No more extended service agreement (ESA)?

No more extended service agreement (ESA)?

Used car price was drastically lowered. Tesla can buy my P100D (Dec.2017)at only 38% of the price I bought (after 18 months use).
So, I intend to use it longer. That said, Tesla Japan stopped selling extended warranty after 4 years. Because my P100D had many issues, extended warranty is necessary.
Is extended warranty still available in other countries? | June 15, 2019

Extended warranty is still available in the USA, although my S has been very reliable. Myself, I'd not bother with the extended warranty. | June 15, 2019

Also, are you sure it is not available? Go to Tesla Account, click on Manage for your car, and scan down. See if you have the block "Purchase an Extended Service Agreement".

ihara | June 15, 2019
Thank you. Some users in Japan were told by Tesla Japan that the 4 years warranty cannot be extended; the availability was ended.

If it is only in Japan, Tesla is a racist.

ihara | June 15, 2019

My first P85DL had a few problems but the current P100D has had many problems, yellow areas of screen, broken heater, noise from an air suspension, and lot more. | June 16, 2019

@ihara - I suspect there is more to it. Have you checked your account to see if it is available or not online? Now the extended warranty everywhere is not available after the car is 4 years old - you have to buy it before the factory warranty runs out.

pgkevet | June 16, 2019

My UK account shows no option to extend warranty (2018)

murphyS90D | June 16, 2019

My USA account shows 2 plans. 2 years / 25000 miles and 4 years / 50000 miles.

ihara | June 16, 2019
I have had checked my page and found no option to buy ESA. The options (2 or 4 years extension after 4 years) were there 18 months ago when I bought P100D. In addition, several Tesla users in Japan were told that ESA is no longer available. I myself am checking with Tesla now.

ihara | June 17, 2019

Today, Tesla told us that ESA is not available in Japan. According to Tesla, ESA was stopped at the same time when the maintenance plan was stopped.

tes-s | June 17, 2019

Have you looked at just getting an extended warranty from a third party?

Sort of odd that Tesla is looking to get into the insurance business, but out of the extended warranty business.

Boonedocks | June 17, 2019

To add to the strangeness I live in the good'ole USA and don't have the option to buy an extended service agreement on my New 2019 Model S "Raven Refresh" but my 2017 Model X75D still has the option button on the detail screen.
Additionally the two detail screens ('19 S & '17 X75D) are vastly different now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ihara | June 17, 2019

Good point! But I believe there is no insurance company who can bet. If Tesla were so confident about their cars’ quality, they can provide an extended warranty with a cheaper price. | June 17, 2019

I'm sure there are plenty of third-party insurance companies that would love to take your money. I've always felt these were a total scam that were sold by a dealer to boost profits. Policies were designed to appear to cover a lot, but in reality, covers very little. The other trick is the repair cost is beyond the imaginary limits they set, so they pay out only a small portion.

Tesla's Extended warranty was that rare product that actually covered just about everything and the costs were clear up front. Sorry to see it go away, but makes some sense. Not sure any other automaker offers anything close to what Tesla was offering.

So your options are:
1) Sell the car at 4 years and get a new one for 4 new years of coverage
2) Keep the car and buy some third-party junk coverage
3) Keep the car and accept there will be ongoing maintenance costs like any other car.

Tldickerson | June 17, 2019
Haggy | June 17, 2019

I'm pretty sure that if that's the case, Tesla won't sell the plan to a white person in Japan either. So it's not racist, but I don't think that would even be illegal. There are plenty of places in Japan that will deal with Japanese customers but send away foreigners at the door.

rxlawdude | June 17, 2019

@Haggy, did you wake up on the cynical side of the bed? ;-)

ihara | June 17, 2019

pgkevet suggested ESA is not available in U.K. So, I agree “racist” is not correct. It is just a discrimination.

ihara | June 17, 2019

I shall take the option 1) or 3). I believe there is no insurance company that can provide a good deal. I hope TSLA will make me to afford to take the option 1).

JayInJapan | June 17, 2019

FWIW, I bought an ESA online in November, 2018, one month before 4 years were up on my built-for-Japan P85+. YMMV.