Only for LR-RWD owners - What is your estimated range at 100% SOC?

Only for LR-RWD owners - What is your estimated range at 100% SOC?

Just post the estimated range you're observing at 100%. If you're typically charging to 80/90%, just estimate the 100% range.

vmulla | May 30, 2019


eplaskett | May 30, 2019

Somewhere between 300 and 310. I have never seen anything close to the purported 325.

stopnair | May 30, 2019

325 miles - 3 times I charged 100% ...Mine is Mar 2019 built.

bryan.whitton | May 30, 2019

I have only charged to 100% once when it was first updated and it was 324 but it never got to 100%. It stopped at 99%.

nhunguyen | May 30, 2019

309 06-2018 build

AAinSoCal | May 30, 2019

300-309. Took delivery in May, 2018. I have also not seen anything like 325. Currently on 16.2 software.

Blue Shift | May 30, 2019

Battery-O-Meter read 323-324 (I very rarely charge to max), and have been getting ~230 Wh/mi, which for the 75 kWh battery in LR checks in at 326 miles (purchased 10/2018, 18" Aeros). The Stats app shows battery health in 320-325 mile range, though not sure how it estimates that. It's useful for checking long-term changes in battery health.

SoCalDriver | May 30, 2019

90% puts me at 100% should be about 322 (never charged that much)

No42 | May 30, 2019

50% puts me into 162 mi. 100% would be 324.
Apr 2018 build, 11.5k miles.

saronian | May 30, 2019

Charged to 100% once at 800 miles. and = 324 miles

skygraff | May 30, 2019

Charge to 80% and the calculated 100% range is still 310 on 2019.16.2. April 2018 delivery with, I believe, a March build date.

skygraff | May 30, 2019

Sorry - 248 @ 80% so 310 @ 100%.

rkalbiarEV | May 30, 2019


beaver | May 30, 2019

TeslaFi says 309 miles for 100%, was as high as 315 but never higher. 29,000 miles July 2018 build

majassow | May 30, 2019

299. Was 309 until v8.5 update, when it went to 314 for a bit. Gradually dropped to 295, but it's back up a bit.

spuzzz123 | May 31, 2019

310, mar 2018 build. 2019.16.2

hannes | May 31, 2019

308, April 2018 build. 2019.16.2 - have not charged to 100% for a long time, so deducing from 277 at 90%.
However, noticed a change for the better in my Wh per mile around the 325 mile update so re-calibration would probably move that upwards. Maybe I'll charge it to 100% for my weekend road trip and see if there is a change.

ramoska | May 31, 2019

313 April 2018 build 16.2

vmulla | May 31, 2019

Looks like build date matters when it comes to range. Mine is 309 and was built in Dec 2017.

Keep the data coming in, perhaps we can find a pattern. For now, it looks like April 2018 is the time periiod that means something, let's see.

Iwantmy3 | May 31, 2019

I am seeing ~314. One year old on Sunday, 25000 miles.

hokiegir1 | May 31, 2019

Early April 2018 build (delivered end of April) and currently at about 32k miles. TeslaFi is generally showing 316 for estimated full when charging to 90% (282-283 @ 90%). The highest I've seen when charging to 100% was 317, but it's been awhile since we've needed to do that.

SalisburySam | May 31, 2019

06/18 build, 256 miles range @ 80%, so 320 @ 100% extrapolated, on 16.2.

Fredvanngo | May 31, 2019

324-325 miles at 100% one or 2 times for long trip.

MDMatt | May 31, 2019

April 2019 build @ about 2k miles with normal charging nightly to 80%. The rated range has stayed at about 324. The estimated range based on driving style, my wife normally gets about 340 or so with a 60 mile average commute daily. She has been averaging 232 Wh/mi over the last 1k miles. We do both drive with the acceleration in "Chill" mode. We just got 16.3, so I am not sure if that will have an impact, have not put more than 5 miles on it since we got that update.

Fuzzball | May 31, 2019

~315 miles. But i dont get why are we having this discussion again. Only % matter, and calculated ranges are subject to volatility based on a number of factors. Results will var

jack.hodges | May 31, 2019

322-325 on the times I have charged to 100% for trips. Daily charge to 80%. Took delivery in August, 2018 and have 12k miles on it.

LostInTx | May 31, 2019

July, 2018 build and I've only charged to 100% twice. In both cases, topped off at 306 miles.

gmr6415 | May 31, 2019

In the middle of a long trip right now. I charged to almost 100% before leaving and the battery indicator showed 306. It wasn't finished charging when I pulled out though.

During the first leg of the trip at roughly 75 mph, tire pressure set to 45 psi cold, AC set to 76 degrees, outside temps 94˚+ the Wh/mi was 220 from Central, FL to Birmingham, AL. That's roughly a 340 mile actual range at highway speeds and conditions.

I really love the updated charging rates of the 150kW superchargers as well and the in-route battery preconditioning. The charging times seemed dramatically reduced.

sjm4660 | May 31, 2019

July 2018 build. Currently on 2019.12.1.2. Before the range increase from 310 to 325 miles I was getting a full charge of 310. As soon as they increased the range my full charge went up to 325 as expected. Since then it has dropped to 315

MDMatt | May 31, 2019

@Firaz.ashraf - My understanding is that there are two numbers. There is the rated range which is based on a fixed Wh/Mi, which I have seen as 240 Wh/Mi (maybe 260). This is what you see in the dashboard and car's estimates. It is using that fixed value and what is thinks the batteries can do to give a value. Then there is the estimated range, which is more based on your actual driving style and usage.

