NJ to Florida

NJ to Florida


I am considering driving my Model 3 standard range from NJ to Florida. It is just under 1200 miles, 25 hours with a Model X standard range of 410 km. The Route planner gives no consideration for a standard range Model 3. I would need to charge it every 200 miles or four hours. I could also considering looking into hotels with charging. I am wondering if such a trip is possible or advisable. I could do the trip in three days if I could charge overnight and once during the day as I stop for lunch.

twizzler | March 20, 2020

Is it possible? No no, it’s freaking enjoyable too!!
I made similar trips 3+yrs ago with a 220mile range S60. The supercharger network was not as solid back then, and the range on SR-M3 is more than my old S60. The weather has warmed up too, you’re well set to make that trip.

Do it, you won’t regret it.

ARKEBUS | March 20, 2020

Not advisable with the virus out there.

spuzzz123 | March 21, 2020

@Ken4musiq go to It is highly configurable with so many conditions and it has your SR model 3. It’s worth taking an hour to explore the application and play with all the options. It isn’t difficult, but anytime an app offer so much configurability it can take some practice before you understand how to use them all.

gmr6415 | March 21, 2020

Sit in your driveway and use the on screen navigator to navigate the route. It will tell you everything you need to know.

You'll probably have a harder time finding open restaurants to eat at (most now being carry out or drive up only) than you will with charging often enough. Hotels are probably vacant, so I would think finding a room would be difficult.

Florida is pretty much shut down. All bars and places such as gyms are closed, restaurants are carry out only, all of the attractions have shut down, and the beaches (except private beaches you can't get on anyway) are shut down.

What do you plan on doing in FL? I can tell you there isn't much to do here right now. Even most stores that are still open are cutting their hours of operation.

gmr6415 | March 21, 2020

"Hotels are probably vacant, so I wouldn't think finding a room would be difficult."

Bighorn | March 21, 2020

So simple, it doesn’t really require a plan under normal circumstances. A bit tone deaf in the reality of shelter in place, though.

WW_spb | March 21, 2020

Stay the fuck home and stop the spread

mjteders | March 21, 2020

Abetterrouteplanner now has an app with IOS. As referenced above, a great tool and will tell you everything you need to know.

All, the OP didn’t say they were leaving tomorrow, they were just asking a question about the range and if the trip was possible. They could be planning this for much later in the year. Let’s not jump to conclusions and start assuming things. Regrettable post will be made when we do this. Be good to each other.

yudansha™ | March 21, 2020

Cops on horses kicked off everyone from private beaches too. Hotels are closing one by one. Nobody knows how long this will last, and if they will stop letting people out of/into state.

Lonestar10_1999 | March 21, 2020

It would be best if the students on spring break used the money intended for partying and debauchery to instead pay down their student loan balance.

WW_spb | March 21, 2020

Haha Libs only want someone else to pay for them

jordanrichard | March 21, 2020

Yudansha, they won’t stop everyone going in and out of state. Unless everything you eat comes within your state, they will have to let commercial trucks continue to travel.

yudansha™ | March 21, 2020

I surely hope they will let Canadians and northerners go home. They didn’t let anybody to Keys after last hurricane for a while. Of course it’s not forever and doesn’t affect everyone.

yudansha™ | March 21, 2020

WoWa, I rather pay more in taxes if everybody gets better education. Better educated people make better choices in every aspect of their lives.

victorp | March 21, 2020

I drove to Florida from Jersey back in 2018 with my LR and enjoyed it. I drove back from Florida in 2019. The car performed well and my children loved the ride. The car did a great job planning the stops. I only spent one night at hotel which had a charger. You will definitely enjoy it, especially with auto pilot.

rxlawdude | March 21, 2020

"Haha Libs only want someone else to pay for them"

Rich, considering the Orange-a-Tan is bribing voters with free money.

gparrot | March 21, 2020

yudansha, to paraphrase Victor Hugo: Build more schools, you won’t need as many prisons - freely translated.
I suspect you know who Victor Hugo was.

lori.m.shapiro | March 21, 2020

That trip may be tougher in the summer! Air conditioning really puts a dent in your miles. I can go from Jacksonville, FL to Coral Springs, FL with a single stop each way now. In the summer, coming back takes two stops! Just saying.

Bighorn | March 21, 2020

AC uses a third of the energy of heat. Most of the time it goes unnoticed.

