehicles. These are high technology vehicles, not luxury vehicles. You aren’t going to get imported exotic wood for your interior or leather hand rubbed by barefoot virgins. Don’t expect it to ride like a Rolls Royce. I wouldn’t vary the tire wheel combination much because it is a high technology vehicle. Everything is designed to work with everything else.

bonhari03 | March 12, 2019

Speaking of punctures, there is a business here in SoCal called General Tire that fixed my puncture for free. I don’t know how big they are but might be worth a look....

Redmiata98 | March 13, 2019

The owner’s guide lists specs for various acceptable tires/wheels. The guide is on your touchscreen or can be dowloaded through your owner’s page. The PDF version has it on page 186.