Opinion about paint issue

Opinion about paint issue

After taking my M3 home, I noticed the paint on the trunk lid was uneven. I believe it looks like some mottling, which can happen with improper paint application of metallic paints. Its most apparent under fluorescent lights in my garage. In regular sunlight, its not that apparent unless you know its there. Debating about whether or not to have this fixed or not.

I read that the fix if it shows up after clear coat application is to sand and repaint. I'm worried that attempting to fix it would result in an even larger section that looks off. Any advice from people with more paint knowledge is much appreciated.

Some pics: (Starts from right about the Tesla T and moves to the right) (Visible as a darker circle)

gillies | August 9, 2018

If you get it fixed they will completely repaint the trunk. I don't think they will do a half-assed job of repainting only part of the trunk or trying to modify existing paint layers - that's just not how paint body shops work. If they fix it the job will be done by a 3rd party body shop - not by Tesla. If you can take it to a service center and park it somewhere (in the shade?) and convince the rep that there is a problem, I think you can then ask them what can be done. Good luck!

dt22cc | August 9, 2018

Yeah, I'm don't know if I want to risk an even larger area being mismatched. Painting the whole trunk and blending would mean about 1/4 of my car being repainted. If they don't do a perfect job then it could look even worse than just having this small spot.

I have a bunch of other things that need fixing so I will see when I visit the service center or a ranger comes to visit me. My wheel wells are missing the speed nuts that hold the black wheel well lining to the body, plus my rear seat is not attached and I can lift it up and see the battery underneath lol.

N8778204151 | August 9, 2018

I have same issues with my Blue Tesla 3, noticed at delivery time.
I spoke to manager, they asked me to wait 1 hour to fix it. it looks better therefore I took my car home.
Few days later, I noticed it has many spots that are easilt seen under the light in my garage. I sent tesla customer service email, they sent an email back stated that they will schedule a maintenance and fix it. my car is 1500 miles so far, i guess they will schedule the service when I reach 5000 miles.

cfcubed | August 10, 2018

I'm struggling with same type decision for tiny clear-coated paint bubbles on my TM3:
Local SC assures me the Tesla-approved shop they'll send it to will do a good job re-painting the entire piece.

Was tempted to get Tesla paint repair kit & try to properly level/clean/touch-up the spots rather than "risk" full re-paint of the piece. But will likely go with SC's offered re-paint for potential resale reasons at least.

These cars are so new it *should* be no problem for shops to use factory paint to match, e.g. no fading to worry about yet.

Note: Lots of reports of small "dull" areas in paint around. I had some, looked like rubbing compound was hastily used & not followed by polishing compound, which easily polished out prior to wax. Guess pushing these out/posting sale-throughs/getting $$s now is trumping spending a bit more time doing it "right" the first time. Though seems those with paint issues are in the minority.

Carl Thompson | August 10, 2018

"My wheel wells are missing the speed nuts that hold the black wheel well lining to the body, plus my rear seat is not attached and I can lift it up and see the battery underneath lol."


dgcan75 | August 10, 2018

If Tesla is willing to fix it at their cost, I would definitely have them do it. They are not doing to cheap out and do some half baked job - they will make this right for you

dt22cc | August 10, 2018

Yeah, I have an appointment with SC on 8/21 to see what they say.

tsdobbs | August 11, 2018

At delivery 7/30, we noticed and could feel by touch three places where specks of dirt were under the paint on the trunk and rear doors. They took pics and authorized repair. Of course we noticed more tiny spots around the car, 8 total, and marked them with painters tape before taking it in yesterday. Service guy said they will sand and paint and assured us it will look great. The whole process means 2-3 weeks without the car. Hopefully we are doing the right thing...

Magic 8 Ball | August 11, 2018

Social media is turning the public into paint nazis.

Getting absolutely perfect paint on high volume cars is near impossible. I grew up in a family run auto body shop and our bread and butter business was to "fix" flaws in brand new cars. The dealers had their own shops but there was enough overflow to keep a community of independents busy. If you listen to folks that restore to "factory" specs the will paint in overspray patterns and most will admit to do it right they should throw in a bit of dirt, hair, lint, etc. into the paint pot.

Be picky if you wish but be aware that you will be putting your car into a re-work environment and situation if you chose to have them "fix" it. I have had a few "show" cars over the years and even some of those had paint flaws that just were not worth the trouble.

lilbean | August 11, 2018

I agree @Magic 8.

shawncordell | August 11, 2018

“Getting absolutely perfect paint on high volume cars is near impossible”

What does that even mean? Is the paint process different depending on volume?

shawncordell | August 11, 2018

"My wheel wells are missing the speed nuts that hold the black wheel well lining to the body, plus my rear seat is not attached and I can lift it up and see the battery underneath lol."


dt22cc | August 11, 2018

@mos, yes no car is 100% perfect paint. It’s a goal to strive for but probably not achievable. I would say cars I’ve had in the past had minor paint imperfections, like scratches that could be polished out. However, paint imperfections requiring 1-2 weeks of work/resprays is not acceptable imo. Even if only 5% of cars have this issue, they should be getting caught during QC. That’s just my expectation as a customer based on past experiences.

