Once you go Tesla, you never go back...

Once you go Tesla, you never go back...

I was thinking to myself the other day... What would I do if I had to give up my MS?

My wife still has a Infniti G37, and I literally cringe when I have to drive it now. It feels SO completely abnormal, and rickety, Then the exhaust fumes hit my nose, and I realize it's just like when I quit smoking decades ago... in that now days when I smell cig smoke, it makes me feel sick.

It's kind of strange now being a 'car enthusiast'. I still admire other vehicles, but then quickly realize... Ah crap... it's just an ICE. :-(
I was watching a 'Speed Channel' show on the new Jaguar F-Type, and as beautiful as the car is, It was hard for me to be excited about it... I kept comparing what I would have to give up. Now I realize, it's the same with Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, et al... they are all just average now. All that's left is admiring ICE car bodies, otherwise NOTHING else compares to my MS. This amazing vehicle has literally destroyed one of my passions.

Very few thing compare to your first love... IMHO, we are all seriously SCREWED if Tesla doesn't succeed!

Tesla4JP | June 23, 2013

They will succeed!

Read the post from cybrown. The S is already reaching "sensible" Honda Accord drivers. Imagine what the Gen 3 will do.

Like Musk said "Mine was the first money in & will be the last money out"

David M. | June 23, 2013

Umm . .
I'd never turn my nose up to an Aston Martin. Ever since I saw my first one in an old James Bond movie. Recently I saw a new one. It's like a Rembrandt painting.

skymaster | June 23, 2013

Yesterday, I took my Model S to a car show.
When the Muscle cars fired to leave, the smell was sickening.
I was ready to throw up!!!

EcLectric | June 23, 2013

I was just watching "the Ford Focus Challenge" , and they were doing basically autocross, which I used to do in my Subaru. I used to fantasize about getting a faster ICE car for autocross, but now the car of my dreams doesn't exist! The ultimate autocrosser would be a small (but still heavy) version of the model S. I guess I'll have to wait for Roadster 2.0

Carmine | June 23, 2013

Well said TikiMan.
I,like you, have been driving my Sig P85 for about 8 months now and I can't find another car I would want to drive. Some look beautiful but when you realize that they're all just ICE's the enthusiasm quickly fades. Once you drive the MS for a while range anxiety disappears 95% of the time. for me at least, unless I'm doing that rare trip over 200 miles. Now, all this talk on tire wear recently is very disconcerting to me since my 21's are wearing quite normally. People should me mindful that, for the most part, people are posting some minor problems that they're having with their MS and asking for some help from our community or may not be a valid member of this community and are just trolling. The silent majority of owners, like me, just read, contribute occasionally, jump in their MS's, put the metal to the metal and the Tesla grin appears as the rest of the world falls silently into the rearview mirror +/- rear camera.
Damn you Tesla for destroying my love for automobiles!

celtrog | June 23, 2013

funny story...
the other day I had a gas leak in my house. The Gas repairman came and remarked about my Tesla.
He then stunned me (perhaps more of a statement on me than him) when he said he had just got a flat white 60 though he debated about the pearl white. THE REPAIRMAN!

I decided right then that Tesla was on its way.

you have only seen the tip of the iceberg

tobi_ger | June 23, 2013

Maybe too early to ask, but what are the chances that you proud owners would (immediately) trade-in for a v2.0 of the MS in some years?
With all the excitement about owning/driving the MS, I guess there would be a high demand for any used Model S then, but nobody would sell their jewel, obviously, unless a really big reason is out there?

tobi_ger | June 23, 2013

(big reason = better replacement)

S4WRXTTCS | June 23, 2013

I find threads like this rather interesting because part of my internal debate about the Tesla is at what point do I give into the future? We were already well on our way when we gave up manual transmissions for slushboxes. I held off until the dual-clutch gear boxes made it inevitable. The Tesla takes that to an extreme by getting rid of it entirely. I remember a conversation from my Ferrari owning boss who was lamenting about how the transition away from the F1 transmission made the whole experience a bit less thrilling. That it lost part of what made an Italian car thrilling.

There is no question the Model S is seductive for a lot of reasons. There used to be a time where you had freedom while driving. It wasn't something you even really questioned. In a lot of ways the supercharger network along with cheap energy gives people that freedom back.

I know I'll get a Tesla Model S of some variant, but I can't possible imagine not going back every once in awhile to an ICE car. Just not some boring Japanese ICE car where you've already put one foot in the grave. Now a Jaguar F type on the other hand would be a consideration. Maybe a 911 if the Porsche didn't make them so boring. I really wanted an Aston Martin Vantage, but I didn't fit (too tall).

TikiMan | June 23, 2013

James M,

I agree James! I have always admired Aston Martin's since the early James Bond films.

