No blind spot warning?

No blind spot warning?

On three occasions now, I attempted to turn left and almost cut off a car coming up from behind. I travel a lot and almost every rental has a blind spot warning. Is there something in the set up I’m missing? With all the cameras, sensors, etc on my 3, I can’t believe I’m having this problem.

Does anyone know anything?

jimglas | August 30, 2018

I know a few things

Rt002k | August 30, 2018

So you didn't verify what safety systems your car had before you tried to rely on them?

There is no blind spot monitor (yet). It may come later, nobody knows! You do have a fancy faint arc that appears on the display in your blind spot if it sees something there. Totally (not) useful!

Magic 8 Ball | August 30, 2018

Yup, I know you did not do any homework before driving the M3.

For now you will have to turn your head and look.

Flanmansd | August 30, 2018

When changing lanes: Signal, check review mirror, turn head to left to check blind spot. Change lanes if safe to do so.

Wait for Tesla to address this. Hopefully they will do something. Better visual on screen other than small grey semi circle on back bumper and add audible alarm.

RJMIII | August 30, 2018

I'm confused, are you turning left from the right hand lane? How is someone coming up in your blind spot when you are turning left?

RedPillSucks | August 30, 2018

The blind spot monitoring devices are called mirrors

Wmdavis05 | August 30, 2018

I was simply asking if I was missing something or if anyone expected a future update. Criticism and slander weren’t necessary. I’ll be more cognizant of the grey semi circle. I wasn’t giving that enough attention. Thank you.

Magic 8 Ball | August 30, 2018

"With all the cameras, sensors, etc on my 3, I can’t believe I’m having this problem.

It reads to me that you are weighing in with critic instead of just asking a simple question.

socaldave | August 30, 2018

From Ernie, my 75 billion year old drivers ed teacher:

Mirror. Shoulder. Signal.
Mirror. Shoulder. Signal.
Mirror. Shoulder. Signal.

shawncordell | August 30, 2018

@Wmdavis05 Only blind praise is permitted here.

epjhday | August 30, 2018

This topic comes up a lot - too bad we can't pin the solution at the top of the forum! But, yeah, the blind spots on these cars are a beast. I set my mirrors exactly as instructed by this fellow, and haven't had a moment's trouble since doing so:

I do still make sure to look carefully, though! And the mirrors look totally wrong when you're sitting in the car, but they work perfectly to avoid the blind spot issue.

Magic 8 Ball | August 30, 2018

All comments are welcome here.
If one wishes to critic (under the guise of "asking a simple question") the insincerity will also be met with critic.

shawncordell | August 30, 2018

@Homely That’s great information! Thank you!

Skolvikes2 | August 30, 2018

Clearly this is a basic safety feature on new cars. All you old, "Get off my lawn -- this is how old men who know how to drive do it" blind Tesla fan comments why are you harassing him? There is no sticky that says this basic feature is missing. Anyone who's driven a fairly new luxury car in the last 5 years would expect to have this without reading a full owners manual -jeez. Do you guys read the whole manual every time you drive a different model car? And I have one on order config 6/30 AWD, just hoping they add it soon.

jopp2 | August 30, 2018

such rude, pretentious assholes!

Magic 8 Ball | August 30, 2018

Blind spot warning devices are not standard "basic" on all cars. If that feature was/is important to you then you should have done homework before purchase.

cafutter | August 30, 2018

@Homely. Actually that video is helpful I hated the way he swung the camera around so quickly, but what he said was helpful.

Rt002k | August 30, 2018

Skolvikes - I don't read the whole owner's manual, but I do read the listed features before I purchase a car. If something I am interested in is not listed there, then yes, I would look in the owners manual to be sure. Airbags are standard, but they are still listed for all to see on the window sticker. Blind-spot monitoring is not on there, and I was disappointed in it not being there. Other things that are listed: backup camera, child seat latch system, seat belts - all things that are "basic safety features" are still conspicuously listed. It's like buying a TV and assuming it's a smart TV without actually checking. Sure, it's a pretty common feature, but it's still not "standard".

lumberjack | August 30, 2018

I don't own a Model 3, but my wife and I noticed the lack of BSM and rear collision warning when we test drove. Our other cars have them.

The Tesla sales person and another owner of Model 3 told me that the traditional BSM via the sideview mirrors we have in many cars these days is not offered with a Model 3. However, they think Tesla will add that capability with some audio / screen warning soon. I think Musk made a reference to that effect in a tweet.

