Opening A Store In Rhode Island?

Opening A Store In Rhode Island?

I’ve seen newspaper articles indicating the location of the store but not an estimated start date. I’ve seen LinkedIn help wanted ads. I’ve seen newspaper articles stating everything has been cleared/accepted by the state and by the city of Warwick. I haven’t seen any activity at the proposed site as of today.

The Major Metropolitan Market has over a million people and I would think a move to RI would be good for Tesla and good for RI.

jordanrichard | January 24, 2019

As it is for most things, it comes down to money. They just had to let go 7% of their people. I think they need to let the smoke settle down before building out new stores.

shanie | February 8, 2019

Here's the last news on this:

12,500 square feet is a lot. I assume there'll be a service center in the back with all this space. It'll take time to build out and first half of the new year is rapidly coming to a close (less than 5 more months!)

What is their normal store turnaround time from breaking ground to open?

jordanrichard | February 8, 2019

Just how is a story from Oct 2018, the "latest". Sure "Warwickonline" may have just posted this story, but it is from Oct 2018.

A picture or an actual update would be from today.

jordanrichard | February 8, 2019

Does anyone here live in the area that could do some recon...............

Yodrak. | February 9, 2019

"first half of the new year is rapidly coming to a close (less than 5 more months!)"

~78% of the first half of the year remains - almost 5 month out of 6. Only 22% gone. That's rapidly coming to a close?

jmcorc | February 17, 2019

Drove past the new location today 2/17. There is a Tesla logo sign over the front door. I didn’t get a closer look, but I would think that work is in progress at the site.

Tesla0416 | March 21, 2019

Jmcorc is correct, someone from work told me that it is in fact being built, but i have no idea when it is scheduled to open,

EveTheTesla | July 16, 2019

Just so everyone knows, an official Tesla Store & Service center has opened in Warwick, RI: