Nomad Wireless Charger

Nomad Wireless Charger

Did anyone pre-order the Nomad wireless charger for Model 3? Are there any reviews of this product?

markr7 | August 22, 2018

Pre-ordered... You won't see any reviews until after September 1st when they are supposed to start shipping. (Unless they send out any review units prior to this date)

srihari | August 22, 2018

@markr7: Just visited the site. The shipment for pre-orders before August 22nd have been pushed to September 10.

AZTesla | August 22, 2018

Yes, this is what I've been waiting for.

RES IPSA | August 22, 2018

I ordered one a week ago. I called and spoke with a woman at Nomad and she assured me that the bottom lip of the pad extends slightly higher than the piece that comes with the car (piano black piece at the bottom of the charging tray). I don't want my iPhone 8 with a case on it to slip off during acceleration or be difficult to place n the charging pad (have my phone constantly drop into the center console.

I am looking forward to the product, but it look like I may have to wait an additional 10 days or so according to @srihari

danrigsby | August 22, 2018

I also ordered one a week ago. Its going to come before my car at this rate though....

markr7 | August 22, 2018

Update From Nomad:

Straight to it – production is delayed, but by only 10 days. All the parts are done and sitting in our assembly plant, but I wanted to make sure that we spend extra time on the custom, prismatic, high-temp lithium batteries. I could have rushed everything just to meet the delivery date but, I think you will agree, the extra high-temp testing and tweaking are worth it.

The first orders will ship on Sept. 10th. Our team will ship all orders placed from launch to August 22nd by September 17th. All orders will be shipped in the order they were received.

This has been a pet project for me, and I appreciate all the support. This has been a fun one and I’m excited to see how you use your Model 3 Wireless Charger.

Cheers from Shenzhen,
Co-Founder | Head of Product

RES IPSA | August 22, 2018

@markr7...Thanks for sharing the info

That is how you do business... open honest communication with a decision to delay delivery to ensure the product is completely ready

srihari | August 22, 2018

@markr7 : thanks for the update Mark. Will wait for one more month then. Will preorder it today.

omahagtp | August 22, 2018

Definitely feel good spending the extra bit on this vs the other guys.

efuseakay | August 22, 2018

I got the delay email too. And I’m totally ok with it. The fact that they reached out to everyone is everything.

dgstan | August 22, 2018

I'm still surprised folks are paying this kind of money for something like this. I put a small coil behind the stock rubber mat and added a cardboard spacer around it. It looks perfect and charges very fast, even with an Apple silicone case on the phone. Total cost $5.

Skiaddict | September 24, 2018

I received my Nomad wireless charging pad today. It’s very high quality and feels solid. It has a nice ledge for my phone to sit on without fear of it flying off. Charges well with a card card and 3 credit cards plus Tesla key behind the phone. Seems much higher quality than what Jeda pad offers and the built in battery speeds charging. I’m happy with the purchase. FYI if you start the checkout process and input all of your information, don’t complete the purchase, nomad will send you a coupon via email on 2-4 days. I used it after seeing a tip.

BlueMeanie | September 24, 2018

I also received mine today and so far it's brilliant!

ACDC 2GO | September 24, 2018

I'm surprised people would be surprised that people would drop 100 dollars for a nice looking wireless charging pad to go in a car that cost $50,000 or more.

michaelthomasstar | January 7, 2019

this taptes charger seems come from the same factory as the nomad's.

michaelthomasstar | January 7, 2019
thedrisin | January 8, 2019

@michael. They look similar in photos. Someone did a direct comparison in Model 3 Owners Club.

They are different.

Besides the cosmetics I would like to see comparison of power output and charging times, not just claims by the manufacturer.

reposado2 | January 8, 2019

Cant speak for the more expensive Nomad nor exact charging speed but I have the Taptes one and its great so far.

hector | January 8, 2019

I just ordered the Taptes one. I got aggravated by nomad when I ordered and paid in nov with a December 15 promise of delivery only to get a non-apologetic email from them saying that it would not be delivered until sometime in January 2019. I cancelled my order and was so happy to see this thread. I read that thread on teslamotorsclub and the people who have received it really like it. And I personally like the look of this one better than the nomad one. and it's 1/3rd the price. nice.

nikhilm_2000 | January 8, 2019

i got my Nomad charger a few days ago and like it, I just feel it charges slower than if I was just using the USB cable that came with the car for iPhones, those are super fast but the Nomad seems slow. Anyone else experience the same?

mscott | January 8, 2019

@nikhilm_2000, you will always get a slower charge via wireless than via the cable. The cable can deliver a lot more current more efficiently. Wireless charging generates a lot of heat, which ultimately limits how much charging current can be delivered. I've not found my Nomad charger to be any slower than any other wireless charger, but they're all significantly slower than USB chargers.

planetary | January 8, 2019

Does the Nomad charge fast enough to at least prevent Spotify bluetooth streaming from depleting the battery?

Baltfan | January 9, 2019

I received the Nomad within the past few weeks. My experience is that while it charges enough to keep up with my streaming, in general, it doesn't charge as fast as I would have expected. It also seems uneven in its charging. Sometimes I will put the phone down for 20 minutes and the charge is just 3% more. I then put it down for another 10 minutes and it charges 5% more.

There are no issues with my phone and the phone seems to be positioned in the same place on the charger each time. My phone also does not have a case.

Still like the product but would have hoped to get like 25% charge in 30 min. Seems more like 15% on the best days.

BTW, have an iPhone X.

Here are the rates I should get for an iPhone X.