OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics report

I'm considering buying a Tesla S. Presently, I have a Chevrolet Volt.
In the summer I can drive 43-46 miles on a charge of 13KwH
In the winter when it is really cold here in New Hampshire, I get about 30 miles on a charge if I drive without the heater or the defroster on. I also use a fair amount of gas to heat the battery. Sometimes I have used 4/10ths of a gallon of gas while traveling a half a mile.
As we have all seen in a recent news article, the electric range for the Tesla S also decreases in the winter.
Do any of you living in New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine, have OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics reports for the Tesla S.
I sure would like to know how much electricity I will be using to drive the Tesla S 100 miles on a day when it is 15 degrees, have snow tires on and have the heater and defroster on.

ChristianG | May 31, 2013

Here is one message from elons brother there are more threads at the teslamotors Club too:

ajamison | May 31, 2013

um the Tesla does not have onstar so unless someone installed it after production its not likely a diagnostic report by OnStar exists.

geir.ole.ornes | May 31, 2013

A Norwegian car magazine just did a winter-test of the P85 (US version). Drove from Oslo to Geilo, a skiresort. They took a detour to test the car, and was quite heavy on the rightfoot. So there was no attempt to see the Max range. The trip was 185 miles (give or take) and the height difference was 2600 ft. The temperature was between 14-32 F. And of course, the road was snowy and icy. So going 100 miles a day would be no problem, even with the 60 kWh battery.