Nikoa Tesla opens the door for teleporting

Nikoa Tesla opens the door for teleporting

In a New York Times article dated 21 April 1908 on page 5, column 6 with a heading “How the Electrician’s Lamp May Construct New Worlds”, Nikola Tesla is quoted of mankind’s mastery of the physical universe by merely adopting certain theories, he states:
“Every ponderable atom is differentiated from a tenuous (fragile, vague) fluid, filling all space merely by spinning motion, as a whirl of water in a calm lake. By being set in movement this fluid, the ether, becomes gross matter. Its movement arrested (halted), the primary substance reverts back to its normal state.”

This normal state that Tesla is describing is ‘stillness’ where radiation then reverts to its time line as normal matter. Tesla continues to really open the door to teleporting in the article stating:
“It appears, then, possible for man through harnessed (coupled) energy of the medium and suitable agencies (interventions) for starting and stopping ether whirls to cause matter to form and disappear.”

Tesla is implying that matter can be manipulated by using intelligent energy (via today’s technology) to both levitate and teleport. He is stating, in effect, matter was not predestine at the beginning of the universe. Matter is dynamic and can be altered and relocated using today’s technology. He goes on to state:
“At his (mankind) command, almost without effort on his part, old words would vanish and new ones would spring into being. He could alter the size of this planet, control it seasons, adjust its distance to the sun; guide it on its eternal journey along any path he might choose, through the depths of the universe. He could make planets collide and produce his (own) suns and stars, his (own) heat and light, he could originate life in all its infinite forms. To cause at will the birth and death of matter would be man’s grandest deed, which would make him the mastery of physical creation, make him fulfill his ultimate destiny.”

Now take this out to another step, just presume for a moment, first Tesla is right (which through history he was definitely more right than wrong) and some entity in some universe (not necessarily this one we are living in) discovered this and indeed went on to create their own universe (maybe even this one). We today are a long way away from what Tesla is explaining here, lone enough to ever create a universe.

Ironically, this article appeared three years after Einstein published his Special Relativity Theory and almost twenty years before Monsignor Georges Lemaitre hypothesis of the universe’s beginning in 1927, which later was called the Big Bang. One should understand it is the Big Bang and it associated Inflation hypothesis that is the only hindrances to both levitating and teleporting large objects today (including humans). Tesla opened the door back in the beginning of the twentieth century, and science closed the door some thirty years later.

Tesla vehicles could be teleported anywhere, and when the battery requires recharging, teleport back to a charging station for a recharge and off to see the wizard, wherever he may be! We do have the technology today to put Tesla’s concepts to use, just need the research and development to make it happen. I do have a couple videos explaining a possible concept – not available to the general public yet.

DTsea | June 23, 2014

You are aware there is no such thing as the 'ether,' right? And that the conclusive experimental proof, the Michelson Morley experiment, was conducted in 1887?

And if we had teleportation why bother with cars?

Dramsey | June 23, 2014

No, he's not aware of that. He's just another troll that read some whacko theory online and lacks the education and common sense to see that it's bullshit.

NumberOne | June 23, 2014

This is why I have asked Scotty to beam me up, but I guess his com is off, or maybe mine is broken. Either way, I am not energizing.

DTsea | June 23, 2014

Well Dramsey I think he means well... he's just incoherent and ignorant.

jgreelis | June 24, 2014

Teleporting is not Science Fiction today, read the Teleportation Report to the U,S, Air Force in August 2006 by Dr. Eric Davis, informing the USAF that teleporting is real, just today only by paranormal means. But Tesla told us at the beginning of the 20th century we can teleport if we had the technology to perform it - which today we do have it!

Ether was a terminology used during Tesla's time, and I was quoting Tesla words. However, one should realize even though the term is no longer used, the theory is definitely not dead.

"Up until the latter part of the nineteenth century the ‘ether theory’ was an established scientific fact. Then in 1881, two men named Michelson and Morley carried out an experiment, which concluded that there was no earth motion relative to the ether.

This experiment discredited the ether theory and caused its rejection in favor of the theory that space is a vacuum and air is merely a chemical composition of oxygen and nitrogen plus other minor constituents.

Today, there is a return amongst many scientists, to some sort of ether theory, whether they call it ether, orgone, quantum sea of energy, zero point energy, scalar wave fields virtual particles or whatever."

