Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Jackie425 | August 12, 2013

@GeirT +1

thomas.bekkevol... | August 13, 2013

Got my call from Tesla Oslo yesterday, delivery by Ferdinand Motor AS in Bergen is scheduled for 9. Sept:-D Vin 14926 non-sig.

MCB | August 13, 2013

Hi, My reservation dates back from April 2009, and contract states "July/August". I called them up and asked for for a delivery update two times; first they say September (delay #1) and the second time they say October (delay #2). I`m afraid to call them for the third time, because they might say November. However, its only the standard 85Kwh (non-performance, non-celebrity, non-signature model), so i`m prepared to wait it out. Reservation 005050 with sequence no 18 in Norway. Any thoughts? Have they forgotten me or misplaced my order? Please respond with optimism, because I am really looking forward to my new car! :)

HaraldH | August 13, 2013

I also made my reservation in april 09, However I chose a Signature, and made a downpayment of 30 000 Euro. It will be delivered next week. Your delay must be because it's not a Signature. ?

GunnarB | August 13, 2013

A bit strange. I get my non-sig, non-celebrity Aug 30. It is however performance. Maybe only pert. on the first shipment??

MCB | August 13, 2013


Thanks for your reply! That is strange, although you might be right, the delivery schedule could downgrade over time. Must be a new marketing strategy... The delivery of the model s, regardless of make and model, seems to be somewhat inconsistent. The level of interest and returned faith from Tesla should not be limited to deep wallets, social status or number of options chosen when "designing " the car. I guess I`l man up for the third round with the Tesla people, and hopefully I can get a more accurate response this time. If any has valuable input or "triks i ludo", please let me know ;) Thanks.

HaraldH | August 14, 2013

The Tesla rep i Oslo explained some reasons for different delays in term of coincidences like; if a car doesn't suceed in passing the water test, that vin # would have to start again at the beginning of the production line. The production also runs in batches, regarding color and other options. Therefore reservation # and early Vin doesn't guarantee early delivery.

mij | August 14, 2013

What is your status? Is it still "sourcing parts" or is it "production complete - Your Model S is being prepared for pickup or delivery"?

HaraldH | August 14, 2013

@mij , theese Status notifications are not trustworthy. My car is beeing delivered next week. Up until yesterday I had the Status: "Production Complete". Today I see that it's changed and says: "In Production The Tesla Factory is building your Model S Signature"

Car-El | August 14, 2013

@ HaraldH
So you tell that our car can be delivered any day?


HaraldH | August 14, 2013

Delivery 22/8. :)

Brian H | August 14, 2013

Even though it's EXCITING there's no need to EXIT. ;)

Notre | August 14, 2013


Today a fortunate owner of one of the first EU Signatures in Norway reported a loss of merely 1 km (0,5 - 1 mile) overnight (9,5 hours)wo charging(from 365 to 364 km rated)(V5.5).

MCB | August 14, 2013


Current status: "We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S" .... I tried the folks at Tesla yesterday, but no reply as of yet. So what this all means, is that the 85Kwh (non performance, non celebrity, non norwegian right-wing politicians, non signature, non justin timberlake...) are coming inn last despite very early reservation? If so, thats a bit strange given that it is still an expensive car, upwards of 580.000 NOK...The signatures, is understandable, but it seems that the delivery is being pushed further on the schedule without any information initiated from Tesla. Brian H, any thoughts? Am I being paranoid? I have a second planned car-trip coming up in end of Sept (which I cancelled for August...). ;)

MCB | August 14, 2013

I understand that, but my 85Kwh has now jumped from July/August to October. I really think Tesla has done a remarkable job getting the Model S on the road in the US, and they should be well capable to handle production synergies not to cause too much trouble for the customer. It would maybe explain 2 or 3 weeks delay, but not 3 months...

Has anyone received delivery status for a black 85Kwh with panorama sunroof? Tesla told me a couple of weeks ago that the car will not be assembled in Tilburg/Netherlands, but driven out in Freemont. Isn't that wrong according to a few threads back in this forum?


Car-El | August 14, 2013

But Brian H, I was....

Car-El | August 14, 2013

Your car, not our (my wife and I).

I am fond on your behalf. You have probably waited much longer than I have.
Drive beautifully!

Brian H | August 14, 2013

"fond"? Do you have designs on his wife? (Fond means affectionate, loving.)

HaraldH | August 15, 2013

I understood perfectly what you meant Julius. Brian H do you think this Forum should be exclusivly for people with superb english grammar and spelling ? We could of course switch to Norwegian in future correspondence.

