NoA Lane Change Confirmation?

NoA Lane Change Confirmation?

I have a 2018 LR AWD M3 with HW2.5. I was on a 150 mile trip on I-95 on Saturday using Navigate on Autopilot and when it came time to change lanes half the time it would change without me having to give the wheel a slight nudge and half the time it would ask me to turn the wheel slightly to acknowledge the change. I have the Require Lane Change Confirmation set to “No”. Is this normal? Anyone else experiencing the same thing? Thanks.

EVRider | November 18, 2019

Maybe you were already holding the wheel in a way that the car detected it, so it didn't nag you.

I keep Require Lane Change Confirmation set to Yes because some of the proposed lane changes are wrong, but even so NoA will move into the exit ramp lane without any confirmation (most of the time). Were some of the lane changes where you didn't have to tug the wheel for exit ramps?

jd4714 | November 18, 2019

Thanks EVRider but I was very careful to pay close attention and let it change lanes on it’s own when it wanted. The other times a notification would pop up asking me to give the wheel a slight turn. Interesting...

dbeckmann | November 20, 2019

I experienced the exact same issue...had a mobile tech come out today, in fact, to check on it. He reset the side cameras...and that actually did the trick. For about 2 miles. Then it went straight back to requiring lane change confirmation even when it was set to NO. I think it's just a "thing" that's learning as it goes. I've had it work without confirmation two or three times. But it always resorts back to confirming. I'm hoping my HW3 upgrade will fix it. We'll see. By the way, I have a Long Range RWD Model 3. 2018.

EVRider | November 20, 2019

I won't turn off lane change confirmations until NoA gets better at proposing lane changes. In my experience (mostly in my Model S) it hasn't been too good, and on my last road trip I ended turning NoA off on several occasions (AP was still on) because it was more trouble than it's worth.