No Power Folding Mirrors for Model S in the future.

No Power Folding Mirrors for Model S in the future.

I emailed my Tesla Ownership Advocate regarding when we might expect to see Power Folding Mirrors implemented in the Model S as that is one of the reasons why I have not finalized my order. Being that the Model S is quite wide and I have single bay garage doors, it would be a hassle to not have the power-folding mirrors capability. I was hoping to finalize my order knowing that this would be a feature that can be added later and can be retro-fitted to existing production cars similar to the pano roof shade, opportunity console and rear reading lights. However, I was disappointed today to hear back from my Advocate that they have no plans to include Power-Folding Mirrors in the Model S now nor in the future. Below is the email that I got.

Hi Henry,

I just spoke to the product planning team and at this time there are no plans to incorporate power folding mirrors to the Model S. It will not be retrofitted into the vehicle, nor will it be a future addition. I apologize for the misconception.

However, if you could provide me with the dimensions of your garage, I would be happy to see if the Model S will fit comfortably with the mirrors unfolded, or perhaps only the driver’s side is necessary. I will hope for the former of the two options as I can understand the inconvenience of an additional step when you park your car.

Thank you for getting back to me.



Peter Welch | Ownership Experience Advocate

Does anyone else have any information on this or can confirm this?

cloroxbb | July 7, 2013

Reading comprehension goes both ways.

Captain_Zap | July 7, 2013

Have you guys looked at the image on the first page of this thread that shows fender and mirror clearances?

I don't know whether those numbers are truly precise, but it puts the folding mirror issue into perspective.

AmpedRealtor | July 7, 2013

@ jtodtman, is this the same brand of solution that requires owners to hold up their defective automatic windows with suction cups, or not closing your sun roof at freeway speeds, or using a Walmart shaving kit as a center console, or using duct tape to cover the wear along the B-pillar, or doing the John Cleese "Monty Python" walk to get the door handles to auto present, or installing battery-operated ghetto fans from Target in order to properly circulate air to the jump seats, or putting felt on the inside of the door handles to keep from getting burned in summer heat, or not looking down while driving in order to avoid the windshield distortion, or running our HPWCs at half the rated output until they are redesigned to function as advertised, or forcing yourself to store your iPhone in the bin under the screen because that's the only place in the car where the bluetooth works properly, or turning away and not looking at the condensation inside the tail light, or turning up the stereo to avoid hearing the electric "balloon whine" coming from the rear motor, or… did I forget anything?

Is that the kind of solution we are discussing here? LOL…

Alex K | July 7, 2013

@ AmpedRealtor | JULY 7, 2013: […] running our HPWCs at half the rated output until they are redesigned to function as advertised

Actually it's ¾ rated output (60/80)

mrspaghetti | July 7, 2013

@AmpedRealtor - from your post I wonder why you have the car at all, seems you're pretty negative about it.

As to the topic of this thread, I am actually considering having the side mirrors removed from the car entirely since they are not actually required by law in TX and I never use them anyway. Has anyone done this, or considered it? I wonder how much (if any) it would reduce wind noise? The mirrors in other cars I've had seemed to be one of the main sources of wind noise.

J.T. | July 7, 2013

I believe you missed standing on our heads so your nav would point up, going out of your way to avoid driving into the sun and getting blinded due to short sun visors, buying stock in Michelin to offset the tire wear issue . . .

We could go on and on.

And yet August can't come soon enough for you, can it?

Alex K | July 7, 2013

@ mrspaghetti | JULY 7, 2013: I am actually considering having the side mirrors removed from the car entirely since they are not actually required by law in TX and I never use them anyway.

There are antennas in the right mirror. You would have to relocate those at least. Seems more trouble than it's worth. See for a picture of the antennas in the mirror.

shamrockceo | July 7, 2013

@AmpedRealtor and @jtodtman - I'm not sure if you both are aware, but these forums are to be used for the exclusive purpose of praising Tesla. The only other approved post content is to request posters of Elon Musk to hang in your bedroom.

No constructive criticism. No reporting problems the car may have for the public to be aware of. No requesting new features. Any such posting of these things and you are a troll.

Get it? Got it? Good.

AmpedRealtor | July 7, 2013

@ shamrockceo, I see that you have been introduced to some of our other, more illustrious members… lol

@ mrspaghetti, I am supposed to take delivery of my P85 in August. My post was tongue-in-cheek. One of the big lessons that I've learned in my life is to own my shortcomings, for that creates opportunities for humor and gives me perspective to see that everything is still harmonious.

@ jtodtman, those who did not order a pano roof are pretty upset right now at the whole nav screen issue, i mean it's totally unacceptable to have to sling your legs over the driver's seat thereby depriving backseat passengers of much needed space. I only plan on driving north or south with my Model S, so I don't plan on having that "sun visor issue"…

and hell yes I can't wait until August!

J.T. | July 7, 2013

@mrspaghetti AmpedRealtor doesn't have a Tesla yet. He ordered it knowing all these things. I think for his $100,000 he can, at least, have a little fun while he's waiting.

@shamrockceo. I appreciate the scolding and will try and be good

AmpedRealtor | July 7, 2013

$106,700 + tax/lic/reg

Gosh I'm dying over here seeing it in black and white like that!

mrspaghetti | July 7, 2013

@ Alex K - Thanks for the info, did not know about the antennae in the mirror. Will probably forget about removing the mirrors then.

@ AmpedRealtor - Ok, I missed the intent of your post because all the "issues" seemed to roll out so effortlessly that they seemed to be foremost in your mind. I am utterly brainwashed and tend to "forget" the negative comments about the car shortly after reading them, but I guess we all have different ways of processing info about our obsession :) Enjoy your car!

Johnnykd | September 6, 2013

I would love to buy this car. It just doesn't fit in my one car garage. I'm pretty shocked that this car doesn't have folding mirrors. Definitely something Tesla should consider. This is the best car in years, just wish I could fit one in my garage !

Brian H | September 7, 2013

Put soft bumpers on the doorway at the right height. The mirrors fold manually and will push in.

transloadsolutions | October 18, 2013

Power folding mirrors are now available with the latest tech package. Johnnykd make room for your tesla