No Data Coverage in all Verizon network area

No Data Coverage in all Verizon network area

I live in a small town that only has Verizon for cellphone coverage. I have been asking Tesla who the Data package is from. I can tell you its not Verizon at this point. I hope once they get this ironed out it does work on Verizon Networks

TikiMan | July 28, 2013

I think it's AT&T currently. | July 28, 2013

It is AT&T

mark.dershwitz | July 28, 2013

Not only do you need a connection to an AT&T cell site, but the connection cannot be a roaming one, and it has to supply 3G service. So the "3G" icon has to be on as well as the need to have some bars indicating connection strength. As I posted earlier today, I learned this the hard way when version 61 of the software did not install properly and completely froze the touchscreen preventing me from executing any commands (including charging). I was on vacation in Maine, and had to drive a ways to find a reliable AT&T 3G connection.

cerjor | July 28, 2013

So what should TM do about this? Should they have contracts with AT&T and Verizon (and T-Mobile etc)? Or is it up to us to realize there will be places with no connection? I guess that's what we do with our cell phones. But we have a choice with our phones. I don't see a solution.

triss1 | July 29, 2013

The solution will be WiFi or tethering to your Verizon phone.

David Trushin | July 29, 2013

Verizon offers a (currently) free mobile wifi modem that you can add to your data plan for like $10 plus data charges. The battery lasts for max 19 hrs, but it is chargeable via usb or 12V. This is what i will probably use when wifi is activated.

Pungoteague_Dave | July 29, 2013

The current data package is not just AT&T. TM has a roaming arrangement that does work, at least in the areas we travel that have no AT&T coverage. The Rockville SC manager told us (I know, heresay) that there are several contracted service providers and that it is akin to the Amazon Kindle arrangement, which can surf multiple service providers to get whatever access is needed. In any case, my car CAN get updates through the (3G) Verizon network on the portion of the ESVA (Eastern Shore of Virginia) where our farm gets zero ATT bars.

Dramsey | July 29, 2013

Him. AT&T reception is very poor, almost nonexistent, at my house, so I have a Microcell. Of course, you must register each individual device you want to access the Microcell by entering its phone number. I suspect the Mod S dies not have a phone number...