Offer new color options every year?

Offer new color options every year?

Now that Teslas are practically everywhere, I feel like 5 color options isn’t enough. There are 2 other midnight silver Model 3s just in my building. Color choices obviously add manufacturing complexity, but I think it would be neat if Tesla changed up the options once or twice a year. It would be cool to see a brighter blue, something like Audi Nardo gray with black trim, some sort of orange-red, etc. I know that you can wrap the car, but it’s not quite the same. | March 10, 2019

I suspect the Model 3 volume has maxed out the paint shop. Before the 3 they did change the colors ever so often (every 2 years or so). Of course we had 9 colors to pick from back then. Here's a list I made of all the colors Tesla has used over the years on the S/X/3:

Haggy | March 10, 2019

What Tesla does is unusual. Other companies tend to have different color choices for each model, but Tesla uses the same paint shop. Tesla did at one point offer a color that was S/X only, then added it to the 3, then dropped it from all. They should definitely add one more color that wasn't used before or not used in a long time. | March 10, 2019

It may be the Model Y will get a completely new set of colors. If it is fully made and painted at the NV Gigafactory, it would be easy for Tesla to run a different set of colors there.

I'm all for more/different color choices too, but not expecting it in the near term.

sbeggs | March 10, 2019

I agree with you!

NKYTA | March 10, 2019

Purple, to mask the CA stickers? ;-)

Talk about fugly.

jordanrichard | March 10, 2019

Speaking of paint, people are able to buy a $35K car that has the same paint job as a $100K car. I highly doubt the paint job on a Corolla is equal to that of a top of the line Lexus.......

eddyline | March 10, 2019

Get basic black, spend the extra money on a wrap. 3M and others make them. | March 11, 2019

@jordanrichard - Perhaps not, but I expect a $16K Toyota Yaris has the same paint as a $43K Toyota Avalon, a similar price range as Tesla offers.

Then again you're getting an all aluminum car with the S/X and a mix of steel/aluminum in the 3. Different cars for different needs. Paint is just one of many components on a car. So long as the paint is high quality, does it matter that Tesla provides the same paint for all it's cars? It reduces manufacturing complexity and costs for all it's vehicles, helping to lower the costs to all customers.

richard_lawson | March 11, 2019

As a former Signature owner, I always thought it would be a nice perk that anyone who has one of the first 1000 VIN can order Signature Red on future cars.