I also found a petition.

So my guess is that Tesla is aware that people would like this feature and I hope they offer something soon.

lilbean | August 30, 2018

I know how to check my blindspot. But wait, I adjust my mirrors properly so there is no blindspot.

Skolvikes2 | August 30, 2018

@lilbean good for you! Maybe you should get a job consulting people on how to adjust their mirrors so no one needs blindspot clearly must not be a popular feature given that its on damn near all new luxury autos.

@Rt002k - I agree. I noted it is not there and still purchased. It was almost the straw in the camels back though given all the other QC issues. I decided to order anyway given it will probably be added and the QC issues should be addressed through warranty if there are any.

@Magic 8 Ball - wasn't sure if I should address you as you seem like a jack wagon, but no one said it was basic standard on all cars. However you'd have to be pretty ignorant of the current car market to not agree that it is on almost every new luxury vehicle. People can actually do the research and decide to make an order, but still have issues with what should be a basic feature on such a vehicle. Perhaps you need a monitor for your blindness to any criticism Tesla.

ORfish | August 30, 2018

I just got my dual motor 3, and really miss the blind spot monitors of my Prius and Honda CRV. I also miss the rear cross traffic alert of the Prius. One week in and almost 3 accidents. The auto-drive would also benefit from blind spot detection, as has tried to hit cars when changing lanes. Luckily I was paying attention and could swerve and slam the brakes. The Model 3 is not quite ready for prime time, but likely will be with some software updates.

lilbean | August 30, 2018

How did you know my line of work, @skolvikes?! Brilliant.

silentcorp | August 30, 2018

Yeah this car needs a blind spot monitor, there is no reason it shouldn't have one. My car from 10 years ago has this. Luckily it's a Tesla which means it's very likely it could be added in the future.

Cyphr1s | August 30, 2018

@ORfish for the safety of other please stop driving. On a car the size of a model 3 blind spots are so small that you can't miss a car if you actually look. If you keep almost crashing then you are obviously not looking and were relying on the monitoring in your previous cars.

With that being said the cross traffic alert is way more important as it is not as easy to see.

Now before everyone cries like a baby I never said it would not be a nice feature to have but if you act like you are almost crashing on the regular without it you need to get more drivers training. Yes it can save lives by protecting everyone else from the idiots that don't check before merging.

lilbean | August 30, 2018

Yes. Thank you. Well said, @Cyphr1s!

TranzNDance | August 30, 2018

@Skolvikes2, people are giving OP a hard time because they care (or are scared) that someone is on the road and driving in a way that is not compatible with the car's capabilities and being a hazard to other drivers. It's like when people say that they want the car to drive itself and people (and Tesla) say to keep your hands on the car and be ready to take action. Sure, it would be nice to have FSD but it is currently not available and one must operate the car as it functions today, not in the future.

ORfish | August 30, 2018

I more appropriate response is, "please stop using autodrive".. The lane change feature is dangerous since it does not have the ability to check blind spots.

My Ford f-350 has no blind spots, as the mirrors are appropriately sized. The M3 has tiny mirrors that do not adjust enough for us tall drivers. Tesla used form over function, and put dainty mirrors on for style and aerodynamics that do not actually have enough glass to be effective mirrors. And a and a

Rt002k | August 30, 2018

There must be quite a bit of variance car to car with auto lane change. I've had my blinker on and yelled "just go damnit" because my car doesn't want to change lanes. But I've never had it do an unsafe lane change. I don't knowingly turn my blinker on when I know there's no room though. I've never aborted an auto lane change but I have frequently overriden autosteer in order to change lanes.

kcheng | August 30, 2018

Is the OP "turn"ing? Or is he switching lanes? Two completely different things. A blindspot monitor won't help if you're actually turning. I guess he must be just switching lanes.

To be honest, blindspot monitors work for many situations, but if a car coming up behind you is going 10+mph faster than you, the blindspot monitor might not see far enough behind to actually warn you in time.

To be completely sure that there isn't anyone in your blindspot or coming up faster than your blindspot monitor can catch, you need to adjust your mirrors properly. I read 95+% of drivers do not. I was taught this method 40 yrs ago in driver's ed.

While sitting in your normal driving position, tip your head left until it touches the side window. Look in your left mirror, and adjust so that it just sees the side of the car. Now tip your head back to its normal position. Your left mirror should now cover your left blindspot. If you track a car in your rearview mirror, you should be able to follow it from rear view mirror, to side view mirror, to side, without blind spots.