All the better that Tesla just recently hired Chris Porritt, Aston Martin's Chief Engineer of Vehicle Engineering, and designed of the Aston Martin 'One-77'.

About the only thing better than a MS at this point, would be a 'One-77' with the guts of a Model S, built by Tesla. I would trade in my P85 a heartbeat for that!!!

On the flip-side, when I first got my P85 Sig (back in Oct of 2012), I had a few people ask me if it was a new Aston Martin or Maserati. Thus, I am not complaining.

TikiMan | June 23, 2013

Sorry, I mean to address that to... David M.

bradslee | June 23, 2013


Couldn't agree more. Well said. +1

Captain_Zap | June 24, 2013


I won't be trading in my car for a v2.0 for three reasons.

First, I expect my car to serve me well for many, many years to come. I bought the Model S because of it's simplicity, the fact that electric motors seem to last forever. The car appears to be engineered for durability and success.

Second, I bond with my cars. This car is now a part of me and my family.

Third, I will not surrender Signature Red.

tobi_ger | June 24, 2013

@Zap: quite understandably; Sig Red is awesome, enjoy! :)

fluxemag | June 24, 2013

There is no other car I can afford that I would trade my car for. I'd still take that new F Type Jag though. Or any new Aston Martin. Some combination of a really sweet engine and over the top luxury.

joepruitt | June 24, 2013

Captain_Zap, I'm with you on all three. Having a Sig-Red myself has pretty much locked me in for a few years. Can't see trading it in for a non-signature at this point.

Now, if I was offered some incredible incentive to upgrade like keeping our sig color/etc and not taking a 30-50% reduction in value on the tradein, I might consider it. I'm not sure what the depreciation will be after 2 years or so, but I'm assuming it'll be around 40-50%. That's 50k that I could apply to a Model-X which would seem like a much better investment...


MarkV | June 24, 2013

I can relate in many ways. I made a trip to Perth, Australia and when I arrived at the hotel there was an Austin Martin there that made me do a double take. I went over to examine it closer. So many things are very similar, even the flush door handles, ( I do not know how theirs extend)that it could very easily be mistaken for a Model S or vice versa, and then it dawned on me that it is an ICE and all of a sudden it just could not compete. Pretty to the point of beautiful just like the Model S but the Model S is in a different league.

Could I give up our Signature Model S? Never! We made a significant investment (for our budget) three years in advance to have a limited edition model which makes our car even more special to us. This car will be in the family as long as I am around.

Now, a second Model S or an X or a C could very well become part of the picture and that may be a different issue. Too early to tell. | June 24, 2013

I ponder the comments about people waiting to get a used 'S' in a few years. Maybe, but in my case, you can have 'Chip' when you can pry my cold dead hands from its steering wheel. (and fight off a family member who would be next in line.)

lolachampcar | June 24, 2013

The Zero sat next to the S1000RR and the RR no longer gets enough run time to keep the battery charged. That experience last year caused me to visit the Dania Beach Service Center.

The MS showed up in February and now the yellow car sits in the garage and does not get run enough to keep the battery charged. I'm seeing a pattern here :)

anyone want an S1000RR or a yellow car?

GLO | June 24, 2013

I'll not get rid of miy MS until I have to. I can see adding a Model X to our garage though have to get my hubby to part with his SUV (which I hate to drive)! He's waiting for ski areas to add EV outlets do se can take the Model X skiing!

jandkw | June 24, 2013

Red Ferrari was always my dream car during my younger days but I couldn't afford one. Now I own the MS, it's beautiful looking, comfortable, perform well and extreme fuel efficient. I saw another red Ferrari again the other day but I didn't bother to look at her anymore because I have my unexpected dream car and happy to drive her everyday.

fluxemag | June 24, 2013

@lolachampcar...just a thought:

andex23 | June 24, 2013

Brand new M6 in my parking garage. I park next to it everyday and shake my head in frustration. Beautiful car for the 1900's but a waste of money now that I own and understand what a P85 has to offer. If only I could have had the chance to talk to them before they bought it...

gooshjkc | June 24, 2013

I still own my Porsche and as much I love my MS, there will always be a special place in my heart for incredible work of engineering like my Porsche. Actually, it has become my weekend car now. Of course, the performance from my Porsche matches that of my MS, so I'm not missing much when I change cars. Just be in mind, for us who have taken the step towards the future will be in a better place than ones who haven't.

lolachampcar | June 24, 2013

got the 2012 which parked my BMW S1000RR then got the 2013 when it came out (DX 11.4) as Zero almost doubled the horsepower and upped the capacity/range. Zero builds a nice bike.

Now if you want something special....

The R is not shipping until next summer assuming they succeed in building the bike. If they do, you can bet I'll be in line. Its the MS of bikes.

Dwdnjck@ca | June 24, 2013

Given the condition that I would required to drive the 90,000 miles and service, there is no car that I would trade my S for. None