Norwegian deliveries

Norwegian deliveries

I reserved my P85 #2145 on 27. December. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Signature wait list. The Signatures are all gone of course but I thought that maybe enough defers to open for a chance. The eternal optimist. Of course, TM UK office confirmed the wait list is long, but that I am on it.
Curious about when they expect deliveries will start in Norway, especially now that production is cranked up. I was told for now they plan 12 months from my reservation date. That means maybe for Christmas. Bummer!

Anyone else with info about Europe arrivals?

Brian H | October 8, 2013

The sarcasm was as subtle as a hatchet, and the smiley shows the divot it made.

TS | October 8, 2013

How could they get the EU version? It first came in august - Signature customer?

NKinne | October 8, 2013


I met him in August. I did not ask for details how they got the car etc.

goranos | October 9, 2013

Finaliy got my message : The Tesla Factory is building your Model S.
Vin 18527 and #2998

GeirT | October 9, 2013

Mail from TM Oslo on Oct 1st:

"Vi har spennende nyheter til deg! Bilen din er ferdig produsert på Teslas fabrikk i Fremont, California og den er nå på vei til Europa. Din estimerte leveringstid vil være mellom
Delivery Date Range Start og Delivery Date Range End og en leveringsspesialist vil ta kontakt med deg innen de neste 7 dagene for å avtale en tid for levering."

"We have exciting news for you! The car is produced at the Tesla plant in Fremont, California and is now on its way to Europe. The estimated delivery date is between Delivery Date Range Start og Delivery Date Range End [???] and a delivery specialist will contact you within the next 7 days to agree on the time for delivery."

It is now the 10th and I have still not heard a thing...


Notre | October 9, 2013

Geir. They are as interested to get your money as fast as possible as you are to get the car and will not delay delivery unduly. My guess is that you get the car in the first week of November.

GeirT | October 9, 2013

Sure Notre, I would assume the same. But why send stupid emails without dates (lack of QA) and why promise something that is not delivered? This is against all sensible marketing: over promise and under deliver.... they end up with people being pissed off, totally unnecessary.

Guess my rant is for the TM Oslo management and for them to shape up. This is not good!
At lest not for me.

Hijan | October 9, 2013

Still sourcing parts according to my dashboard (since july 17th) :-(
Visited Tesla Store in Trondheim today , and asked them if they could find any other information in their systems.Guess what, they said production was complete, end of the line at oct.7th :-)

Approx 50 days to wait then I hope...

eirik.kuven | October 12, 2013

Vinn: 19399
Production complete 12 Oktober 2013

Lessmog | October 12, 2013

Vinn, indeed!

GeirT | October 15, 2013

Deliver 7th November.
10 months 9 days from "conception to consumption"


Winnie796 | October 15, 2013

@GeirT. Mine too, 7th November. We ordered our minutes apart and now we will be getting them minutes apart. Brilliant!

GeirT | October 21, 2013

Friggin unbelievable!!!

The ordered winter tires will not be ready in time thus I will get summer tires on my car when they deliver i November when the streets are covered in ice and snow. TM suggests to get my tires from someone else, but what about the sensors then? Buy that and pay much more?

Even worse, the blue adapter nor the red adapter will be available before Q1 2014, how the h..l am I going to charge my car that I will be driving 300km a day???

I have no access to the Norway forum to check for alternatives (banned from Asia) but I need serious help from someone else than TM Norway to be able to use this car.

This is pathetic!

AndyZ | October 21, 2013


Seeing how this thread got to 1k posts now, I wonder if we can summarise how Norwegian/EU models are different (if at all?) from US ones.

Like who's cellular provider, tires, software differences ? It would help other countries (and possibly some sw engineers ) to see what's possible/coming.


robert | October 21, 2013


Du kan kjøpe Nokia Hakkapelliitta 8 i korrekt størrelse og simpelthen skifte disse dekken til de fælger, som kommer med sommerdekk på bilen. Da har Du inga problemer, selv om det koster litt mer. Selvsagt cancellerer Du ordern til Teslas (dårligere) Pirellidekk.

Hva mener Du med adapter??? Får Du ikke en Schüko-kontakt og en 3-fas-kontakt??? Det fikk jeg.

