No Saudi Arabia love from Tesla. Why?

No Saudi Arabia love from Tesla. Why?

I have a YouTube channel to promote Tesla in the Middle East and educate people about EV and their benefits. I've had my Model S for 6 months now and I love it ! I do the videos in Arabic so it's easier to understand and I give them my experience with the car as a Tesla owner from San Diego, CA.

Unfortunately, Tesla presence in the Middle East is poor. Only UAE and Jordan, thus far. No Saudi Arabia or other countries such as Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and others. It's SAD!
A lot of people ask me on the channel to speak to Tesla to see what's taking them so long. The Saudis are sitting on a pile of cash and people would love to buy Tesla's high end vehicles. They love to show off. That should boost the sales of Model S and X. Given the new car sales numbers that just came out, maybe Tesla should seriously consider opening a store in Saudi Arabia and start building their Supercharger network there. People say why import from UAE if there are no Supercharger network in Saudi Arabia? which makes sense. Also Saudi Arabia has no taxes. It's easier to buy electric cars without the need for incentives. Solar can be a good opportunity too.

Egypt got some local dealers who imports Tesla vehicles then sell them locally. This is bad as without a Tesla dedicated service center those buyers are out of luck if they need technical support.

So Tesla would you please consider expanding your presence to the Middle East? Saudi Arabia?

SCCRENDO | April 5, 2019

I would guess that Tesla knows it’s markets and does have to pick and chose. The question would be how seriously Saudi Arabia would embrace Teslas based on their economic dependence on oil. How seriously are the Saudis addressing climate change and alternate fuels. Obviously they should be encouraged because climate change is a global issue

Madatgascar | April 6, 2019

Hard to read the Saudis. The Saudi sovereign wealth fund manager apparently encouraged Tesla to sell it a large block of TSLA - enough to make Elon believe there would be adequate funding to take Tesla private. Then, after his “funding secured” tweet, when the markets said “show me the money,” it was crickets from the Saudis while TSLA cratered. We may never know what their real intentions were.

Some in the Middle East do not appreciate the difficulty western businesses have sending their employees to countries where people can be publicly whipped or beheaded for things like homosexuality that are not even social taboos in the west. One of my coworkers was sent to Saudi Arabia and imprisoned for being in an car accident. Even though he was struck by a Saudi national who was driving on the wrong side of the road, the court decided that had he not been in the country, the accident would not have occurred. (That was in the 1980’s, hopefully it’s better now.) Based on a lot of these horror stories, people don’t want to go.

Al1 | April 13, 2019

Tesla has just started shipping cars to Europe and China. And in general has a lot of things to deal with.

As for the Middle East it is not the easiest region to deal with. Saudi Arabia does not look like the best choice right now. More like a liability. Same story for Qatar or Kuwait. Other countries in the region might get angry.

UAE and Jordan seems like the closest you can get for now.