Teleporting would be a point-to-point transportation system, similar to a rapid transportation system, with the exception one could still have their vehicle for either convenience or site seeing. We, today, could not even imagine how this application would be integrated into our culture.

You are right, I am ignorant to believe we can teleport today, in the eyes of current scientific thinking. I would be pure stupid to believe we could teleport humans using the current scientific hypothesis-es. It is indeed impossible to teleport, except with paranormal means, because our science prohibits it. However, both common sense and Tesla says we do have the technology to duplicate what is happening today in front of our eyes, which scientists firmly states is impossible. Therefore, if one intends to teleport they must first think outside the box.

According to Schopenhauer (1788-1800) there is three steps in the revelation of truth: 1st, it is ridiculed; 2nd, resisted; and 3rd it becomes self evident. With my project 'Bmeup Teleport' most are at the first step.

A short story, when I was still in my 20's, I was an Assistant DSIF Project Engineer at JPL working on the Lunar Orbiter Mission, getting ready to put a man on the moon. At a weekly critique meeting while waiting for the NASA Flt Director a conversation ensued over a new TV series just started that was teleporting. All the scientists, engineers, etc. was discussing the feasibility - this was 1966. It was the general opinion of the group, it would be impossible, I firmly stated 'we would be teleporting like Star Trek in my lifetime. They all laughed, yep still laughing today!

Stupid, ignorant, or whatever, Project 'Bmeup Teleport' can make it happen if given the right team, a laboratory and the resources. Tesla took his ideas a bit further than just his discussion in the New York Times.

curiousguy | June 24, 2014

so teleporting already happens on small scales. isnt this what electron tunneling actually is?

holidayday | June 24, 2014

"by paranormal means."

Unfortunately, paranormal means "not explainable by scientific (or normal) means."

So, until science proves it, it's still in the realm of science fiction.

Once we humans figure out the relation between gravity and Electroweak forces, then we can begin bending space-time to our will. (Need to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity.) Until then, it's all theoretical, like string theory.

Are there 5 dimension, 11 dimensions or n-dimensions? all theories have their mathematical descriptions, but until a theory tested and verified, we just will not know.

jgreelis | June 24, 2014

Teleporting is repeatable, controlled and proven using a process of telekinesis (paranormal per science), however, many alleged teleportation events of much larger and even humans existed and are still happening today. Yes, some could be false, but even if just one is true then that's enough to prove its existence. Keep in mind they may very well be alleged for the reason that science cannot explain them.

There are three milestones for the project: 1) prove that matter can be manipulated, i.e. duplicate events happening in nature with technology, i.e. weird phenomena in tornadoes; 2) levitate large objects using a modified technology, such as 60-100 ton objects; and 3) use the above modified technology to create the process of teleporting large objects (including humans).

The particle physics and quantum mechanics will only be apparent in the technology, not needed in the manipulation of matter to achieve the objectives of the project - leastwise believed at this point. The probability of success (in my view) is high for one main reason, it can answer many of the unexplained events happening in our world today that science cannot.

Keep in mind, the object's structure is based on atoms (quarks & electrons), to teleport both need to be moved in space. A closer relation would be to understand how complementary (entangled) particles could possibly happen - 'that Spooky Action'. Even science today is using paranormal teleportation to move information across space - quantum entanglement.

To me, electron tunneling has to do with transferring electrons, i.e. tunneling diodes, transistors, etc. Teleportation will never work by transferring particles - most definitely not humans.

Timo | June 25, 2014

I wish we would have better understanding of energy transfers and how energy changes form. Then we could make any stored energy to kinetic energy anywhere, and back. This would revolutionize space travel, make things move without rocket principle and without actually losing any energy in process. :-P

holidayday | June 25, 2014

"Even science today is using paranormal teleportation to move information across space - quantum entanglement."

You are not using "paranormal" in the proper sense here.
ghosts are paranormal.
Telekinesis is paranormal.
Magnetism is science.
Quantum entanglement is science, but you misunderstand the science if you say it is paranormal.

Dramsey | June 25, 2014

@jgreelis: Teleporting is repeatable, controlled and proven using a process of telekinesis...

Telekenesis has never, ever been demonstrated under controlled conditions in all of human history.

So I see you claim to have worked at JPL with the Lunar Orbiter Mission. People may have laughed at you 50 years ago, and I'm guessing that you missed that and want more people to laugh at you now.

So let me offer an opportunity: please explain how your 'Bmeup Teleport' project would work. Given money and personnel, how would your project proceed?