Prøv å snakke med Tesla Danmark. De er gode nokk til service!!


HaraldH | October 22, 2013

See my earlier post regarding what I chose to do about winter tires.

Lille Lance | October 22, 2013

During just a few days, estimated delivery time for us January guys have increased with at least a month! :(
What has happened? Is it full delivery to the Netherlands because of new tax from 01 January '14?

dkw_junior | October 22, 2013

Lille Lance, how do you know about the delayed delivery? I'm also a January guy and didn't knew about this.

GeirT | October 22, 2013

Thanks Winnie796, Robert and HaraldH.

I am working in Asia so to organise this remotely myself is darn complicated. The one-stop-shop at the Mothership was highly appreciated. I'll arrive back on the 6th November and the announced delivery on the 7th made me ecstatic! But with 300 km/day over Kongsberg with no charging capacity at home (blue) and at work (red) on top of that no winter tires - it was a terrible let down.

The good news now is that it seems a resolve on the tires is in the making.

Winnie; the blue Salto cable (LADEKABEL MODE 3 32A TYPE 2 <> TYPE 2) shall fit my wall contact, but will the other end fit into the charging port of the car? Could it be that simple? Almost too good to be true...

Lille Lance | October 22, 2013


I send an email to Telsa and asked for a delivery update, since I have to start planning to sell my existing car. Two weeks ago production should be finish 02 Dec and pickup mid Jan, now it's finish 06 Jan and pickup late Feb, maybe March.
I'll visit Tesla store in Oslo today, and I try to get some information about these delays

Al1 | October 23, 2013


"The good news now is that it seems a resolve on the tires is in the making".

Congratulations! And good luck!

Lille Lance | October 23, 2013

At Tesla Oslo store today, no information available about the delays. We can only pray ...

GeirT | October 23, 2013

I think we need to do a lot of praying all of us as it obvious is too much happenstance for comfort.

Sorry Tesla Norway; I love what you represent and what you try to do but some of the handling of the challenges so far has been mildly put professional, at least from my receiving end. The poor one handling me tries her best and kudos to her for her grace and patience.

Maybe we old farts are too used to "old-automtive" service and have to adapt? I am not on Facebook even Twitter so don't expect me to change my ways, meaning I require and expect service to be to on par.

Oh well... I am sucked in like it or not. Right now in Luoyang in China and can do nothing this way or that. I just pray and hope I don't need to drive on ice and snow with the summer 21s - and that I shall be able to charge the car before March next year...

All the best!


GeirT | October 23, 2013

Blah... how to edit typos?

"...handling of the challenges so far has been mildly put, un-professional,..."

(the rest should be at comprehensible)

Car-El | October 23, 2013

I have a nice chat with "Tesla".

I will get my car 20. Nov. at 1200 in Trondheim.
All adapter to mobil connector. Red one cost 500-and-something.
Winter tiers at 19" rims at 23100,-. Expensive, but last Hakka R I bought in 2008. I used them 5 winters and last 2 SUMMERS! (Last time I change tiers on my car was october 2010.)
And full service with Ranger....
They shall try to have even have some mats to floor and trunk ready.

So now my big headache. How to drive home! It is only 1144Km home......

lygren | October 23, 2013

I´ve had some issues with my S60;

1. Power drain - about 1-1,5km / hour even when temperatures are above 10 degrees. Perhaps due to an issue with the 12V battery that may be defective and thus contantly charges...

2. Blown right speaker in front. System sounds terrible, and I am listen to music a great deal...

3. "Tickering" sound from the seat / steering while driving.

4. some other stuff such as fog inside front + back lights etc.

5. No winter tires, no 32A 230V or 400V adaptor

I made Tesla aware of these errors about 4 weeks ago, but I have still not heard back from service.

I understand they have a lot to do, but frankly; I don´n care. I´ve paid a small fortune for this car and I expect them to be capable of taking care of these rather uncomplicated matters in a timely fashion.

Wellwell, hopefully I´ll hear from them soon.......

GeirT | October 24, 2013

@ That is not good. Hope this gets fixed eventually, when they get their act together. Pretty lame implementation in Norway as far as the tires and adaptors are concerned, that is for sure.

