Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Benz | August 27, 2013

It seems that in the US there is one more Supercharger going live on thursday 29th August: Woodburn, Oregon.

Hans Otto Farstad | August 27, 2013


Number of chargers per SC:

Aurland 4
Brokelandsheia (cinderella) 6
Dombås 8
Gol 8
Lillehammer 8
Lyngdal 6

HaraldH | August 27, 2013

Finally my S was delivered. Been driving around all afternoon and enjoying this magnificent car. Family,neighbours and friends are impressed and I am like a child on Christmas eve. @GeirT- probably no problem to get the Tesla Service guys to do the Camera mount. But for the next 1-2 months they don't have the capacity, due to the great number of cars beeing delivered. The number of cars out from Oslo so far is around 40.
Estimate in Norway by the end of 2013 is 1800 !

JPPTM | August 27, 2013

Congratulations and happy driving to our Norwegian colleagues--does the term 'Tesla grin' translate??

Lessmog | August 27, 2013

Not quite Norwegian (Swedish) but I think "Tesla grin" comes pretty close? ;-)

Jarleø | August 28, 2013

Although im norwegian abd had too check google translate as "Tesla grin" sounded just right...

hugo | August 28, 2013

Great day in Stavanger yesterday - 5 cars delivered, including my fully loaded Signature Performance Plus! More surprisingly, the car delivered just in from of me was a regualar Model S !
Had a fun evening driving around last night and the Tesla grin is still on :-)

Car-El | August 28, 2013

For you guys :-))
For me :-(

Lessmog | August 28, 2013

So, in different Swedish dialects, the verb "grina" can mean "grin" or "weep". A little bit confusing, sometimes ;-/ (topical smiley?)

Not as familiar with Norwegian dialects, myself. My Mom, who has roots in the border county of Värmland, said of cats that they could "glysa" with their eyes when they were contented and friendly. Is that the word we are looking for?

Zebuf | August 28, 2013

Saw a dark red in Hillevågsveien on my way from work today. Think it was the regular S. Just zipping quickly, yet quietly passed the other cars, headed for the bus-lane. Sweet!
Mine is scheduled for Sept/Oct delivery, but is still on 'getting parts' so I'm expecting delays ;-<

NilsG | August 28, 2013

For those of you wondering where the SC's are in Norway, the map showing the SC's i US has been updated with an European map as well...

Brian H | August 28, 2013

Tesla glysa sounds good!

GeirT | August 28, 2013

A big happy grin is best translated to Norwegian as "glis" - et Tesla glis!

On the other hand, glis was also used to describe the huge american cars finding their way into the modest European car population in the 1960-ies. These huge shiops were all described as "American dollar glis".

We have a conflict of interest here ....


nickjhowe | August 28, 2013

Congrats to the first of the Norwegian owners! I've had mine for eight months and the 'Tesla glis' is still there. :-)

pbp | August 29, 2013

Wow, just saw the map of SC. Norway has 6 and USA 18. Population in Norway is 5 mill and US 300 mill, that's some nice service Tesla is offering you guys.

nickjhowe | August 29, 2013

@php - I think less to do with Tesla and more to do with problems with US planning approvals.

GeirT | August 29, 2013

Nice e-mail from Tesla today:

"Many thanks for your Model S order. The first customer cars have just been delivered in Europe and we are eager to deliver yours as soon as possible!

Our records indicate that you have ordered the Subzero Weather Package (rear seat heaters, wiper blade defrosters and washer nozzle heaters). In appreciation of our many customers in cold weather climates, Tesla is retroactively reducing the price of this package as follows:

Germany, France, Italy,
Netherlands, Austria, Belgium € 800
Switzerland 900 CHF
Norway 4,800 NOK
Denmark 6,100 DKK
Sweden 6,700 SEK
Other European Countries € 675 (pre-TAX)

There is no further action required from you. The reduced price will be reflected in your final invoice when you pay for your car. If you have already paid for your Model S, you will receive a refund for the price difference."

nickjhowe | August 29, 2013


Brian H | August 29, 2013

Particularly valuable in view of the coming 20+ yr Climate Change Chill!

Benz | August 30, 2013

Any Norwegians who have used the Superchargers yet? Tell us about it. Let me guess, no problems at all, right?

Brian H | August 30, 2013

Friday is over in Norway. News, pix?

GeirT | August 30, 2013

I found these pics at
Seems to recall no access for "foreigners" to the site so have picked a few (that I have tried to post here...):

GeirT | August 30, 2013

....that I failed to post. Blah. I'll educate myself on the practice thread.

