No Spare Tire - Run Flat Tires?

No Spare Tire - Run Flat Tires?

I have a reservation for the Model S but have a major concern that the car has no spare tire. Tesla does not offer run flat tires which will protect against blowouts. I live in NYC and the streets in the northeast are terrible. Over the last 5 years I've had 4 blowouts on my 650i and 5 bent rims. Thanks goodness for run flat tires.
I really want the larger rims (21") but will probably have to get the All-Season (19") Tires to give some protection on the aluminum rims. Tesla needs RUN FLAT TIRES.

seanoday | December 7, 2012

OK- why isn't TESLA responding to this run flat tire issue? Great high end car! Completely love everything but I am confused by the lack of this somewhat 'standard' option in high end sedans offered these days. Please offer this at least as an upgrade option as it will save me the headache of simply replacing perfectly new tires when I receive this beautiful car with very similar 'perfectly new' RUN FLAT tires (I would guess a cost of $1,400-$2,000 depending on wheel size).

Still looking forward to receiving my new S ! ;-)


TikiMan | December 8, 2012

From what I understand, 'run-flat-tires' produce a stiff-jaring ride, compaired to regular tires.
This might explain why Tesla isn't putting them on the MS.

I do agree that a temp spare-tire should be included with the MS (as there is more than enough room for it, and then some). However, by adding one, it would have forced out the third-row seat option, and they obviously felt the third-row seat option was a more importain option, than a spare.

DTsea | December 8, 2012

I think they also didnt want the wait. If you pay for Ranger service, I assume they would just bring a spare tire.

DTsea | December 8, 2012

I meant the WEIGHT. Oops. Freudian slip (waiting for the Ranger)?

Brian H | December 8, 2012

No, weighting for the Ranger!

djm12 | February 25, 2013

Having just been forced to replace a run flat on a BMW loaner, I am so glad that Tesla does not have run flats. The nail I took cost me $500 for something that could have been repaired for $50.

If a third party would like to offer run flats, that would work for me. As long as I don't need to buy them.

bostoncde | February 25, 2013

I am considering buying a 2nd rim (was told cost of 19 inch is $275) and tire in case of flats, just wish trunk was made to fit tire in a little better.

mikhaila | February 26, 2013

You can buy a random (but fitting) $100 rim on TireRack and some cheap tire. Will do as a spare. Probably 19" so it fits into front trunk? This is what I am planning to do since I too had 3 flats in 3 years and two were not fixable with Fix-A-Flat. I'd rather not wait for a truck in the dark with children in the car. I can change wheel in 10 min tops and be on my way. Or, perhaps, I'll just buy RFTs - sure, its another 1200 or so, but after paying $80K it won't make any bigger dent...

mikhaila | February 26, 2013

Having said that, I HATED run flats on my 535...

Brian H | February 27, 2013

It's been tried, and measured every which way. NO spare will fit the frunk. In any case, inflated tires have the same diameter, regardless of hub/wheel size. Or the car would drive funny.

leclair.frederic | August 26, 2013

I was told by car delivery guy that Tesla cover thing under warranty when you put other tire then the one certified (the one they sell) by them.

Also, they don't cover possible damage to car made from installing a spare tire by yourself