Now adjust the right side, by leaning your head over so that it's right above the centerline of the car, usually the arm rest. Look at your right mirror and adjust so that you just see the side of the car. Now, it should be covering your right side blindspot. Of course, both mirrors might need a further slight tweak, which you can do when cars pass, you track them from rear view mirror to side mirror to side. There should be no gaps, or blindspots.

TranzNDance | August 30, 2018

When drivers have swerved toward and then away from my lane, I would guess that they had BSM, and I would be right. I'm glad that the BSM prevented collisions but I'd appreciate it if drivers would check for clearance themselves before freaking out another driver. I have a red car, so it's not like it's hard to see it.

Encierro-htx | August 30, 2018

I agree bsm should be available either as standard or at minimum an option. For such a technological advances car, it is absurd it isn’t even an option this day and age. Same goes with cross traffic alert.

Yes we can and should always check our blind spots with the turn of the head. I have been trained to do this riding a motorbike, but still like the idea of the bsm, every little extra helps.
Still going to love my tesla whenever my number does comes up, but realistic that it has it faults. But Hopefully they can correct it with a software update.

billlake2000 | August 30, 2018

Tranz, when drivers have swerved toward you and then away, they were actually texting on their phone.

yasser907 | August 30, 2018

Shoot. So the tesla guy lied to me :(
I went for test drive and he said the blind spot is off but u can turn it on. Now am getting my car tomorrow and just see this post.

Is this something can come up with an update? Or never

yasser907 | August 30, 2018

And for people who said you should do your research. If my honda accord 20k got the blind spot, how come this car over 60k without it. I guess my wife will never drive my tesla since there is no blind spot. :D

chrisbell77798 | August 30, 2018

@ORfish I assume when you say “auto drive” you are referring to Enhance Autopilot. What you are saying is factually incorrect. AP absolutely knows if there is a car in a “blind spot” when changing lanes. AP sees all cars around you and if you look on the screen, you can see the gray curved outlines when cars are in your blind spots. What is being discussed is a blind spot monitoring notification to the driver which could definitely be better and more pronounced. The car has all of the sensors for detecting cars in the blind spot and AP absolutely uses that data.

thedrisin | August 31, 2018

@Skolvikes2. It is on more than just luxury cars. I recently bought a Honda and Subaru, on both.

thedrisin | August 31, 2018

BSM reduce crashes, maybe not for the expert mirror adjusters here, but for other people. Perhaps they will prevent another driver from from crashing into you. That would be worth it for me.

dalesmith1962 | August 31, 2018

@silentcorp “Yeah this car needs a blind spot monitor”

It has one. A driver when using properly adjusted mirrors should have no blind spots. A driver who uses said mirrors to check for other cars before making lane changes and turns doesn’t need an automatic blind spot monitor.

Sure, it would be a nice feature but a good driver doesn’t *need* it.

dalesmith1962 | August 31, 2018

@ORfish “I more appropriate response is, "please stop using autodrive".. The lane change feature is dangerous since it does not have the ability to check blind spots.”

Auto Lane Change is a driver assist function. Please know how it functions before using it.

ALC is for changing lanes without deactivating Autosteer. It is incumbent upon the driver to check “blind spots” by using properly adjusted mirrors. If it is safe and only if it is safe, ALC can be used to change lanes without having to deactivate AS.

dalesmith1962 | August 31, 2018

@chrisbell77798 “AP absolutely knows if there is a car in a “blind spot” when changing lanes. AP sees all cars around you and if you look on the screen, you can see the gray curved outlines when cars are in your blind spots”

Those lines are there because the ultrasonic sensors are detecting nearby objects. The range of those ultrasonic sensors is not far enough to make a good blind spot monitor at highway speeds. They’re basically to be used for parking. Or to detect possible collisions on the road.

EAP doesn't currently use the fender cameras that look back and to the side of the car. If it did then Auto Lane Change wouldn’t cut in front of traffic.