Brian H | June 25, 2014

There is only one electron, which time-travels.

Dramsey | June 25, 2014

Brian: Well, that explains why all electrons have the exact same mass, spin, and charge!

jgreelis | June 26, 2014

First, let’s look at quantum entanglement, which everybody is calling teleportation. Where did it come from? IBM did experiments with it trying to move quantum states; in 1996 put a full page ad in the New Yorker claiming teleportation with an ad directing one to their website article “"Teleporting an Unknown Quantum State Via Dual Classical and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Channels" by Charles Bennett et al. So where did IBM get the idea? They got it from the Aspect Experiment done in Paris, France in 1982. Back tracking from there we get to the original source, Einstein-Rosen. Einstein had a big problem with the 1927 Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, and quantum non-locality which he termed ‘spooky action at a distance’. So to disprove Heisenberg’s theory, Einstein developed a mind experiment (technology did not exist then) using two complementary particles, observing the momentum of one and the location of the other would violate the uncertainty principle. So today’s quantum entanglement teleportation is moving information (not particles which are matter) across space faster than the speed of light in a fashion that Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance’ (paranormal?) using complementary particles. It should also be noted, these two particles could be at opposite extremes of the universe’s horizon and the communication between them almost instantaneous.

With a career of 10 years in radar and 43 years in computers, I am hoping to see quantum computers in my lifetime. Quantum entanglement is a huge step in achieving this objective. However, whether Einstein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ is viewed as a slam dunk, provable science phenomena, or a paranormal event depends on the observer – to me science cannot explain it! One thing is for certain though, quantum entanglement is not teleportation – only information is moved, never any matter!
Dramsey - Telekenesis has never, ever been demonstrated under controlled conditions in all of human history.
One should read the Teleportation Report to the U.S. Air Force on this subject, and dig deeper into the cited material Dr. Eric Davis offers to confirm his discussion on this subject. Here is the link to that report: One is always free to believe what they want to believe!

As far as Bmeup Teleport project, it has three milestones, which by the way, the team will reach (not just me): 1st Manipulate matter, 2nd Levitate large objects, and 3rd Teleport large objects, including humans. These three objectives being achieved using today’s technology (slightly modified). All three of these applications happening today in front of our eyes, however, either called unexplained events, mysteries or just alleged.

As far as being laugh at – consider the source and forgive the action. I do not have an ego problem, could I be wrong, is their some risk involved here? Certainly, but after taking a Project Management Course in College last year, it states if the benefits far outweigh the risks, the project should be taken forward. If these three applications were not happening today and in the past, and the Chinese children proved teleportation to be real, then maybe Bmeup Teleport project would be too risky. I think the success hinges on, are we smart enough today to achieve those objectives, versus whether they are real or fiction! I believed in 1966 science would do it in my lifetime, today science is still saying it is impossible even though it is happening! The key to the project’s success is ‘thinking outside the box’!

Dramsey | June 26, 2014

I said:

Telekenesis has never, ever been demonstrated under controlled conditions in all of human history.

You replied:

One should read the Teleportation Report to the U.S. Air Force on this subject...

I did, and that's an hour of my life I'll never get back. Since I assume you've read it, you know that it merely recommended further avenues for study, and never demonstrated the teleportation of macroscopic objects. In fact he seems to think that psychic teleportation ("P teleportation") is the most promising technique.

As far as Bmeup Teleport project, it has three milestones, which by the way, the team will reach (not just me): 1st Manipulate matter, 2nd Levitate large objects, and 3rd Teleport large objects, including humans. These three objectives being achieved using today’s technology (slightly modified). All three of these applications happening today in front of our eyes, however, either called unexplained events, mysteries or just alleged.

Since all three phenomenon are happening today in front of our eye, why do we need your project? I'd ask you to explain, in simple terms, how you plan to levitate and teleport large objects; but that seem futile, given that you're either delusional or a troll.

I suspect you're just a troll; Lord knows we get enough of them here, with their perpetual-motion schemes and other balderdash. Please go away.

jgreelis | June 27, 2014

Gee, it took you a whole hour to read that report? Did you have to look up a lot of words? You seem upset, probably because you don’t like eating crow. Get used to it, for there is much in this world you were taught that is not true. Eldon was smart, he hung his hat on Tesla’s technology, remember Tesla was right, much more than he was wrong.