Lessmog | August 15, 2013


GeirT | August 15, 2013

Cool down guys. Let's keep it English, as best we can. It is valuable to have all TM and MS information distributed to all - otherwise we'll at the end of the day have no clue what is going on. Value breadth of information rather than the narrow and local.

Actually I was as pissed off with Brian H in the beginning as you are now, but I have learned to appreciate and value his comments, efforts as well as humour. So let's not be too sensitive and let's turn the hurt to something positive. Actually we learn as mistakes are commented. And, Brian H has after all contributed to a lot of discipline in this forum that at times are getting totally out of control.

My two pennies etc.

Car-El | August 15, 2013

@HaraldH ;-)
@GeirT WORD!
@BrianH I laugh

bh | August 15, 2013

I don't understand why Tesla is not able to give estimated delivery dates related to our order in line!?
If there are some deviations related to batches of similar set-ups, that is fine, but still a high tech company as Tesla should have implemented state of the art production planning IT tools, combined with CRM and Logistic delivery planning.
Anyone know the Tilburg production numbers/week?
Is Norway really prioritised, meaning we will receive our cars before other European countries regardless of the reservation number?

I'm waiting for my Black P85 (with all available accessories) ordered in 12.12. Status: We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S. I was hoping for september delivery, but I'm doubting that now...
I've also ordered a Mod. X (number 236), but I guess that will not give me any priority on the Mod. S!

thomas.bekkevol... | August 15, 2013

I have deliverydate 9.Sept for black S85 pano in Bergen (Ferdinand Motor) Got the call on monday. Finalized order in April, and expected delivery was aug/sept. Vin 14926.

lygren | August 15, 2013

FINALLY!! I´m getting mine in start September, and I have started making the required arrangements tonight......... CAN´T WAIT!!! I´m P220, S60 - no fancyspancy, but I´ve waited some long three years! For me at least, Tesla has kept their part of the bargain thus far...... :)

Storebrand seems to provide pretty OK deals on Tesla-insurance in Norway by the way. I only have 30% bonus due to an accident my WIFE did some years ago (a small one though, those things stick to ya!!), and the premium per year with 16000NOK down was about 11.000NOK. Not bad with such a lousy bonus, so I guess all you others would be down to 5-6000 with Storebrand.

GeirT | August 15, 2013

@ bh +1

@ lygren

Pleased for you!
FYI - DnB gave me NOK 8,400 with 75%. I have driven company cars for many years so had to get a declaration of accident free driving to get me the bonus. Only able to get that back to 2001, but got 75% bonus anyway. Talked to Gjensidige where the wife has her car insured (besides house and life insurance) and they offered NOK 17,000 with max. 50%! Storebrand is mentioned so I should check there as well ;-)

Car-El | August 16, 2013

The only insurance company that came under 10K was IF. Well under 10k.
75% Bonus, 16K mileage and 4K the deductible.
But I have certainly some good deals with IF. Before the other insurance company demands over 3X more.

Benz | August 16, 2013

Have there been any Model S deliveries in Norway since the delivery event in Oslo on August 8th 2013?

Brian H | August 16, 2013

What Tesla knows for internal planning purposes and what it is able/prepared to commit to on every delivery are two different things.

Lessmog | August 16, 2013

Brian H, while I understand and appreciate your efforts to rein in substandard English grammar, it is just too easy to overstep boundaries and stomp on someone's toes, though, and thus stifle a free exchange and expression of ideas. Which is the purpose of this forum, no?

Like yourself, AIUI, I can only long for the day I will be able to drive my very own Tesla. I am diligently saving up and wishing for the Super Chargers that will enable me to actually use it seriously here in Scandinavia.

So how about, we agree to try to act constructively for the propagation of Tesla Electric Cars globally? For my own part, I have put some money into the pot and hope it will come to fruition.

(English is not my first länguage, btw. In how many other toungues could you whip the lagguards, eh? :) So there.)

Again, I do appreciate your input here a great deal - please do keep it up.

Car-El | August 16, 2013

Be nice to Brian H!

But I agree with you. Lessmog. After my test-drive I have been angry, frustrated and sad. I WANT OUR CAR! NOT NOW, YESTERDAY!

I'm still a brat. Considering them as here waiting for years.

Lessmog | August 16, 2013

Sure, Julius, since I'm such a good kind nice guy. Still, turnaround is fair play. I felt he maybe overstepped a little bit there.