Unfortunately, Tesla does not make it very clear one way or the other what the number in the upper left corner of the display actually means and there is a good chance that it has changed in the past. I did not have a Tesla when people were seeing the sudden jump in estimated range, but I would not be surprised if they just updated the expected fixed Wh/Mi which is used to calculate the rated range.

Some of this information you can see in the Tesla API (whether you call it directly or use one of the apps out there). There is both a "Rated Range" (battery_range or ideal_battery_range) and an "Estimated Range" (est_battery_range). The rated range seems to be pretty consistent and is based on some fixed value while the estimated range is constantly moving. So the rated range gives you an idea of your battery life while the estimated range gives you an idea of your driving style combined with the battery life.

As usual, this is just my understanding, and it might be wrong

stockbandit91 | May 31, 2019

309, April 2018 build. Never had above 311, I've been suspecting there is some sore of cutoff manufacture date for the update to 325 and I am before the date.

sroh | May 31, 2019

318 for our 13 month old LR RWD.

MDMatt | May 31, 2019

Here is the Charge State (with just relevant information included) for my car right now from the Tesla API:


If I go into my car right now, in the upper left corner of the screen it says 248 Miles for the range, matching the battery_range. Now, with the battery at 77%, you can do 248 / 0.77 = 322 miles. Because the battery level is an integer, there is about a 5-10 mile variation on a given data point. I usually average this over a day to get a pretty accurate number. Now, if I go into the Energy graph and look at the last 30 miles, on the right side of the graph my estimated range is 238 (this is low for us because I had several short trips with waiting in the car that killed my range). Taking that 238 / 0.77 = 309, so that is my estimated total range for 100% charge based on my last 30 miles driving.

Based on battery size and expected range, the rated Wh/Mi should be something like: 75kWh/325 miles, 75000 / 325 = 230 Wh/Mi. So, if your rated range is 305, that means they system thinks your battery is only about (305 * 230 = 70.1kWh), which is about 93.8% of the original Capacity. But, this is based on the 230 Wh/Mi, and if they did change that value in December, it looks like the prior value might have been 240 Wh/Mi.

I hate to say it again, but this is based on my understanding of the data, but Tesla does have this magic black box, so we can only guess what they are actually doing. If someone sees a flaw in my logic, I would love to know if I did something wrong.


PS - Since I am new member (joined a few months ago), they changed the forum signup process, I did not get to pick a username. Anyone know how I can get my user name changed? Thanks.

MDMatt | May 31, 2019

Ok, my data did not come through in the last post, it is:
battery_level = 77
battery_range = 248.99
est_battery_range = 238.92
ideal_battery_range = 248.99
usable_battery_level = 77

Sorry about that.

mlc | May 31, 2019

322 for a 6/18 build. Extrapolated from 72% charge. I don’t do a 100% charge.

M3forMe | May 31, 2019

Usually get 274-276 @ 90% SOC which is 304-306 range @100%. July 2018 build. SW16.2

Did see 318 range after range update announcement but had gone down since.

derotam | May 31, 2019

323, 2018 August build.

CharleyBC | May 31, 2019

325. It dipped for a while, ironically right around when our range got extended from 310 to 325, but it gradually came up without us intentionally doing any special battery conditioning tricks. July 2018 car.

jefjes | May 31, 2019

321 extrapolated from my charge to 90% last night is 289. I don't really care for the sliding graphics display to select charge level. It would be better if they also included an actual % along with the display. When I'm sliding the line in the app on the phone or in the car display, am I actually exactly on the line or slightly below or below the line which could put the charge percentage off by an unknown percentage. I've tried hedging it barely above the 90% line but touching the line and got 293 at 90% which would equal 325.5 miles at 100%. When I just quickly slide it over to 90%, it usually shows 289. I know it's splitting hairs and doesn't really make much difference plus I can change the display for the range to % instead of miles so it would just tell me that the car charged to 90% but I prefer seeing miles of range instead of battery percent remaining as I'm driving. It should be pretty easy to add a numerical number % on the same screen with the slider when selecting the charging level.

eeb9 | May 31, 2019

Early production, now with 22k miles. I get 310-312 at full charge. I charge to 100% whenever I start a long road trip, which eases planning considerably

Goose66 | May 31, 2019

323 (258 @ 80%)

Goose66 | May 31, 2019

Oh, sorry: August 2018 car.

teslamazing | May 31, 2019

Never charged to 100% since it takes foreverrrr. Aug 18" LR RWD 95 % is about 308-310, sooo ~320 on 100%

Used superchargers about 95% of the time since I had it

roberts | May 31, 2019

317 (after 1 yr and 25,000miles)

Techy James | May 31, 2019

I have a late 2018 build and based on 80% charge, full 100% it would be 328 miles. Late last month after the bump to 325 miles I did a charge to 90% that was 294. Just about 30 minutes before leaving I bumped charging to 100% and while it didn't complete charge it was showing 324. After driving 262 Miles I had 63 miles of range before charging, so the estimate would have been very close to 325 miles total. I typically drive with TACC or Enhanced Autopilot set to 5 over the speed limit.
I have driven a total of 10.5K miles and normal estimate now that we are in Spring/Summer running AC my normal WPH is averaging 218, and it seems to always show more than the battery estimator range says. Now since we had a cold winter, that WPH average was showing usually 260 with the heat set to a comfortable 68 F, and Heated seats front set to 1

ronocoug | May 31, 2019

325, charged to 100% once. Mar 2019 build.

gyarmp | May 31, 2019

322 miles (7/18 build)

jdcollins5 | May 31, 2019

Currently 315. Has been as high as 321. 08/18 build.

M3phan | May 31, 2019

July 2018, 310-315

dsvick | May 31, 2019

325 miles, Oct 2018 build