I am to pay now and to take delivery in 2 weeks, but suddenly my dashboard reads that the car is under production again. No big deal but if the company does not have QA/QC in place to even run a website with accurate info you may start to wonder...

Winnie796 | October 25, 2013

Hi GeirT,
Sorry for the late reply, you are not the only one travelling. I just got back from Bombay this morning and I leave for Dubai tomorrow morning for a week. (work)

The cable I suggested will work, I am ordering one today for myself. I just went to see my car which arrived this week in Bergen I could have taken over today but I'll wait until I come back from Dubai. I also took the opportunity to confirm the cable will work and I was told it should, no problem.

Mine is being delivered with 19" Winter tyres (Nokian) they have them in stock in Bergen and they are the ones I want.

Hope this helps.


GeirT | October 25, 2013

Thanks Winnie. Great help! I'll get one tout suite. Got to be ready to charge on the 7th :-)

Hijan | October 30, 2013

Less activity om this thread lately.Had to go to page 9 to find it this evening. I guess many norwegian enthusiasts now are busy cruising with their new cars. BTW, my status changed to Production complete today.

Car-El | October 30, 2013

I am starting to get cold feet...

Is it anybody that have some nice things to share?

David Trushin | October 30, 2013

Sorry, but you live in Norway. Everyone there has cold feet.

Seriously. You will love it.

Captain_Zap | October 30, 2013

Cold feet? Go for another test drive!

Brian H | October 30, 2013

Is ice-foot similar to lead-foot?

Winnie796 | October 31, 2013

EU2144 P85+
I have been told I can pick up my car this weekend. I could have had it last Friday but I was leaving for a business trip for one week the day after so I asked for it this weekend.
I am still away on business and Saturday is not far away. The suspense is killing me!!!!!
I cannot wait to take over my Model S. Waiting for this Saturday is like being a child just before Christmas. I WANT MY PRESENTS NOW!

Oh well, this "Mummy's Special Little Soldier" is just going to have to wait a couple of days more.

alvern | October 31, 2013

Took my delivery of #2147, ordered 23.12.12 yesterday.
FANTASTIC!! :) :) :)

Brian H | October 31, 2013


Captain_Zap | October 31, 2013

Congratulations Winnie796! You will have some trouble sleeping for the next few days.

@Brian- Maybe Norway?

Winnie796 | October 31, 2013

Yes, mine is Norway. This is the Norwegian thread after all-

kjartan | October 31, 2013

Status for my car is "blir klargjort for henting eller levering". Anyone that knows what it means - do I still have to wait for weeks?

Brian H | October 31, 2013

Posters from other EU countries drop in here. Maybe not Norway.

GeirT | October 31, 2013


I think I have been waiting for 6 weeks...

Brian H | November 2, 2013

And how many seconds?

GeirT | November 2, 2013

Arriving Oslo on Sunday and pickup on Tuesday - at 2pm! But - as I work outside the country more than 6 months average a year and have for many years, I have status as "emigrated" at the official registrar (despite house and wife in Norway and even paying taxes here!). It is actually uncertain that I will will be able to have the car registered. A car without license plates is a car for the garage. The last week has been no fun at all. And yes, seconds are ticking away very, very slowly.

Benz | November 2, 2013


"It is actually uncertain that I will will be able to have the car registered."

That's a crazy situation. Is it possible to register the Model S on the name of you wife?

GeirT | November 2, 2013

@ Benz

It is but then there is an insurance issue ending up with me having to pay about 50% more due to less bonus build up. For me it is a principle. Rules and regulations are there for a purpose of course (like or dislike it), but when these rules and regulations unintentionally have silly and outright stupid consequences then it is time to change them. I had the same crap renewing my drivers license last year and after making the bureaucrats understand the stupidity, they agreed and I got it renewed.
I am on the same mission now, but it may take time to get this right if Tesla Oslo encounters problems, thus a car in the garage without license plate for a while. But there is hope....

eirik.kuven | November 2, 2013

2 November 2013
Vin 19399
In transit from the factory

Sulle | November 2, 2013