GeirT | August 30, 2013
GeirT | August 30, 2013

Oh brother...

Lessmog | August 31, 2013

Thanks, GeirT. Managed to watch the pics from your link even though I am so "foreign", at least a fellow Nordic. Fantastic! Brings hope.

GeirT | August 31, 2013

Wonderful - as my posting efforts indeed failed :-)

Brian H | September 1, 2013

Links just need to be pasted. No BBCode works, anywhere. Limited HTML.

Brian H | September 1, 2013
Benz | September 3, 2013

In August 185 Model Ses were registered in Norway. Many will follow.

Car-El | September 3, 2013

2440-185=2255, and that is MINE! (Ours) :-)

GeirT | September 3, 2013

Great! With that speed I'll get my car in August 2014 and not Sep/Oct 2013 as earlier indicated.

Car-El | September 3, 2013


HaraldH | September 3, 2013

I have had the car for one week now, and still very happy. The only issue was succssefully solved today. The charge cable delivered with the car was faulty. I've since discovered this was a known issue with a certain production sequence of theese cables.
I got a new one and the car is now filling up it's resources down in my garage. Not beeing able to charge is a serious problem for a Tesla owner.

Benz | September 3, 2013

And in The Netherlands there were only 5 Model Ses registered in August 2013. That's very little.

GeirT | September 4, 2013

@ HaraldH

What kind of charging set-up did you install, and did you use Sonnico to do it?
Would be nice to know what kind of arrangements and experiences people have with home charging.

larsleik | September 4, 2013

I looked at the options from Sønnico and decided to wait for a clarification from Tesla for a 3 phase solution. I'll manage with a 16Amp 230 V (3600 watt) solution for now.

HaraldH | September 4, 2013

They can only deliver the adapter for a regular 16 Amp power socket. The blue adapter for 32 Amp (3 pin IEC 60309) will hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks. This will give me 7300 W and a charge time of 12 hours. That is sufficient for me. I will have Sønnico do the install for a fixed price of N.Kr. 7500,- They can deliver different solutions, if you have a 3-fase intake in you house, you can have a 400 V supply. This requires a transformer, and they are quite expensive, 20000 kr + 7500,- for the install. If you have a twin charger in your car, I understand you don't need the transformer if you have 400 V in the house. A bit confusing all this info. Sønnico has a working companionship with Tesla and they can send you a pdf file with the differnet solutions. Try contacting:
He came to my house for an inspection and recommended the appropriate solution in regards to my needs.

GeirT | September 4, 2013

Thank you! Very useful to know.
It is a bit confusing as I get different suggestions form each person I speak to, in Tesla and at Sonnico - admittedly a while ago.
I have an opportunity to get an older but never used transformer to provide me 400V with 10kw (and up to 200 I want to configure that). If I get a sensible replies from Tesla / Sonnico on this arrangement I will post.

Benz | September 4, 2013

In the US for the first time there were more than 9,000 EV's sold in a month in August 2013. That's a good sign of progress.

Benz | September 5, 2013

I wonder how many Supercharger locations there will be in total in Norway. Now there are 6 red dots in Norway already on the European Supercharger map. Next week we will know if and how many grey dots will be added in Norway on the European Supercharger map.

Benz | September 5, 2013

In fact it's even more than 10,000 EV's sold in the US in August 2013.

Benz | September 6, 2013

It's good that more and more EV's are being sold every month in the US. It's a good example for the rest of the world.

Benz | September 6, 2013

In fact it's even more than 11,000 EV's sold in the US in August 2013.

Benz | September 6, 2013

In Norway some people do have a Tesla Model S and they can also make use of the 6 Supercharger stations. Has anyone planned a long drive yet? I would like to know their experiences.

HaraldH | September 7, 2013

The Tesla App is now up and running with my car, here in Norway. I got the App from the US Apple Store.

janbylund | September 7, 2013

Frederic Hauge har kjørt fra Oslo til Bodø

Det blir långtur det :-D

Benz | September 7, 2013

I like people like Frederic Hauge.

Alaa | September 7, 2013


Elone will drive from LA to NY for free!

Your frind is so happy that he paied NOK250 to travel from Oslo to Bodoe!

Let us just think here for a moment. If you can drive all over the USA for free and soon in the EU too, now how will the world look like?

Say you want to ship some nice fish from the north of Norway (Lax of course) to the south of Italy and then by plane to me here in Cairo Egypt, just how much will I have to pay? I know that it was transported for free from Norway to Italy! So will you still make me pay and arm and a leg for that LAX?

Hans Otto Farstad | September 7, 2013

LAX!?....salmon is the word i guess.