Oops, he did it again. Here is why. What a car. My take on it.

Oops, he did it again. Here is why. What a car. My take on it.

- Model 3 car design is what I have been waiting for: PROPORTIONAL, stylish, well designed. I know people are talking about that nose should be more rounded, etc and yes you can always make changes here and there. But let's admit there is so much you can do in the exterior since car makers are competing against each other and our Kias and Hyundays of the world are out there to copy designs and show no sign of shame. So people should not be too crazy about exterior design change. To me it matters that it does look upscale, still authentic and it offers opportunities to make nice color combinations (think about a black roof top and red, silver body etc with nice gray wheels). The accessories and details are major part of making these cars looking attractive as long as the PROPORTIONAL lines are there in the design.

- It is the smartest idea to make interior very simple, subtle. I thought that would be the case in order to keep costs down. What are people even talking about an antiquated dashboard if we have HUDs out there to project the information to the screenshield? Just put a nice HUD, save money by avoiding redundant dashboards. Always keep nice plastic and materials please.

- Please stop worrying about the 'tablet' console. That is a prototype and it was shown like that in the Model X too.

- This car is most likely one of the most fun car to drive. I am saying because of the low nose, BIG windscreen. Don't be fooled by Benz LATELY making finally modern and good looking cars, but sacrificing visibility and the "fun factor" when driving since Benz windows have been so small that (the cheap CLA for example) that it makes so boring to drive the car.

- Luckily for BMW, Benz, Audi and Lexus only 200K of these Tesla cars can be produced in the next few years. Otherwise I want to see how many dumb are out there to keep buying same old cards which require $400/month (in my case) in gasoline costs and outrageous maintenance costs to keep those cars operating.