Not sure I understand exactly the subtleties of warranty repair vs services plans

Not sure I understand exactly the subtleties of warranty repair vs services plans

I know there was a thread similar to this recently but since I have a few questions I figured I might as well start a new thread... Sorry if it has been answered before.

1) I recently bought the extended warranty. What happens if, during the warranty period, something breaks.

a) if I have ranger service, will they come to repair it at home ? Or the ranger is only for the "annual check up"?

b) If I don't have ranger service, does someone still come and lend a loaner (valet service?) while the car is carried to the service center for repair?

c) Do I need the service plan to have something broken fixed (I am guessing not but just checking...)

2) As for the service plans, if I don't take it:
can I still have tire rotations, replacement for windshield wipers,... done by Tesla ? If not, can I have it done by someone independant in my city (or Tesla want the tire rotations to be done by them only...).
500-600$ per year (in Canada) seems a bit expensive to have tire rotations and a few other checks done...

Thank you !

cfOH | July 14, 2013

Given that I am neither a lawyer nor a Tesla representative -- just someone who has purchsed both the extended warranty and the 4+4 service agreement -- this is my understanding:

1) If, during the warranty period, "something breaks," meaning that something wore out prematurely, Tesla will repair it for at no cost to you (parts & labor) other than potential costs to get it to the service center.

a) Yes, rangers will come to wherever the car is, as long as it's in the country where you purchased it, for any form of service. The annual service check-up cannot be completed by a ranger, so you must schlep it to a service center.

b) I don't seems this "policy" is still be ironed out and is a bit in flux.

c) "Someone"? The service plan is for non-warranty annual service check-ups of your car. I don't think the SC can do anything for a person, except perhaps surgical removal of the Tesla grin by giving you an ICE car as a loaner.

2) Only Tesla can fulfill the annual service check-ups. Without a service plan, you'll pay the current rate for those ($600 at the moment, I believe, but that could change).

If I got something wrong, I hope someone will correct me...

valem88 | July 14, 2013

Yeah I meant something and not someone...

Would be cool though if Tesla could fix a few broken people.

valem88 | July 14, 2013

As for tires, if I need, and only need, a tires change (summer for winter) do I need to go all the way up to Tesla service center (about 60 or 70 miles) , or I can get it done by a tire specialist in my city?

cfOH | July 14, 2013

Anyone can swap your tires. Heck, anyone can balance them and align your wheels, for that matter. But you'll pay for it out of pocket rather than having it included in your service agreement (from what I understand). | July 14, 2013

I also suspect anyone can rotate the tires. Just be aware the Tesla recommended torque on the lug nuts changed in March 2013 and is now higher than most cars. Be sure the third party uses the correct torque. I think the correct number is:

175 N.m. or 129 lb/ft

But confirm it with Tesla or your manual (if newer than March).

romainiacWV | July 14, 2013

I agree, this issue is very confusing. I have posted this before and it seems that there is no consensus. Best I can tell from other posters is that you will get either free ranger/loaner if you have a warranty repair need. If it is the case, I do not understand the service plan need to include unlimited ranger service, if the annual inspection is always done at SC.

cfOH | July 14, 2013

@romainiacWV I believe the ranger service is for service and repairs -- whether covered by warranty or not -- that can be done in the field. Unfortunately, right now, the annual checkup cannot be done in the field, but a great many service items and repair jobs can be.