Looking at Eldon’s Hyperloop idea, which is a cool innovation, however, one would have to wonder why teleportation would not be more practical than a high G-force tube in a high earthquake zone. Just the cost of Hyperloop planning would exceed the cost many times of developing teleportation. Having lived in the LA area and driven those Freeways to get to work, was a nightmare back then; could only image what they are like today.

Californian’s needs teleporting (of course many other areas also) more than just a fast ride to the Bay area. The problem with rapid transits systems is that one can get to a depot fast, but what then? Taxies, buses, rental cars, etc.; one is back into the traffic mess again. It only offers a part of the solution, whereby teleportation (plus being a much safer mode) is the complete solution.

The big problem being our scientific community is hung up on Decoding, Transmitting and Encoding (DTE) matter to teleport. Those Chinese children didn’t DTE their objects, the aircrafts experiencing the time travel phenomena in the triangles didn’t DTE, none of the alleged teleporting incidents did not DTE their matter either. One should realize the Chinese were not the only ones that conducted these telekinesis experiments, they were the only ones to publish them. Tesla had objects moving in the air when performing his experiments, he certainly did not perform any DTE either. Tesla did not have the technology during his time to build on his ideas, yes those ideas may not be totally correct, but just maybe neither is ours today either! I believe I can explain how those Chinese children were capable of performing their experiments, and by using the clues from all the other time travel incidents, plus numerous other unexplained phenomena, a dedicated team could develop teleportation using a slightly modified technology. We need teleportation today, the list of benefits is endless. The success risk far outweighs any other proposed engineering proposal on any table today.

From one troll to another, you would be a perfect specimen to teleport to Mars to establish a colony for trolls!

I can't go away, I am on a mission!

NumberOne | June 27, 2014

I am not going to be critical of these theories, but even though this is the general forum, it is the Tesla Motors General Forum.

This subject is not related to Tesla Motors, but to Nikola Tesla, who is long dead and who has nothing to do with Tesla Motors. A blog on a site devoted to Nikola Tesla and his ideas may be a more appropriate venue.

Brian H | June 27, 2014

Time's arrow doesn't permit kinks. Everyone who successfully teleports deletes themselves from history.

jgreelis | June 28, 2014

LeonardD - I disagree with your assessment, to a point. I do agree that I used Nikola Tesla's article to open the dialogue, but teleportation is a transportation application. It is directly related to the future of advancing electric vehicles. Today these vehicles' market are limited by the range they can travel for a charge; with teleportation that hindrance or sales objection is removed. Teleportation will never remove personal vehicles, at least within our lifetimes.

An example, if I lived in Bay Area and I wanted to attend a Space meeting at Cape Canaveral, Florida plus meet with some other aerospace companies, eat dinner later at Rusty's and be back home by 5:00 PM to be with family, teleportation would allow this scenario to happen. It would make no difference if it was Florida, London, Paris, Tokyo, wherever. One could take there Tesla vehicle anywhere in the world and be back again on one charge.

Teleportation is real today, it is not just science fiction, as most people view it to be; the question really becomes, are we intelligent enough to develop it? I believe we are, if we are smart enough to create quantum entanglement, we certainly can make the hop to matter (including humans) teleportation - obviously though not using the same or even similar procedures, it is an entirely a different application.

Brain H - You are totally correct - time does not allow kinks, leastwise time as we view it. Real teleportation never removes the matter, it just moves its destination. When one views those Chinese children's video (which I confess I haven't seen) one will observe those object's (including life forms) destinations are the only thing changing, a huge key to real teleportation.

tezzla.SoCal | June 28, 2014

read my lips: teleporting will never happen!

Dramsey | June 28, 2014

You keep insisting that "teleportation is real today", perhaps hoping that if you repeat it often enough, it will magically become true.

You've offered no evidence for this assertion, other than "unexplained events" and repeated references some video apparently of Chinese children teleporting. There's lots of this crap on YouTube. If this all all you need to convince you, you must believe in giant alien robots, because you saw very convincing videos of them destroying Chicago in "Transformers".

You also apparently believe in time travel and the Bermuda Triangle. At least you haven't started expounding on perpetual motion yet, although it certainly wouldn't surprise me if you did. I do wonder if there's any theory so far-out, so stupid, outlandish, and counter-intuitive that you wouldn't believe it.