I'm also longing for the day I can take a test drive, and maybe make a down-payment. Waiting for the stock to appreciate some more, and for MY crucial charging stations to appear. One of them would be en-route Oslo-Stockholm; although I appreciate that would be of little interest to you Ultimate Thulians ;-)

MCB | August 16, 2013


Excellent. Thats good news! Even for me ... If Ferdinand is handling the deliveries for Bergen residents, I am wondering who is doing this for the Stavanger deliveries? Anyone ? hmm.. It could explain why I haven't got "the call" yet, and maybe a shift in priority since there `s no Tesla center here yet... Oh well, it will be a great day when it arrives! I just hope I don't have to fly over to Oslo to get it. I wouldn't mind going to Bergen though... Cool city ;) Last time a bought a brand new BMW 118D 5 years ago from Bilia/Tronrud Drammen, they shipped it over by train.

Brian H | August 16, 2013

Thanks, Lessmog;

I note you're too enthusiastic with the "u's" though.


Lessmog | August 17, 2013

Ah, I see: akkrat!

HaraldH | August 18, 2013

My waiting time is soon over, car beeing delivered in a few days. There are some details I haven't resolved yet. I see from posts in the Forum that there are owners in The US that have had a job done on conserving the exterior. Ex:

Are any of my fellow Norwegians aware of Shops in the Oslo area that do this kind of work ?

Car-El | August 18, 2013

I am not sure, but i think i will use DITEC on our car.


I am still thinking.....

hugo | August 18, 2013

Finally i have a firm delivery time, tuesday 27 aug at 2 pm - in Stavanger :-) Red signature fully loaded....Delivered by Tesla people coming with the car.

Thomas; surprised to hear delivery through Ferdinand motors in Bergen sinve they are not an authorised dealer - but maybe the car was reserved through them?

j.gjerde | August 18, 2013

When did you order the car and did you get the deliverymonth August early in the process? What's your VIN number? I also wait for delivery to Stavanger.. I have got deliverymonth sept/oct.

HaraldH | August 18, 2013

Thank You Julius, I will pay them a visit. I also plan to have a dashboard camera installed.

Anybody know where I can have this done ?

nickjhowe | August 18, 2013

@HaraldH - If you go with something like the BlackVue camera it is simple - stick it to the windshield. The only tricky bit is getting the 12V feed. The Tesla Service folks have been great at helping out. It cost me one hour labor for them to route the cable around the headliner, through the trim all the way to the 12V outlet. Others have taken the feed from behind the speaker grill.

The good thing about Tesla doing it is that they know how to remove the panels, and if they break any clips (unlikely) they have the spare ones.

If you ask the service folks they will probably do it for you.

neemaz | August 18, 2013


"bh | 15. AUGUST 2013

I'm waiting for my Black P85 (with all available accessories) ordered in 12.12. Status: We have begun sourcing parts for your Model S. I was hoping for september delivery, but I'm doubting that now...

More or less the same as me. I ordered in 12.2012, black P85 with all exc. childrenseat.
First I got told delivery in early sep. Then I got told delivery late sep..
If Tesla could explain me why, I would be happy with that. Now Im far from happy!

My car has been "in production" since mid july now..

GeirT | August 18, 2013

@ HaraldH

Me too. Let us know if you get Tesla (Oslo?) to install.
Even though nickjhowe has given a good presentation on how to do this, I think we better follow his advise to have someone that knows the car to take it apart and put it back again.

Hijan | August 19, 2013

6-7 cars ready to be delivered at the Tesla Store in Trondheim today, unfortunately not mine yet...

HaraldH | August 19, 2013

I just ordered a camera
They currently have an introduction discount on this model.
I will ask Tesla Service if they can do the job.

GeirT | August 19, 2013


Excellent. I'll do the same right away. Just make sure to tell me/us how Tesla reacts on installing.
I don't want to rip the car apart myself.....

thomas.bekkevol... | August 19, 2013


Ferdinand started reserving TMS in april 2009 (European sig #1), my order is from sept 2009. They will deliver 52 cars in Bergen on behalf of Tesla.

Another 3 wicked weeks waiting...

NilsG | August 19, 2013

If roumors on Norwegian forum i correct the SC at Gol is ready to open on friday......

hugo | August 19, 2013

My car is VIN 14910 ordered late 2010 :-) delivery dates have changed many times, after confirming order in january it was June/July, when i got the call from Tesla on June19 they said late July/early August, next was weeks 32/33, then Aug 19 and now "firm" delivery on Aug 27 at 2pm....

Car-El | August 20, 2013


:)) NICE!

I'm envious. Remember! Drive beautifully!