Not so Super, Super Charging

Not so Super, Super Charging

I'm at the Harris Ranch Supercharger. Been here for 1 1/2 hrs. I have received just 100 miles of charge. Not so super... A tesla rep came up, and informed me which spot he thought to be best. The other Super Charging sites have been as advertised, very quick...

Earlier this week, when I came through, three of the chargers were not charging. Everyone was frustrated. One guy in spot #3, had to hold the cord to make it charge...

"Ain't know knowbody got time for dat!"

ChristianG | May 22, 2013

An overall solution is the only long term way there is. Imagin a Porsche only gas station.. ridiculus.

hsadler | May 22, 2013

After full charge is complete, you have ten minutes to disconnect before fast discharging commences.

J.T. | May 22, 2013

A port in passenger's tail light that automatically presents itself when charging is complete. A waiting car could then connect and charge through the car at the charger.

TI Sailor | May 22, 2013

Since we're brainstorming...

Split TM battery into 2 "banks" (like on my sailboat) with charge ports on both sides of MS. Redesign SC bays to have cables from both sides. Plug in both cables. Charging time halved.

Considering SC installed numbers are still low, changes could probably be made & implemented relatively soon. Hardware upgrades to MS not so quickly, but doable.

Anyone have any idea about impact on other MS electrical components?

SamO | May 22, 2013

Here's a solution:

Every other carmaker pays $2000/car and licenses Tesla's quick charging "special sauce" and TM builds a 1000 strong Supercharger Network.


hsadler | May 22, 2013


"Every other carmaker pays $2000/car and licenses Tesla's quick charging "special sauce" and TM builds a 1000 strong Supercharger Network."

But that would add millions of more cars sharing the SC's

negarholger | May 22, 2013

@ChristianG - "I'm still not sure if enabling ev for long distance trips is the right thing as it's not exactly their strong point."

To my surprise that is actually the EVs strong point. Long trips are much more enjoyable and much less tiring in an EV then an ICE due to the lack of the fatiguing effect of the constant engine noise. A benefit I did not expect, but now highly appreciate.

ChristianG | May 22, 2013

or the fact that you are forced to stop every few hours to recharge :)

For me the negative points of the long recharging time and restricted areas where you can plug in your car are most restricting things for me.

Even thou the sound or better put, the lack of sound of the Car, is something I really adore, the engine sound didn't kept me from long distance driving, but I'm curious how the lack of it will change the experience.

Brian H | May 22, 2013
negarholger | May 22, 2013

Brian H - thanks.
ChristianG - do you have practical experience ? I would have argued similar before actually using my S... the reduced fatigue came as a pleasant bonus - a 2 hours drive feels like it lasted only 1 hour.

cisaacs74 | November 6, 2013

Just tried to charge at Harris ranch. None of the charging bays are currently working. There is a charging bay at the shell station across the way that is working.

NKYTA | November 6, 2013

Did you call Tesla and inform them of the Harris Ranch issues?

cisaacs74 | November 6, 2013

Yes I did, interestingly enough there wee some tech people at the other bays by the time we left.

NKYTA | November 6, 2013


Sweet! :-)

TeslaOR | November 6, 2013

Sounds like a typical California density problem to me. More SCs are the solution for you guys. Are there any problems like this elsewhere? The SCs in WA and OR that I have used seems to always have a few spots open.

PapaSmurf | November 6, 2013

This can be resolved with a "Best Practices" popup on the screen in the car when the system detects a Supercharger is being used.

1) leave a note on your dashboard with contact info.
2) don't block the spot past your expected full charge time.
3) etc etc