As @LeonardD has pointed out, none of this has anything to do with Tesla Motors. Please go away. I'll stop contributing to this horrible waste of time myself..

jgreelis | June 29, 2014

tezzla – I read your lips, and have gained the same information from 99.9% of the current scientific community. In using what they all were taught, you and science are entirely correct. You and science are basing your teleportation assessment on a hypothesis that has not been proven, and possibly cannot be ever proven. John A. Wheeler, a renowned United States theoretical physicist (1911-2008), who worked on the Manhattan Project, revived General Relativity after WWII, a developer in the String Theory, and much more is quoted saying: “Someday we will understand the whole thing as one simple marvelous vision that will seem so overwhelmingly simple and beautiful that we will say to each other: Oh, how could we been so stupid for so long? How could it been otherwise?”

Nobody in their right mind would question any of the science’s reversed engineered theories, proven by experimentation; in fact, these theories created the technology I spent my entire career working in and definitely needed in order to achieve the objectives of the project. In 1960, how many people believed putting a man on the moon was possible, or in 1903 believing flying in the air was possible, or even the earth was flat versus a sphere? We limit ourselves with our thinking, even with events happening in front of our eyes. It takes people like Einstein, Tesla, Wheeler, Wright Bros. etc. to put a man on the moon, aircraft in the air, make the earth a ‘known sphere’. Someone capable of thinking outside the box! Remember science is not a ‘slam dunk’ dogma, it is an evolving religion with new discoveries happening almost daily.

Dramsey – You know there are many people believe we never went to the moon, my father was one that believed it was a conspiracy, even though I personally worked all the missions at JPL. Even if one could teleport there would be many still disbelieving it. When I opened the possibly the 2nd computer store in the nation, many thought I was totally out of my mind, Personal Computers would never amount to a hill of beans. The industry’s IT newspaper stated they would be nothing but toys, and hobby crafts for electronic buffs. I predicted back then, by the end of the century, every home would have a computer – did not come true, close, but no cigar. It is human nature to doubt and even resist change, in many cases innovations are crammed down our throats. So I can understand your ridicule, you definitely are not one of a kind. Possibly even if you were teleported, you might just be thinking you went through a wormhole, etc. There is nothing wrong being skeptic. Skeptics perform an important role in our society, if they indeed do the proper research to back their skepticism. Thank goodness there were people that step out the rut and gave use the transportation system, medical, and technology we depend so much on today.

spectreshadow990 | November 30, 2015

firstly i would like to say this article is incomplete, and no reference is stated, secondly is a mention that what theory was here is largly extrapilated from a very small and unobjective piece of the tesla theory it self.
with that said the last thing i would like to say is that since the transportation idea was first brought forward there has been all manor of attempts made with different results being found, and stories of experiments having unfounded evidence. fastforward to about 9 years ago, again no real evidence of such experiments but claims non biological matter was said to have been teleported across a distance of 25 or so meters caught the attention of the military and the remaining component is data storage required to hold the pattern of a living form. is the theory impossible or just (as we stand in this time) only improbable? time can only tell.

FREE ENERGY | November 30, 2015

This is all insane...if NT says so, it does, it works, period. Tell me, who in here do have any credability, on a level equal to NT. Shut up, and bow your neck in shame.

FREE ENERGY | November 30, 2015


Dramsey | November 30, 2015

Phi, I shouldn't have to point this out to you, but:

1. Tesla was wrong about a lot of stuff...even the most rabid fanboys realize this. We know a LOT more about electricity and physics than he did. This is not to diminish his genius, but it's been a CENTURY.

2. There's a huge, giant, really big difference between what Tesla said and how some sad delusional fool like jgreelis interprets it to fit his own crackpot view of reality.

Rocky_H | November 30, 2015

@Ø Quote: ".if NT says so, it does, it works, period. "

...including pigeons having committed marital relationships with humans and shooting laser beams out of their eyes. They all just hide it in public.

Brian H | December 1, 2015

Only a few, special pigeons.

Remnant | December 2, 2015


Nic727 | December 2, 2015

The thing about teleportation is that it may exist, but only by destroying the object in the first place and recreating it at the second place. So in fact, you die...

But maybe a portal could be better?

carlgo | December 2, 2015

Yes, a portal would be better in that case. Or could you go really fast and go back in time and if you did would you be in a different place since the device you were in that goes really fast did not exist in the time you went back to?

Timo | December 3, 2015

by destroying the object in the first place and recreating it at the second place. So in fact, you die...

Do you? I think therefore I am.