Fredbob711 | August 31, 2018

A better blind spot warning would be nice, and as someone else said, I believe based on an Elon tweet that they're planning on adding an audible alert for blind spot monitoring since they didn't include a light in the mirror.
That being said, I wouldn't rely on the BSM in any car, even my Model 3. My wife has a 2015 Rogue and the BSM on that car is atrocious; no warning when a car is sitting in my blind spot and false warnings when there's nothing there. It was so bad we turned it off completely about a week after we got the car. I've watched the gray arcs on my Model 3, sometimes it correctly shows a car there, sometimes it doesn't. The best thing I can say is I haven't seen any false positives from it yet.
In my opinion, the technology simply isn't ready yet for a driver to be able to rely on blind spot monitors. This is obviously based on my own anecdotal experiences with cars I've owned in addition to several different rentals. Someone else may have had different experiences, but for me I'll continue to check my blind spots by looking over my shoulder.

thedrisin | August 31, 2018

People keep repeating ad nauseam on these posts that the driver should not rely on a BSM as an argument against them. I don't think anyone has actually said that they actually do rely solely on the monitors. They do assist the driver. On my vehicles they are helpful and very accurate.

subhadipsas | September 27, 2018

I agree that every car including my model X should have a blind spot monitor and audible warning chime, especially at this price point (I have the P100D). I am sorry, but I can't see the point in these "real drivers don't need it" type of arguments. We are Tesla owners, we just love features like autopilot which also can be argued that "real" drivers don't need a robot driving their cars. To me, not having a functional blind spot monitor is yet another miss by Tesla - like not having automatic rain sensing wipers for several months after I got my car in Florida rains or not delivering full self-driving even though we all paid for it two years back. As far as I am concerned, we need to hold the company accountable for such misses. I also understand we bought our cars knowing these limitations were there, but then there were promises of quick software updates to add important missing features and I would argue people buy Tesla's with an expectation of regular software updates to add such missing features. That's where I am feeling like they are being too slow. Sorry for any criticism, I still love my Tesla - but I am not a blind fanboy and have no problem saying it should have this feature.

lbowroom | September 27, 2018

I agree it should have it. However, it doesn't. It has nothing to do with cost of the hardware or price of the vehicle. Tesla simply thinks you don't need it or it will be provided with FSD. My blood now boils when I see the line, "for a car that costs 60, 70, 80 whatever thousand dollars........ insert gripe. paint issues, door gaps, delivery experience, BSM etc..... unacceptable, ridiculous, inconceivable!!!! I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.

vmulla | September 27, 2018

EAP is a driver assistance feature. BSM is also another driver assistance feature.

Less prominent and not directly comparable, but Auto headlamps is another driver assistance feature, Auto wipers too, brake hold.. what else?

Why then is the BSM treated differently? I hope ver9 fixes this so this discussion goes away.

If someone doesn't want it, they can turn off the feature, just like EAP, auto wipers, auto highbeam, and a boat load of other car features.

kcheng | September 27, 2018

"thedrisin | August 31, 2018

BSM reduce crashes, maybe not for the expert mirror adjusters here, but for other people"
No one is saying that BSM isn't useful or beneficial, but that, either way, most BSM systems put an alert in the mirror, meaning that you have to actually look in the side mirror. If you adjust your side mirror correctly, then you not only see the alert, but you also get to check the blind spot, visually, yourself. So, when people complain about the lack of it, it makes you wonder, since you have to look in the mirror, either way, either a little yellow light or a car, which is often just a little light, since it's often the DRL that is a giveaway that there's a car in your blindspot.

OROCHIzc | October 1, 2018


I believe this problem will be better resolved by the new software update probably today. The hardware should be fully capable of offering a Blind Spot Assist.

Also, you can ignore these Bullies and simply grab whatever you need on the forum. They are dedicated and very sensitive. Any criticism feels a nail in their paws.

I believe as a technology company, Tesla should allow it's forum to be customized so that any user can block posting from certain people.

Magic 8 Ball | October 1, 2018

@OROCHIzc I assume you wish to block certain users from your view? There are third party tools that will get you what you want. I think TESLA should build cars and not spend time managing a forum. I appreciate the venue for what it is and as, emojis might be fun tho' ; )

ODWms | October 1, 2018

On the Uber ride to pick up my P3D+, I noticed the 2018 Honda Civic the guy was driving had a cool feature. The full face radio screen displayed the right side view, with full, blind foot monitoring (along with lines, beeps and warnings) along the side of the car. This would initiate when he would put on the turn signal, and stay so until he completed the turn.

I had never been a big blind spot monitoring buff, but even I had to admit this was very nice. Whether people “should just watch where they’re going” or not, I’d imagine something like this would save quite a few wrecks — maybe even lives.