Tesla2018 | March 21, 2020

Drive up lines at places like McDonalds and having to order by phone while driving and then hoping it's ready or they aren't backlogged could be a pain. And I would be afraid of using a public restroom. Stay home. Newark Airport is a mess. A friend said she is coming back today from a funeral there and said she is going to self quarantine since they are having people go between terminals and the lines are long and their is no social distancing.

WW_spb | March 21, 2020

"rxlawdude | March 21, 2020
"Haha Libs only want someone else to pay for them"

Rich, considering the Orange-a-Tan is bribing voters with free money."

Rich, considering that is Lib platform promise everything free so they can get elected all the time or no more free stuff.

Joe M | March 21, 2020

Not going to jump to any conclusion about the purpose of your trip but if it leisure don’t do it. Beach are closed to parking in much of FL. If you stay close enough to walk to the beach they will let you walk it but as soon as you plant a chair or umbrella off you go. Unlike MA where I reside in summer many restaurants are not even doing take out but are just shutting down. On the lodging front either from liability concerns or economics of scale are reducing availability of amenities (pools in house gyms etc.) or simply just shutting down entirely. Just did 1400 miles today and while you can safely travel unless you have some other purpose your getaway won’t be any fun.

Ken4musiq | March 22, 2020

Thanks for the feedback. Actually this is something I may have to do because of COV, as my cousin offered me a place to stay and my campus apartment complex is closing. I would be doing this in May, not today.

it would be great if I could charge overnights at hotels.

vmulla | March 22, 2020

You won’t have to charge at hotels. It’s a very easy drive in terms of charging.

ODWms | March 22, 2020

Staying at a hotel with charging is definitely preferable. It is an awesome convenience that I highly recommend.

M3oneLuv | March 22, 2020

@Ken4musiq, I did CT to Florida and back in Dec 2019 in my LR Model 3. Easy peasy. No planning for me just followed NAV. Drove straight no hotels. No issues at all with the SC network.

Tesla2018 | March 24, 2020

Anyone flying to FL from NJ or NY is now being checked at the airport when getting off the plane and being told to quarantine for 14 days.

bjrosen | March 24, 2020

Under normal circumstances it's trivial, look a ABBR, plenty of Superchargers along the way. In the current situation where are you going to stay?, where are you going to eat? Restaurants are closed although you can get takeout, are hotels open?, even if they are allowed to be open I suspect most will be shut because they don't have enough customers. If you have a condo in FL then the trip is still doable. Driving is certainly preferable to flying, you aren't exposed to anyone in your car and you aren't exposing anyone else, a plane is a small tube with 200 people crammed into it, about the worst place to be in a pandemic.

Tesla2018 | March 24, 2020

They aren't collecting tolls on FL highways and are billing you by license plate to keep toll collectors safe. NJ would you make you wait in line with a tornado coming directly at you to get your last dime.

Bighorn | March 24, 2020

FL is easy to do without human contact. Great rest stop situation and you bring your own food. Just did it a few weeks ago

Tesla2018 | March 24, 2020

@Bighorn- I see that you all all over the country.
Are you retired and just sightseeing, or are you like John Madden and don't like flying for work?
After I retire and finish up all my projects around the house, I plan on doing road trips all over the country visiting friends and relatives.
You should write a book on the best places to visit based on all of your excursions.

Bighorn | March 24, 2020

I am retired, but this parapateticism predates that. This last trip—TX, FL, ME, NJ, TCH, PNW was a last ditch effort to give my travel companion a reprieve from the vet’s needle. Visited infirm family along the way as well as visited 71 new superchargers to bolster my total in the SC contest. Might turn out to have been my final visit to my dad and MIL. I’ll share anecdotes when pertinent subject matter comes up, but so far I haven’t been disciplined enough to journal it.

Tesla2018 | March 24, 2020

Bighorn- Sad to hear about your dad and MIL and pet.. They said my dad had 6 months but he went in two weeks. If I had known I would have spent the two weeks with him. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer but lived 7 years and most people die a few months afterwards. I got laid off which was a blessing in disguise at the time so I was able to spend the last 6 months with her when we knew the end was near. Figured I could always retire 6 months later to make up the lost wages but would never get back the time that I got to spend with her.
Glad to see that you had the time to see everyone. It's not what you do after they are gone, but what you did for them when they were alive.