No worries just buy it and shut up

No worries just buy it and shut up

I currently own a Tesla S and was solicited to come in and upgrade to take advantage of the ending $7500 tax credit. I’m not new to “
no negotiation” and I’m not new to generation X ‘ers in the show room but I guess I thought after 4 years of my ownership, Tesla got better at snobby selling; they didn’t. My problem is: no follow up, no returned phone calls and no anticipation of typical buying questions. After a 3 day wait on a response to an email, and 2 unreturned calls, my “specialist” told me he had customer appointments and would have to get back to me. This made me look over my shoulder cause I’m not understanding who I might be. After inquiring about the year and thus value of my purchased S , 6 days before the next calendar year, making it a year older after only 6 days, it was suggested I lease to avoid any obsession with Blue Book value. Now when inquiring about the months lease price in the quote I was given, and the $7500 tax advantage that drew me in, I was told that this is “ factored into the lease price- probably not but never addressed, just like the year change 6 days after delivery. I’m just feeling creeped out that a sale of this degree is so avant- guard and wondering if it’s the representative or the culture?
It’s not about this quality car, so ... do I shuffle myself obediently into line because it’s unrealistic to expect a quality sales professional?

SUN 2 DRV | December 6, 2018

Forget about the process.... Pretend you're ordering it on the web because for all practical purposes you are. And yes a trade-in will complicate a web transaction.

Do you want the car for the price they're asking?

SO | December 6, 2018

I don’t buy a product based on the sales person. I’m not buying the salesperson. The salesperson is not in my garage for years. The product is. | December 6, 2018

No matter who sells you a new EV, the leasing company is the one that gets the tax credit, since they are the true vehicle owners. That's just the way the law is written. Not Tesla or the leaseholders fault. Hopefully they factor in that into the total lease price. It's hard to tell as there are so many factors in a lease that make it difficult to evaluate the true value. You have the initial price, the return value price, trade in (if any), interest rates, and I'm sure a few other factors.

My personal opinion is you're better off paying cash or getting a loan. It's usually hard to tell how long you plan to keep the car or if you'll be under the lease mileage caps (which gets very expensive if you exceed them). Still a lease might be right for you - it does eliminate the trade in hassles.

erikberger11 | December 6, 2018

Ordered my new Tesla 75D in September and took delivery 3 weeks ago. Absolutely love the car! However, have to agree with mrobmink that the lack of a “great customer experience” in the purchase and delivery process was a huge disappointment. Lack of return calls, asking for the same information several different times, car delivered dirty, and delivery team member lack of basic knowledge of the car left me with a feeling the company is not focused on providing a quality sales experience along with a quality product. Say what you want, but when a true competitor to Tesla comes along, customer service will be the big differentiator as to what customers will choose to buy.

oragne lovre | December 6, 2018

Preference of a purchasing process can be individualized. Some buyers do independent, extensive research to learn about products before clicking "buy" button; a typical example Amazon business model. Others prefer to interact with salespersons to learn about products before swiping their cards; this is brick-and-mortar business model. Tesla sale model is Amazon-like. If you expect great "customer service" from Amazon, you may get greatly disappointed. For now, Amazon model seemingly predominates.

Firaz | December 6, 2018

I hope they will handle these issues, I shared more details about the delivery experience below. I must say the service department is great despite also being swamped due to M3 ramp up (it is conveniently close to my office location though).

akikiki | December 6, 2018

Ya shoulda taken delivery in Honolulu. Here they put a bow on top and everyone drinks Sparkling Cider. A real hoot.

ktslab | December 7, 2018

So the opinion is that Tesla's sales quality is acceptable if you want the car bad enough? For a 6 figure car? | December 7, 2018

Some owners like to be coddled by dealer sales people and are willing to pay thousands extra for that shady experience. Tesla is not for everyone. Basically you need to do your own homework and you can buy the car without having to talk with anyone, a plus in my book. | December 7, 2018

I think the Amazon comparison is perfect. By operating this way, Tesla can offer far more value for the same price. Doesn't matter if it's 5 or 6 digit purchase - I'd rather save thousand by doing my own analysis of a vehicle than trust some dealer.

Now Tesla does have advisors, and their knowledge seems variable. The ones I have met seemed fairly knowleagle, but less so than me. It was no difference when I used to buy ICE cars long ago, except I wasn't scammed at Tesla like every dealer seems to do.

Sorry to say, if you love the dealer experience, Tesla is never going to be the right company for you. If you're willing to change your perspective a little bit, you may be able to save thousands, and get a great car to boot.

info | December 7, 2018

If you just want service, buy a benz.

But wait. What do you want again in a car? (no, I don't want the answer)

ktslab | December 7, 2018

Not all buyer can do the research themselves. The majority of them will need some type of assistance when purchasing a 6 figure car either technical or financial or service related question.

Tesla sales adviser should do just that. They should answer questions when asked in a timely manner.

Silver2K | December 7, 2018

What did people do before forums?

FreddyC10 | December 7, 2018

I can tell you there are great Sales Advisers out there. Mine was fantastic. I knew what I wanted and when I finally decided to pull the trigger (took about 3 years) I let him know. He quickly found new inventory cars that met my requirements and e-mailed me the info on them. I then went in to talk to him, picked out a car, and was done in about 15 minutes. He then gave me the keys to a P100D and said, have a good night. See you sometime tomorrow. He kept track of the status of the car and made sure all the paperwork was completed in MyTesla Account. If something wasn't there, he would text me and ask for it. I would text it back to him and he uploaded it into the account. When the car arrived at the service center, he sent me a couple pictures letting me know it was there. Overall, an exceptional experience.

carlk | December 7, 2018

I love to buy stuff online and I really liked my Tesla experience. I always have the feeling, actually not just a feeling but that's a fact, that people pampering you do not have your interests in mind even when they act like they do. I'd rather do my own homework, there are a lot of tools available nowadays thanks to the internet, and make my best decisions.