@shawncordell, I actually fixed my rear seat myself after watching a YouTube video about rear seat removal. Apparently, there are just little sliding hooks that hold the seat in place. Pretty simple to DIY actually.

jefjes | August 11, 2018

We found a scratch about 3" long above the right rear door during our delivery walk around. They did something to it while we were doing the paperwork and we couldn't see it anymore so thought no problem. Now it seems to have come back for whatever reason. I will probably just live with it since it's only noticeable if I point it out and you're looking for it. Nothing stays new forever and it's inevitable that a daily driven car will get a few dings over time but is annoying when the car is brand new. I'm not going to drive the 4-hour round trip to have the service center do whatever they did before and have it come back anyway and I for sure don't want to be without my car to have it repainted over such a small scratch.

RL5555 | August 11, 2018

I have similar quality issue with my pearl white paint on the front hood discovered on day of delivery (two weeks ago) and made service appointment on the spot.
Took the car in yesterday and service tech advice "color sand" by Tesla's contracted body shop. He also advice against repaint the hood because it will devalue the car.
The whole process should take 1 to 2 weeks and they gave me a P85D loaner car.
I kept my fingers crossed and will see how it goes.

lanstars | August 11, 2018

I visited the Pasadena CA showroom last week and was surprised to see the M3 on display with noticable orange peel paint characteristics on the entire body. It looked similar to the finish I get on my home improvement projects using a hand held can of spray paint.

dt22cc | August 21, 2018


Dropped off my car this morning at the SC. I was the first customer of the day. Everyone was friendly and helpful and I didn't feel rushed. They noted down all my concerns and gave me an estimate of 1-2 weeks to fix my paint issue, depending on how bad the body shop is backed up. I think all my other issues would have been fixed same day if not for paint.

Anyway, they gave me a red MS P90D as a loaner so can complain there.

Magic 8 Ball | October 22, 2018

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Stand by for the flags.

andy.connor.e | October 22, 2018

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Quangsinh1996 | June 12, 2019

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Joni.Savolainen | August 29, 2019

We have been gathering the problematic cases to facebook on here:

Mr. Spacely | August 29, 2019

So 750,000 Teslas on the road and you found a couple hundred with paint issues?

Magic 8 Ball | August 29, 2019

So all I have to do is post a shocking photo on facebook and get people to join to whine, what a great concept! Dang!

in7 | August 29, 2019

Some people have suggested that getting a wrap done is a good option. This would make the color appear even.

82bert | August 29, 2019

Lot of necrobumps. They’re in full force.

djsdivinity | October 9, 2019

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Scrannel | October 10, 2019

dt22cc, getting back to your paint issue. Hard to see but of you have a "mottled" look on top of trunk, usually due to bad prep. And yes, if in the metallic, sand, prep and repaint. I would not be afraid of this, you should be able to get it done so not noticeable.

AWDTesla | October 10, 2019

``Social media is turning the public into paint nazis.``

Paint is missing in some areas. Never mind bad quality. The paint is fucking MISSING. When you don`t bother covering the primer, that`s just shitty craftsmanship.` If thats the kind of work you think is okay, and fine for your family business to pump out, I would love to know the name so I can give everyone a heads up about your shitty shop.

andy.connor.e | October 10, 2019


Or its an automation error. Calm down dude.

AWDTesla | October 10, 2019

i talk hard, cool as a cucumber here. just sick of m8b's tesla can do no wrong bs.

andy.connor.e | October 10, 2019

There are certain people whom are not worth arguing with.

calvin940 | October 10, 2019


and you chose to respond to a 2 month old post because.. well because it was just there?

AWDTesla | October 10, 2019


nickivieru1991 | November 13, 2019

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andy.connor.e | November 13, 2019

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fernfollman4d3 | November 15, 2019

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donaldsonsam | December 4, 2019

I'm not sure what the other dialogue has to do with paint. I've been using for awhile now so maybe that is why I can't figure out what these comments have to do with the paint issue.

mulcahy95 | December 5, 2019

Had ceramic coating installed, looks amazing. Here in Fl the bugs can be awful. To remove a bug if it manages to stay on paint, just flick it and its gone.

yapselos | December 10, 2019

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coleAK | December 16, 2019

So the paint issues. What ever happens to checking a new vehicle BEFORE you accept delivery? If you are not happy with the paint (or anything else) don’t accept the vehicle. If you accept the vehicle then find swirl marks or clear coat bubbles suck it up buttercup. Like M8B said months ago no car comes with perfect paint.

coleAK | December 16, 2019

As for the CBD/THC. Has nothing to do with paint. There is no reasonable evidence to say CBD is effective and THC is more harmful than most think. As for pain/anxiety/depression. Again suck it up, life is pain anyone who says differently is selling something.

Magic 8 Ball | December 16, 2019

CBD is taking off like snake oil around here.

THC is also very useful, when you get high paint becomes a non concern although you may spend all day watching paint dry and be entertained by it.

andy.connor.e | December 16, 2019


Easy for you to dismiss things like "pain/anxiety/depression" and say "Again suck it up, life is pain" when none of the above is relatable for you.

coleAK | December 16, 2019

@Magic. Good point I stand corrected about about THC and the paint. THC can also cause lack of bathing, the smell of patchouli, acquisition of bongos, and the following of “jam bands”. Oh and supporting politicians who’s initials are comically BS and losing your job due to the fascist corporate structure at Starbucks then moving home to live with your parents in Berkeley/Monterey/Santa Barbara/Santa Cruz/...

coleAK | December 16, 2019

@andy. Military, beat up inside and out. And that is a quote from the princess bride.