Non requested window openng- what happened?

Non requested window openng- what happened?

Is there a button on the fob that lowers all the windows?

My MS was parked near where I was working with my horse at the ranch. While brushing him, I suddenly heard the sound of the windows in action. They all lowered all the way! I have no idea why. I had the fob in my pocket. I thought maybe I leaned on something that hit the fob which was in my pocket in a plastic bag. It has only happened this once and I have about 2400 miles on the car which I got on 12/30/12. I sure don't want random openings... especially if it is raining... or if I have parked the car somewhere other than my garage. Strange.

reitmanr | March 1, 2013

That's opening. Sorry. It's late.

Captain_Zap | March 1, 2013

I think I read that that a window lowering feature was added to the fob. You might check the firmware update list or the owners manual.

It's late and I may have been dreaming that. Best to double check.

Alex K | March 1, 2013

It's in the Owner's Guide - page 2: Press and hold the "roof" of the key fob.

reitmanr | March 1, 2013

Thanks. That must be what happened. Once windows are open, it would seem that you have to close them separately, one at a time. I guess a good safety point. And with the fob in my pocket, be careful how I lean on things. Love this car!

olanmills | March 1, 2013

Yeah it would be nice if you could roll them all up with the fob too.

Brian H | March 1, 2013

What happens if you press and hold with them already open? Reverse action would make sense.

CC | March 1, 2013

@ Brian

It doesn't do anything, I tried holding the roof bottom after all windows are down, thinking it would all go back up.. No luck :) I will try holding it even longer next time and see...

Brian H | March 2, 2013

I don't mean an even longer hole, I mean a new press-and-hold cycle.

hammy16 | March 2, 2013

If anyone finds a fob manipulation that will roll them back up I would like to know.
No combinations I tried would do the trick..
The roll down feature was one I had forgotten. Need to glance at the manual once in a while.

Brian H | March 2, 2013

typo: "even longer hold".

Mark Z | March 2, 2013

Having the windows roll up remotely would be a safety issue. Raising each of the four window buttons at the driver door closes them quickly. No need to hold the switch up while waiting for the window to close. Just make sure you open the door to close the windows if you are outside the vehicle!

nickjhowe | March 3, 2013

@Mark Z - If my memory serves me right I could roll all the windows up on my Range Rover using the key fob.

Mark Z | March 3, 2013

Look at the PS in post #10:

Sounds like the Government may be the culprit.

nickjhowe | March 3, 2013

Thanks @Mark Z

rroonnbb | March 3, 2013

Bummer - one of the things I miss from my older AudiS4. We need some user-configurable easter-egg stuff that Tesla can claim were activated by 'hacking' and thus outside of their control :-)

derek | April 16, 2013

All windows up and lock would be a great feature for fob and app.