Noise in NYC

Noise in NYC

As I walked around the busy, very noisy, exhaust filled Manhatten streets last night, I wondered, "What would it be like here if everyone owned a Model S?" Love this city but can't wait to return home to the quiet of my Model S.

jbunn | April 18, 2013

I live in downtown SF now, and the city has a hum from various sources. I was thinking the same thing. The answer is not to put noisemakers on electric cars, but tone down the ICE so we can all hear (and breathe better).

My hope is that the guy in front of me will get a Tesla. Hate burnt gas smell now.

Velo1 | April 18, 2013

Model S still has an American sounding horn. I would love a lower-volume, less-harsh, pedestrian horn, too.

Docrob | April 18, 2013

This is the aspect of Electric cars that is under appreciated. Even if charged from coal or NG and causing a "long tailpipe" there are still HUGE benefits from shifting the emissions away from the population center, the health benefits are enormous. Whilst the ultimate goal should be to continue the already underway shift to a clean grid even in areas where electric and ICE cars have similar emissions because of a fossil fuel grid EV's are still well worth it because of this shift of emissions out of the urban environment.

DTsea | April 19, 2013

I love the American horn. No beepers! It says- 'this car is super advanced but it is American.' I like that.